Raimon Bundo 2009 Noveau Collection

TORONTO[1] TORONTO_ESP[1] TORRENTE[1]TRIGO_ESP[1] TROFEO[1] TROFEO_ESP[1]trueno-014718[1] truco-015147[1] trueno-014695[1]

Raimon Bundó novias is one of the Spanish companies that specialises exclusively in the bridal fashion sector and that has more than 35 years of experience. They commercialise their exclusive, highly personal wedding gowns through an extensive network of distributors that includes 130 multi-brand shops all over Spain and abroad, in EU countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Norway and Portugal as well as further afield in Mexico, the United States and Japan.

truco-015131[1] TRUFA[1] TRUFA_ESP[1]

All this has allowed Raimon Bundó novias to gain the loyalty of his clients as it allows them to choose the gown and have the modifications they need.

TRUHAN[1] TRUHAN_ESP[1] tunez-014350[1]TULIPAN[1] TULIPAN_ESP[1] TULSA[1]TULSA_ESP[1] tuna-014767[1] tuna-014781[1]

The company’s head office and its design workshop are in the very heart of Barcelona, at Carrer Alfons XII 19-21, where the company’s yearly collections are prepared. They also have an haute couture atelier at number 413 Avinguda Diagonal for clients who want an exclusive, customised dress.


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