Orkalia Haute Couture 2013 Fall Bridal Collection


Based in Dubai, Orkalia’s Couture House represents timeless elegance and stylish sophistication. Orkalia Haute Couture provides the luxurious service of creating unique creations made-to-measure, made-to-fit the lifestyle and individuality of its distinguished clients whose impeccable taste is reflected in the attention to detail and customization.

Rosa Clara 2014 Bridal Collection (III)


Full length dresses, in tulle and silk voile draped in white and nude hug the body, emphasisingthe femininity of the female form. Dresses with light voluminous skirts, short dresses, mermaid dresses and floral blouses and coats mark the femininity and elegance of the Rosa Clará bridal collection. Gauze and silk tulle pleated airy dresses and straight satin and silk satin dresses make up a subtle and magical collection.

Pnina Tornai 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (I)

prina tornai 2014 bridal collection (23)

Pnina Tornai, Israel’s leading bridal designer collection adds her own modern touch to create the perfect fit. Pnina’s gown are hand made of the finest fabrics and hand sewn in accordance with the principle of Haute Couture. Her collection varies from classic with clean lines and details to sophisticated hand embroidered ball gowns. Genuine Swarovski crystals and precious stones adom her bridal creations.

Victorio and Lucchino 2014 Bridal Collection (III)


Over the years, Victorio & Lucchino have become leading figures on the Spanish fashion scene. Despite keeping up with all the latest innovations in the sector, these Seville-based designers have not abandoned the essence of the tradition and philosophy that defines their own very special style.

Candida Allison 2014 Bridal Collection (I)

candida allison wedding gowns (33)

“After 14 years of designing timeless pieces for inspiring private clients, it was only fitting to create collections capturing the classics in a feminine and  sophisticated manner. To keep styles fresh and in mode, we are constantly developing designs that take into consideration new trends and color forecasts for every season” Candida Allison

Ir de Bundo Spring 2014 Bridal Collection (final)


A softer, more carefree line which once again this year surprises us with its colourful touches which combine to perfection with marble tones for the bride. This Ir de Bundo collection features the greatest influence of Monet. It is the greatest exponent of the impressionist movement which embodies light and the moment.

Veejay Floresca 2013 Real Brides Collection (I)


The youngest in the spread,  Floresca’s start in bridal design was a rocky one. “The first wedding gown i made was a complete disaster!” he reveals. “But I did my best to fix it, and after revising it three times, it came out really nice.” Since then, young brides have gone to him, perhaps enticed by the white finale gowns of his fashion shows (they are always the first ones to sell). “I really didn’t plan on making bridal gowns my business,” Floresca muses, “but it’s really a calling.”

Valentini Sposa Bridal 2013 Collection

valentini_spose_24[1] (2)

Inspired by traditional femininity, Valentini Sposa blends classical and innovative designs to present a refined, elegant bridal collection, always adding a touch of the originality that makes him so unique and special.

Paola D’Onofrio Spring 2014 Bridal Collection (II)

Doge's Palace at dawn in Venice

Paola D’Onofrio’s bride evokes a charming atmosphere through a great value researched elegance.  She is sensual and unique with a feminine and sophisticated glamour.  The bodice of nineteenth century, wrapped in shinning tulle and elegant transparencies, to remember ancient seductions.

Edward Teng 2013 Spring Bridal Collection (IV)

edward_tend_bridal_collection (120)

Before creating beautiful wedding gowns for Filipina brides, Edward Teng started designing for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. His were humble beginnings. After college in 1986, Edward studied Fashion Design and Dressmaking at the Slims Fashion and Arts School. Experience is the best teacher, however, and so, he first worked as an assistant designer to his mother in her own shop.