New collection of flower girl dresses at Little Eglantine‏

IMG_1778French designer Stephanie Staub has launched a new, more affordable range of made-to-order collection of flower girl dresses and page boy outfits for brides available online HERE.

Answering the current economic situation, Little Eglantine decided to help brides-to-be to still enjoy luxury children’s wedding garments without the tag price.

“I can see how brides are financially struggling. Lots of them are not able to get the service and the quality they were able to get before. And it’s sad really, because a wedding is something so personal, so important, that you don’t want to end up having a splendid gown… but nothing else!! I want them to enjoy a wedding that is still gorgeous in all its smallest details.” The designer explainsCamille flower girl dress

Already offering bespoke services, the designer has come up with a made-to-order collection. Clients can still choose exclusive designs and fabrics especially selected for the range, pick the correct size and buy the garments online.
“Each outfit is made to order, the designer says, and I personally make sure they are all of the utmost quality.”

Brides who are looking for luxury made-to-measure flower girl dresses and page boy outfits, with the designer’s unique output, and who want to chose among the vast variety of the taffetas the House offers can still enjoy Little Eglantines bespoke services. And children will receive the personal, warm and sophisticated touch of French “Haute Couture” which set Little Eglantine’s collection apart. Smitten with perfection and refinement, the designer will help the bride-to-be choose and develop designs that look perfect on children.


  1. #1 by Camila Perry on December 2, 2010 - 02:14

    bubble dress are very nice girl dresses and i always ask my girlfriend to wear one ;”:

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