Ellie Saab Autumn Winter 2008/2009 Haute Couture Collection


Romanticism and feminism are the dominant aspect in Elie Saab’s designs. His evening dresses are of most feminism and elegance embroidered in interplay of transparencies making him an expert in the fine art of seduction.

There’s a hint of sensuality in the plunging breast-revealing necklines of the dresses. The lace is always worked, embroidered, covered with pearls, crystals and silk threads. Elie Saab wedding dresses are completely embroidered with opaque crystals and meters of precious fabrics, capes and never ending trains turning his brides into sumptuous queen from a dreamland.


  1. #1 by khad on April 24, 2009 - 18:09

    i wish to be dressed by a dress from elie saab collection in my wedding, this is my wish since my childhood, but i cant pay.but i love this persone very much

    • #2 by Lolipop on June 29, 2009 - 12:04

      in my country the husband pays for the dress and I’m determiner to wear the wedding dress from the pictureon this side. but I’ve got only one problem and I’d like an information for it. How much does this dress cost?

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