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The FashionBrides Dictionary: Cap Sleeves


A cap sleeve is more of a decorative detail than a true sleeve – but it’s a great-looking addition to what would otherwise be a simple arm-baring wedding gown.

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.



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20 amazing Israeli designers you didn’t know about



Israeli designers are one of the best at this moment and who can blame them – with sexy gowns and amazing choices in lace and tulle who wouldn’t want them to succeed. But even do we have designs like the ones signed by Galia Lahav, Berta Bridal and Inbal Dror all over Pinterest ( by the way did you check my pinterest – it’s the best 😉 ) some amazing designers get left behind. That’s why I made a quick top 20 with amazing designers we appreciate and we don’t hear enough. Have a look and tell me, how many of these fab designers did you know?


Flora  –  Flora brand was founded in 2010 and is located in Haifa, Israel. Flora was established by the designer Rinat Asher. Her collection presents a spectacular and luxury wedding dresses that combine classical ,contemporary and nobility, all with high quality and comfort.

Inbal Raviv  – Inbal Raviv started her career in the fashion industry as a wardrobe coordinator for television and fashion stylist for magazine. In 2010, as part of her decision to focus on unique design she  created a small and  wedding dresses collections inspired by her favorites 20`s and old Hollywood glam.

Sister M  –  The “Sister M” brand was established at 2008 By us, sisters Meital & Raya Mitrani. Meital graduated “Beztalel” academy for art & design, Raya graduated “Shenkar” academy for fashion & design.

TAMARA – Tamara’s bridal gowns have a unique romantic and classic style with a clean and elegant finish. On top of being a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Tamara has a 15-year experience in the field, giving each bride a personal touch.

Toora  –  The dresses are adorned with laces I have collected from around the world and so unfortunately (and fortunately) the number of dresses in each model is limited.

Anaelle Levi  – After years of working with Israel’s most elite bridal gown designers, Anaelle Levi recently decided to create an independent line of bridal gowns. Growing up in Paris and later in the Caribbean, Anaelle’s rich cultural background is evident in each of her designs.

Anat Manos  – Anat has recently developed a new collection of wedding dresses for sale, which is called B Ready. The sewing technique of these dresses is different and therefore the process is shorter and simpler.


Anya Fleet
Anya Fleet  – Anya Fleet ‘s Couture Bridal line was esta- blished in 2011. Known for her unique vision, she creates lines with an exquisite attention to detail by offering her sense of style. She finds inspiration from diverse aspects mixing between romantic bohemian & old Hollywood style, to create an uncluttered & chic bridal look.

Arava Kashdan  – The silhouettes are feminine and romantic and are handmade using a mixture of fabrics, lace and embroidery. Each dress creates a unique style and a sense of personal touch. The result is a “simple” dress yet intricate, detailed and beautiful.

Arava Polak  – After having graduated from the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education, Arava has established her wedding dresses studio in order to express her creativity and her love for fashion by emphasizing the inventiveness and connection with global trends.

Birenzweig  –  Behind fashion label “Birenzweig” are the talented Shenkar graduates, husband and wife designer team Adi and Ofir.

Eisen-Stein  –  Studio Eisen-Stein was born out of a desire to create a modern, different and unique style of wedding dresses. The studio was founded by Yael Eisenberg and Rachel Kalkstein, graduated of the Wizo Academic center of design.

Elia Vatine  – My first passion for design started during high school years while studying fashion. As soon as I finished my military service I decided to study fashion design in ‘Shenkar College’, and establish my knowledge on this field. In the middle of my third year of studies I was hired to a meaningful job as an assistant designer in “Chloé”, the international company based in Paris, France.

Erez Ovadia  – Erez Ovadia, 1973, graduated from Marangoni (Milan, Italy) the world’s leading fashion school. Right after graduation, Erez was hired to work in the fashion house of “Enrico Coveri”, where he worked for 3 years as a head designer and was responsible, among other things, for the young and sexy line of the company named “You Young”.

Lee Grebanau

Lee Grebanau

Lee Grebenau  – Although established in 2011, Lee Petra Grebenau design house is one of Israel’s most prestigious fashion brands, known for its bridal and evening gowns.

Lihi Hod  – After graduating from “Shenkar”, the leading fashion design school in Israel, Lihi Hod went to Paris to work at Dior, alongside fashion designer John Galliano. When she returned to Israel, and after working in many fashion brands, Lihi established her own signature studio in 2010, specializing in designing wedding dresses.

Limor Rosen  – Coming from a heritage of fashion designers who were among the first to establish themselves sixty years ago in Israel, fashion design was a natural choice for me.

Meital Zano Hareli – Meital Zano Hareli is a graduate of the Shenkar Design Academy and is the winner of ‘Bilbao’ international young designers competition. Meital has a vast experience in reputed fashion houses and as an independent designer.

Mira Zwillinger  –  Using the finest fabrics and materials sourced from Milan and Paris, combined with a meticulous attention to detail, Mira creates eye-catching couture collections without any compromise, each with their own story.

Mordehai Avraham – In his lovely studio in the trendy Montefiore neighborhood in Tel Aviv designer Mordehai Avraham creates stunning collections of wedding dresses and evening gowns that are sheer works of art.

Ran Zuriel  – Ran Zuriel lives and breathes the culture of Israel. He is drawing from it much of his inspiration for his various collections. Zuriel’s designs characteristically connect and combine international trends with personal Israeli touches, designed for real women.


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Top 12 bridal designers you need to know in 2016


The bridal fashion is one of the most over crowded segments in the market at this moment so for a bride it can be sometimes overwhelming – new designers, old designers, they all tend to mix and match and hat the end of the day you’re as confused as you were before you started google-ing.  To make things easier we created two brand new categories here at TheFashionBrides – the first is our #MeetTHEDesigner seeries (that runs on our facebook and facebook group as well) and the second is our TOP bridal designers.  #MeetTHEDesigner focuses on giving you 2 brand new designers from all over the world while the second is closer to the usual top – offering our personal choices from the market.

Tell me in our comment section down bellow what do you think  about our new categories and how can we improve them in order to help you.


And back to our top – in 2016 I decided to give you a bit of mixture between the old and the new, while I love the big brands I think we need a bit of freshness and cuteness. ( direct link to the designer by clicking on their name 😉


  • BERTA BRIDAL – this collection is bound to make your blood boil as it’s sexy as it is elegant.
  • PRONOVIAS – the best bridal gown collections if you want a sharp and clean look
  • ASHI STUDIO – perfect for a bride that is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone
  • DIMITRIUS DALIA – sexy with a hint of provocative and yet the best resources for the most amazing princess gowns
  • ELISABETTA POLIGNANO – Italian chicness at it’s finest with these amazing gowns that seem out of this world
  • FARA SPOSA – amazing lace and a fine taste of the best Spain can offer in the bridal industry

dimitrius dalia2

  • PETER LANGNER – clean cuts and fantastic designs, his collections are always simple yet complicated
  • RAMI KADI – his designs are every woman’s dreams come true, ethereal and magnificent
  • SIMONE CARVALLI – there’s a subtle sexiness that ouzes out of every design from this collection
  • TARIK EDIZ – the Turkish master surprises me every time and I can sincerely tell you I look forward to each of his gowns
  • VELUZ REYES – Veluz is the perfect example of why we must look further that our usual designer; this Filipina has mastered the bridal gowns art to a tee
  • ROSA CLARA – the best is yet to come from the Spanish brand, always sexy and refined.

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