FashionBride Icons: Ava Gardner

ava gardner (3)

Ava Lavinia Gardner  was born on December 24 1922 , she was signed to a contract by MGM Studios in 1941.  She became one of Hollywood’s leading actresses, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day. I remember Ava Gardner from Mogambo (1953) where she played along side Clark Gable and my beloved Grace Kelly. As all Hollywood icons Ava is an astonishing beauty that shocks with her sharp style and incredible grace.

Why a FashionBride Icon? Because she exudes glamour and she can be a great inspiration source to any bride; opt for her poise and elegance and don’t forget to add a drop of simplicity to your outfit.

The gowns I picked for this article are a great example of how Ava Gardner managed to impose her style no matter the gown she wore. Notice also her wedding gown ( she married Frank Sinatra in 1951 – her third and final marriage) – simple, quirky yet elegant and fun.


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