Perfect fabrics for your wedding day

You’ll need a dress, flowers and a loud I do! That’s what most people will tell you that you need for the perfect day! No one will mention tulle and other fabrics, especially upholstery fabrics, those special details that you will need if you want to add a touch of elegance to your decorum.

Most people will advise you to leave everything up to your wedding planner or staff that handle your reception venue. But I would advice you differently, why not take advantage of fabrics online, you can pick all the shades and types you need for your wedding day – either it’s a wall type fabric, something for your wedding table or simple details for special places.

In this way you will have full control over your venue decorum and keep in mind that you will save quite a lot. A full decorated venue will most probably cost you double while if you purchase fabric online you and your friends or wedding planner might do all the things and even do it better. Sure if you can afford it you can have everything that you want, but we live in a time where everything done diy is better, especially if you’re talented when it comes to this type of things.

Also don’t forget that upholstery fabric are heavier and thicker than most other types of fabric so you’ll most probably reuse all these purchases after your perfect day ends. This is a great way to save money and to add a touch of novelty to your home using the fabrics you had at your wedding, not to mention they will be a constant reminder of that fabulous day.

Have a look at those amazing fabrics and let me know if this is an idea you’d be willing to try!


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