Behind the Dress – Issue 05: Love, Vera‏

Vera Wang is known for celebrating classic luxury with all its subtle, sophisticated and seductive facets. And this design trait is no more obvious then in this week’s featured wedding dress, Bouquet, a showcase for flattering clean lines as well the timeless tradition of lace and embroidery. Below find Vera Wang’s insights on the design inspiration behind Bouquet.


As Bouquet illustrates in a very compelling way, contrast is powerful The inspiration for Bouquet began with a modern form – a strapless, modified A-line silhouette – that offered the necessary structure to support the intricate, elegant details that would best offset the silhouette. The design elements of Bouquet transcend time and will feel as appropriate today as they did twenty years ago, or a century ago.

The timeless magnificence of lace and embroidery is undeniable. The skirt of the Bouquet wedding dress fuses Alencon, Chantilly and Battenberg laces on French tulle and is embellished with floating floral embroidery. In Bouquet is evident the weight of tradition supporting the age-old institution of marriage, as well as the buoyant happiness that brings beauty to every bride. A bride wearing this wedding dress will feel delicate and the light, as if she is floating on the joy of her day.

The spectacular bowed sash at the waist enhances the striking drama of Bouquet helping to create a wedding dress that is at once deeply romantic and evocatively traditional, weaving its magic with its unabashed charm.

Keep in mind that hand-embroidered details add cost to a wedding dress, but they also add stature and visual excitement. Consider embroidery as an alternative to beading, particularly for daytime or outdoor weddings. Also consider embroidery as the connective design element in your wedding look: for example, the floating floral embroidery detail on Bouquet can be mirrored in your bridal headpiece or your wrap.


Historically, lace has been known as the ultimate wedding dress fabric because of its intricacy, rarity and cost. Today, lace gowns are often chosen by brides who wish to embrace tradition.

Lace comes in many varieties, each distinct for its weave and corresponding unique look. Lace can range from the fragile and delicate, such as Chantilly, to the elaborate and bold, such as Alencon. The Bouquet wedding dress reflects a combination of laces, to create a gown that is greater then the sum of its parts.


A Traditionalist is a bride who prioritizes style over fashion. Her choices are understated, focused on refinement, dignity and quality. A Traditional bride knows the power of subtlety – hand-tied bows, lace trim and embroidery – as captured in Bouquet. Graceful and confident, the Traditionalist seeks relevance and timelessness in her wedding dress. What kind of bride are you?

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