Raimon Bundo Bridal Spring 2013 Collection

A subtle nod to pale pink emphasised thanks to exquisite brocades. The brocade in its widest sense is the real star of this collection. Combined with heavier yet more etherial materials, it offers a different kind of gown which is extra special and does not lose one ounce of the elegance that we are used to.

Luna Novias Bridal Spring 2013 Collection

The Luna Bride collection features a wide range of styles and prices where every bride will find the gown of her dreams. The finest traditional bridal fabrics such as silk taffeta, chiffons and silk organzas and mikados are combined to create modern designs or revamped classics.

Angela Guzzo 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

Angela Guzzo is a designer specializing in high fashion bridal and formal wear, she has been for the last 25 years the owner of the brand. The experience and professionalism acquired in tailoring have allowed her to work with some of the great names of Italian haute couture: Versace, Mila Shon, Ferre and Wanda Roveda.

Maria Karin Red 2012 Fall Bridal Collection

Maria Karin has created an international reputation of leading-edge bridal wear design, recreating in each dress the concept of elegance, glamour, grace, feminity and intuitive beauty. Maria Karin has revolutionized the concept of fashion in the European market with a young and elegant style.

Higar Novias Bridal 2013 Spring Collection (II)

The trademark HigarNovias born in the 1980 like a family enterprise, with a little shop of lady dresses. In 1981 begin to sell wedding dress. At next year begin to manufacturer lady dresses of prêt-a porter. At the middle of 1984 it’s specialized on bridesmaid, companion and full dress, it selling in its shops of Fuente Palmera and it bringing in the sell to level national.

Franco Quintans 2013 Evening Collection

Franco Quintans is a young spanish designer , his collections are delicate and classical gowns paying homeage to the most sumptuous fabrics. Silk taffeta, embroidered lace and silk organza mixed in passionate games of layers, overlays, and transparencies, giving rise to silhouettes of impeccable finishings, majestic skirts and magic volumes .

Intuzuri 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

Intuzuri‘s 2013 bridal collection ranges from beautiful, luxurious, classic designs, to more modern styles. With amazing skirts, beautiful lace accents, exquisite crystal beading and perfectly pretty necklines, that are sure to turn heads at every pass, these gowns have details that will have you going ga-ga.

Khairieh Mahfouz 2013 Bridal Spring Collection

It is the greatest exponent of the impressionist movement which embodies light and the moment. It’s with the help of light that Mahfouz can see everything, without it being too obvious. This is why transparency and the softest of materials, such as bambula and natural tulle, betray the hint of the most delicate colours.

Hadi Katra 2012 Couture Bridal Collection

Hadi Katra Couture – “Daynight” was the theme of this collection representing how a woman  transforms herself from a trendy colorful woman in the day  into a classy and elegant woman at night. With creations of chiffon, satin, taffeta, muslin, tulle and lace, Hadi Katra was inspired by the art form over the ages.