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Ruben Perlotti 2009 Bridal Collection

rube9 ruben ruben2ruben3 ruben4 ruben5ruben6 ruben7 ruben8

Spanish designer brand Rubén Perlotti is a bridal wear firm with a long tradition. Its namesake designer has created everything from to ready-to-wear to haute couture and even ad-lib for more than 20 years. In 2003, he presented his first bridal collection at the Noviaespaña tradeshow in Barcelona and a year later started to present his designs at the Gaudí Bridalwear Catwalk. Since then, the company has regularly taken part in both events.

Rubén Perlotti dresses are made from natural fabrics like silk and jacquard, using state-of-the-art technology to achieve new and exclusive materials. The company goes for quality in all its design processes, making unique, one-off gowns in a contemporary style.

Rubén Perlotti has one company-owned shop in Barcelona and one in


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Haute Couture Bride

gaultier-a givenchy-a lacroix-aelie-saab-a dior2-a sorbier-a

This year’s spring 2009 haute couture collections included a liberal sprinkling of bride-friendly looks in addition to the designated nuptial creations. Some may have been a tad unconventional, but all had the potential to make the transition to aisle style. 1. Gaultier 2. Givenchy 3. Lacroix 4. Saab 5. Dior 6. Sorbier [via]

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Raimon Bundo 2009 Bridal Collection

raimon bundo raimon bundo (1) raimon bundo (2)raimon bundo (3) raimon bundo (4) raimon bundo (5)raimon bundo (6) raimon bundo (7) raimon bundo (8)

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Shoes to kill and die for

38861_bk_l 38861_in_l 38861_fr_l38863_bk_l 38863_in_l 38863_fr_l

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Utterly Romantic by Augusta Jones


The 2010 wedding gown collection by Augusta Jones is available this summer. For more information visit

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Flower Power

bouquetg naturalesg bodasgfloresg tiarasg noviag

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Patricia Avedano 2009 Bridal Collection

001[1] 002[1] 003[1] 004[1]007[1] 008[1] 009[1] 010[1]

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Yolan Cris 2009 Alquimia Bridal Collection

alquimia (1) alquimia (5) alquimia (14)alquimia (17) alquimia (25) alquimia (28)alquimia (30) alquimia (32) alquimia (35)

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Jorge Terra 2009 Bridal Colection

jorge terra jorge terra (1) jorge terra (4)jorge terra (6) jorge terra (2) jorge terra (3)jorge terra (6) jorge terra (7) jorge terra (8)

[via Jorge Terra]

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Zuhair Murad Cruise Collection Summer 2009

FX101[1][1] FX107[1][1] FX102[1][1]FX105[1][1] FX112[1][1] FX125[1][1]FX124[1][1] FX119[1][1] FX115[1][1]

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Isabel Zapardiez 2010 Spring Bridal Collection

Isabel Zapardiez Bridal Spring 2010 Isabel Zapardiez Bridal Spring 2010 Isabel Zapardiez Bridal Spring 2010Isabel Zapardiez Bridal Spring 2010 Isabel Zapardiez Bridal Spring 2010 Isabel Zapardiez Bridal Spring 2010

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Estrella Roch 2010 Bridal Collection

estrella_roch estrella_roch (1) estrella_roch (2)estrella_roch (3) estrella_roch (4) estrella_roch (5)

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