Two by Rosa Clara Bridal 2014 Spring Collection (I)


The Rosa Clara Collections are only available for purchase at the most elite, fashion-forward boutiques around the world. Spain, Portugal, Panama, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Greece, the United States and more are all fortunate to have Rosa Clara designs sold within their boundaries.

Rosanna Perrone 2013 Bridal Collection (IV)

perrone wedding bride (64)

These remarkable Rosanna Perrone wedding dresses look attractive and romantic! Each of these gowns was designed, created and beautified with all kinds of pleats, ruffles and embellishments according to the shape, color and texture of the flowers they were inspired by.

Valentini Sposa Bridal 2013 Collection (III)


Inspired by traditional femininity, Valentini Sposa blends classical and innovative designs to present a refined, elegant bridal collection, always adding a touch of the originality that makes him so unique and special.

Jewelry Guide: Get the best deal for your engagement ring


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Almoda Leo 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (I)

almoda leo bridal gowns (35)

The wedding gowns are all made bespoke and created in-house by the designer and her team, enabling Almoda Leo  to meet her clients needs and wishes throughout. By offering a personal service from first sketch to finished gown Almoda Leo ensures the couture process is an exciting and inspiring journey, resulting in a truly unique gown for each individual bride.

Alia Bastamam 2013 Bridal Spring Collection (I)

alia (21)

The design aesthetic of Alia Bastamam brings a cool, comfortable and neoteric up-to-date culture into the glamorous and enduring idea of fashion. And it always best suits what women want. Drifting through a wanderlust composed of luscious, wispy movements of soft fabric, sophisticated risqué for subtle sex appeal, and sharp cuts and fine tailoring for a substantial dash of class.

Colet Spose 2014 Bridal Collection (VI)

colet bridal (159)

This modern, fashion-forward collection of Italian wedding dresses features intricate beading and detailed craftsmanship to create truly unique and modern wedding dresses that don’t sacrifice tradition. With gowns like this Nicole Italy is one designer you should consider when buying the dress.

Gina K 2014 Spring Couture Bridal Collection (V)


Gina K has been a market leader in bridal dresses and evening gowns for over 20 years, with stores located in Jounieh, Kousba El-Koura and Tripoli. Their bride can enjoy a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in Gina K’s refined stores, where she will be assisted by highly-trained professionals.

Martina Liana 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

martina liana wedding gowns (11)

Martina Liana blends couture customization and quality with distinctive design. She combines heirloom quality beading and French laces with luxurious fabrics, including silks to meet the needs of today’s fashion savvy bride.