Victorio and Lucchino 2014 Spring Bridal Collection


Over the years, Victorio & Lucchino have become leading figures on the Spanish fashion scene. Despite keeping up with all the latest innovations in the sector, these Seville-based designers have not abandoned the essence of the tradition and philosophy that defines their own very special style.

Cecilio Abad Bridal 2014 Spring Collection

cecilio abad bridal collection real brides (174)

Cecilio Abad is one of Manila’s most sought after designers to date. He specializes in uniquely crafted, bespoke wedding couture. The consistent refinement and evolution of Cecilio Abad’s precision cutting and style continues to win many a bride’s heart. Satisfied brides consistently voted him among Weddings@Work’s Top 10 Suppliers for 3 years, eventually bagging the 2008 Supplier of the Year award. Cecil (as he is fondly called) and his sheer talent for elegance, detail, and sensitivity is delighted by clients from all over.

Brigitte Abi Daoud 2014 Spring Bridal Collection


Brigitte Abi Daoud born in Lebanon, knew from a very young age she was destined for couture. Unlike many designers, Brigitte’s road to becoming a fashion designer was conventional. After graduating from the Haute Couture academy, she worked for the famous Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab. In 2002, she was given the opportunity to open her own design salon. Bravely armed with a strong vision, she decided to take the chance and set up her design house in Lebanon.


Aire Barcelona 2014 Bridal Collection (II)


Aire Barcelona thinks of you, creating gowns full of magic to ensure you’re at your most beautiful on your great day. Unique style and elegance of exceptional quality, spectacular gowns, and the most flattering trains and embroideries for your wedding Perfect for your special day.

Elie Wehbe Bridal Couture Collection (I)


Every season Elie Wehbe shows us a world of elegance, art and beauty with his large collection of evening and wedding dresses. As early as the age of 14, Elie Wehbe’s talent was shown trough his sketches as his dream was inherited from a family interested in this wonderful art.

La Basma by Rami Kadi 2012 Spring Collection

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Born in the US and raised in Lebanon, Lebanese designer Rami Kadi’s passion for designing was obvious very early on. It was only natural that Rami enrolled in fashion design school, Esmod Beirut in 2005, from which he graduated with honors and distinctions in 2008.  He then gained experience working with world renowned Lebanese designers Rabih Kayrouz and Georges Chakra.

Valentini Sposa Spring 2013 Bridal Collection (III)


Inspired by traditional femininity, Valentini Sposa blends classical and innovative designs to present a refined, elegant bridal collection, always adding a touch of the originality that makes him so unique and special.

Alessandra Rinaudo 2014 Bridal Collection (II)


Alessandra Rinaudo has been created for a modern, demanding and sophisticated bride and it fully meets all these requirements. Flowing dresses designed according to the rules of Italian haute couture, decorated with precious embroidery, pure silks, and Swarovski crystals to add a unique twist to your bridal look.

Raimon Bundo 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

Raimon Bundo Bridal Collection 2014 (13)

A subtle nod to pale pink emphasised thanks to exquisite brocades. The brocade in its widest sense is the real star of this collection. Combined with heavier yet more etherial materials, it offers a different kind of gown which is extra special and does not lose one ounce of the elegance that we are used to.

Romance 2014 Spring Bridal Collection


This modern, fashion-forward collection of Italian wedding dresses features intricate beading and detailed craftsmanship to create truly unique and modern wedding dresses that don’t sacrifice tradition. With gowns like this Nicole Italy is one designer you should consider when buying the dress.