Villais 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

Creativity, love expectation, success in quality, dream dress, without limitations, this is Villais Bridal Fashion. From a dressmaker’s workshop marking bridal clothes in the 70s to a bridal design firm in constant expansion, with a decided international dimension.

Cabotine Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

Gema Nicolás for Cabotine presents her new collection for an avant-garde, cosmopolitan, exotic woman who develops her life with the same natural ease in the most urban of atmospheres as well as in the most paradisiacal places.

Santos Costura Bridal 2013 Spring Collection

The new Century saw the emergence of an innovative woman, one who desires individuality. At Santos Costura  they understand this concept – they have been representing it from the first day they opened the atelier. They embrace the essence of the Haute Couture schools which turned dressmaking into an art. And, as if time had stopped, they take pride in every little stitch and detail and offer their customers unsurpassed excellence in each of  their creations.

Patricia Avendano 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

GLAMOUR is the term that Patricia Avendaño feels best describes this new collection, which is made up of creations in which the design and the fabrics are combined to obtain the best results. There is a common denominator in all her dresses, a particular essence that differentiates and highlights them, but within this philosophy, in which the quality of the dressmaking and the care taken in the selection of fabrics is vital, there is a feeling of plurality that makes them appeal to a different public.

Otaduy Bridal Spring 2013 Collection

Otaduy takes its inspiration from moments  and also from those little things the creators enjoy doing such as taking an espresso in a glass cup, wearing red lipstick to go to the cinema or riding a bike while listening to music on a mild spring night. Their collections are designed to celebrate a special date or any date that deserves to be celebrated.

Kauradia Uno 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

Kauradia Uno Collection has long been recognized for its embodiment of fantasy and drama with its grand ball gowns, luxurious fabrics and exquisite bead work. The collection carries on the legacy of the label, with each gown celebrating and catering to the bride who commands the spotlight.

Saison Blanche Bridal 2012 Collection (II)

Saison Blanche offers ultramodern chic with a touch of the offbeat for brides on the leading edge of fashion. The Couture collection offers silk and lace gowns, while the Boutique line features polyester satin and taffeta fabrics with lace accents. Both collections, of course, have Saison Blanche’s elaborate hand beadwork and signature elegant details. Gowns in both lines can be custom cut for a perfect fit.

Jose Luis Novias 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

Jose Luis collection offers fun and flirty to sophisticated styles. His wedding dresses feature soft romantic elements, touches of beading, and fine draped fabrics which enhance his wedding gowns looks which range from informal gown styles to ball gowns.