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7314Planing a wedding isn’t as easy as is seems, that’s why you need all the help you need when it comes to relaxing and pampering. Take your time and use special products to make you feel the queen of the day.

Ands to make all thing a lot more easier do use Julianna Rae product. Because we love to help you, we made a quick interview with Juli Lee from Julianna Rae in order  to find all the answers we need ! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our interview (I sure did!).

First of all let me thank you for the interview and let me ask you how do the Julianna Rae products respond to the a brides needs?

Julianna Rae has a beautiful line of sleepwear, lingerie, and loungewear made in luxurious natural fabrics. Most of the time, the bride is thinking about the wedding day because it is such a big event. But she shouldn’t forget about the wedding night as it’s still her moment to look dazzling and about her upcoming honeymoon. What a better way to start a marriage than with seven nights of gorgeous, sexy sleepwear. And, let’s not forget the daytime hours of her honeymoon – our loungewear is the perfect clothing to pack for any trip – light weight, wrinkle free, and it goes everywhere! To brunch, shopping, touring, even to the yoga or Pilates class.

Then, let’s not forget the bridesmaids who have been so helpful keeping the bride calm that magical day. Our silk travel bags, spa kits, and loungewear make wonderful memorable bridal gifts.

Give us an insight on what a bride should wear “underneath it all “.

Of course it depends on the shape of your dress. But in general, because the wedding is such an exciting and hectic time, she should be as comfortable as she can be – and thankfully, there is lingerie that is as comfortable as it is gorgeous. Go silk lingerie with a touch of lycra for your underthings – it’s lightweight, feels fabulous against the skin, lies smooth against the body, and most importantly, it BREATHES! And of course, when the dress comes off, you will still look beautifully dressed!

Now, admittedly, it is very difficult to find a silk strapless bra if your gown demands a strapless bra. In this case, you want to go with a seamless bra to make sure you have a perfectly smooth look. Here, I think the most comfortable bras are the adhesive strapless bras – both strapless and backless. These bras now come with plenty of support and in some cases, molded cups if you need some help with shaping (who doesn’t?!). The adhesive is much better than in the past so the bra actually stays on while dancing the night away. Just make sure “to slip into something more comfortable” behind closed doors because the adhesive bra are not the prettiest look!

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We already know that you are an absolute expert in pampering :)! Do give us some advice for a bride to be!

When planning a wedding, time becomes your biggest luxury – so take it! Remember, the wedding is as much for your family and friends as it is for yourself and your fiancé so don’t feel guilty taking a time out or two for yourself. Spoil yourself with a nice relaxed lunch with just a book or a magazine for company. Or give yourself a spa treatment at home – a long bath, a mud mask, a good exfoliating scrub and rich shea butter lotion – all followed, of course, by wrapping yourself in a fabulous robe. Or go see a light comedy in the middle of the afternoon and laugh out loud – even if you’re the only one in the movie theater. After any of these activities, any of those life or death decision you have to make will seem a bit easier.

Tell us a bit more about how did you started and why did you decide to work in this domain.

My friends started complaining that they couldn’t find lingerie that worked for them – lingerie that wasn’t uncomfortable and poorly made or lingerie that was really meant to be worn for someone else. So I went shopping and they were right! It was hard to find a fashion quality lingerie brand that filled the gap between where brands like Victoria’s Secret left off and where utilitarian sleepwear that my grandmother would wear picked up. Of all the clothing I have designed, lingerie and sleepwear has been my favorite category so I dove right in to fill that gap.

Why should a bride choose to use your product?

For three reasons:
#1) because she will look great! We use luxury fabrics that have a fabulous drape and then really focus on getting the fit right. A great fitting garment gives a bride great confidence! She will look gorgeous in the garment and sexy from her confidence!

#2) It will feel great! These fine fabrics feel great against her skin (and his!) and with the care we put into the tailoring, it will fall just right on her and not be tight in any one place. Every time she puts on one of our garments, it will feel like a sweet indulgence.

#3) Our fine quality. If cared for properly, these garments will last for a very long time. These garments will remind her of her dazzling wedding and her fabulous honeymoon long after they are over…

7234Tell us 5 must-have Julianna Rae product a bride must have!

I like the easy questions!
1) a silk night gown and matching robe for that oh so romantic wedding night
2) a silk cami and tap set – extra flirty and sexy and at the same time, when you throw the robe in #1 over it, just a bit mysterious…
3) a luxurious cotton pajama – because after the honeymoon, there are days you are going to want to lounge around all morning reading the paper and drinking coffee
4) a Satori all-in one cami– just the most versatile piece of clothing around! Has a built in shelf bra, adjustable straps and made from super comfy micromodal. Beautiful lace trim makes it special and pretty. Wear it out touring the town, to yoga, shopping, and layer it with a sweater on cool nights. Easy to pack, resists wrinkles, and comes in a bunch of great colors.
5) a silk lingerie travel bag – the most stylish way to carry your lingerie when traveling. Made from gorgeous silk, it has two zippered compartments to separate your clean lingerie from your to-be-washed lingerie. With a beautiful silk ribbon to tie it all up and pack in your suitcase.

Do you have any final advice to give to our FashionBride readers?

Every bride will get bombarded with loads of advice about her wedding, both wanted and unwanted. And many things will go perfectly as planned and so many things will go so horribly awry. So here’s some advice on how to get all the frustrations of an upcoming wedding out of your system so they don’t show up in the wedding photos as scowl lines on your face. I call it letter writing therapy, not much used these days with the prevalence of e-mail, but so easy. Buy gorgeous stationary and write a series of well, angry detailed letters to each person and vendor that has irritated you in your wedding planning.

Go ahead and tell them how they make you feel and what curses you heap upon their heads. Seal up each letter in an envelope but do not label in the envelope. Then put them away in a box. You’ll be surprised how cleansing such vituperative writing can feel on such beautiful stationary.

After the wedding is over, every now and then, pull out one of those envelopes and read – since they aren’t labeled, you won’t know who’s letter you are going to pull. It will give you a sense of relief and probably a laugh that you only put these on paper to yourself.

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