Mignon Fashion 2013 White Collection

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The name Mignon has been one of distinction on Fashion Avenue for more than a half a century. Residing at the helm of the family business, Vincent and Ankur strike a fresh balance between classic evening wear and modern sensibility, with the launch of Mignon Fashions. For the premiere collection, the label collaborates with Christyne Forti bringing together glamorous and accessibly priced evening wear. Their collaboration indulges in feminine fabrics and delicate detailing bringing glamorous dressing to every woman’s life.


Elie Saab 2013 Fall Couture Collection (I)

elie saab 2014 (27)

“Royally opulent silhouettes appear from between the columns of the Palais Brongniart,” Elie Saab’s program announced. But that’s only half right. It wasn’t the silhouettes that were opulent; by couture standards the construction of the gowns was quite simple. Corseted bodices were far outnumbered by softer, draped styles, and the designer opened with what was essentially a floor-length T-shirt dress, albeit in tulle embellished all over with crystals.

Morgane Le Fay Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

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Morgane Le Fay is a New York City-based fashion house founded in 1982 by Liliana and Carlos Casabal. Their roots are the SoHo of twenty years ago: ghostly, austere – its signs of life the clatter of wheels on crooked cobblestones and the footsteps of the artists that rambled its alleys.

Mariana Hardwick 2014 Fall Bridal Collection

mariana hardwick (21)

Mariana Hardwick gown is timeless. Inspired by the grand couturiers of the past, Mariana Hardwick’s designs have a distinct contemporary orientation. The collection ranges from very simple gowns to the elaborate with unexpected colour combinations and bold lines.

Novia D’Art 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (III)

novia dart 2014 wedding gowns (59)

Novia d’Art was established in Barcelona in 1967 as the result of the Raich Farré family’s longstanding tradition in the world of fashion. The innovative nature and quality of its designs were an immediate success with the high society of the time and marked the beginning of a business career that continues its succes story today.

Samuelle Couture 2014 Fall Bridal Collection

samuelle couture (25)

Central to Samuelle Couture‘s philosophy is the belief that every wedding dress should be as carefully considered, designed and constructed as all the other elements of the wedding day. Whether an original design or a customized piece, it should always reflect the individuality of each bride and each occasion.

Alma Novias 2014 Fall Bridal Collection

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Created by the Rosa Clara group exclusively for specialised stores, Alma Novia, with its trendy and innovative range, offers gowns in simple and classic lines or full skirted gowns combined with formfitting and succinct bodices.