Jesus Peiro 2010 Bridal Collection


The 2010 Jesus Peiro Bridal Collection is based on an oversized vision of the natural garden. Just as if you were gazing out of a chrysalis, all of the images, sensations and effects are enlarged and distorted. The movement, the transparency, the intertwined knots, the symmetry of the pleats, the subtle veiling imitate and recreate an intimate life of silence, flowers, waves in the water, and secrets carried on a gentle breeze.


From hints to the hidden abundance of passementerie enclosed in fabric. Superimposed veiling, mixed textures with sheens and tones in subtle opposition.


Ivory, flour white, and in its absence, the lightest off white, are combined with a very slight vintage touch in the details on the appliqués and ribbons. The colours are transparent, and the sheens give hues of colour to a very light off-white palette.


This season headdress are the main stars. Taking the dress’s design as a basis, adornments are created to dress the bride’s head. Outlining the profile, adding touches of light or repeating the same elements, playing with volumes. Its size and how it is placed add the final touch to the ensemble.



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