• 2010_collection

    Gilles Montezin 2010 Bridal Collection

    The Gilles Montezin bridal collection pays homage to the art form of opera by bringing together a complex combination of drama, sensuality, femininity and emotion; all of the characteristics found in the most beloved operatic productions.

    Based on a design philosophy that focuses on the curvature of the female body this collection features classic couture tailoring.

    This collection also introduces an optional body shaper Le Cinch, an abbreviated interpretation of the traditional corset that nearly doubles its predecessor’s figure-enhancing effects.

    Le Cinch accompanies every dress in the collection so every bride can achieve the perfect hourglass silhouette with unprecedented comfort. The fabrics of each dress are hand manipulated to produce textures and opulence rarely found in bridal attire. The romantic silhouettes are designed to accentuate and celebrate the female form.

  • 2010_collection

    Christianne Brunelle 2010 Bridal Collection


    What If You Could Have Your Wedding Dress Designed For You By A Talented Bridal Designer and Skip The Huge Retail Markup? Shop for your wedding gown like a true A-lister, even on a modest budget. How? Enlist Designer Christianne Brunelle  to design your custom wedding dress and our team of professionals to custom make it to your exact measurements.

    Everything is managed through their site, phone and email: from your quote application to your design consultation, to your design sketch to pictures of your completed dress. The whole process takes about three months. You can also shop our in-house collections and customize your gown to your liking. Your Custom Couture Bridal gown will fit you like no off-the-rack dress ever could. (Yes – even an altered dress.)