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  1. thank you so much for postind the prices in wedding gowns. Ive been looking for a gown myself and i did not know if the store was ripping me off, now i know that they are within the price range


  2. Hi Laura,

    I’m glad I could help. But you have to keep in mind that those prices are from an European retailer, so the prices may be different in other parts of the world or even among EU countries.


  3. No. That’s why FashionBride exists! If I’d have intended to give the collection I would have made an e-mail database, but I have a blog!

    All the gown will be featured here. If you like to see them you’ll return if not… well, not.


  4. Hi there! My fiancee and I have been searching for a right wedding gown since we got engaged recently. Thanks for providing all these info on your site.



  5. Hi Kally,
    I am surprised I only found your blog today, as I thought I had already seen all there was on the internet. Encouraged by beautiful blogs I was hooked on, written by fellow brides-to-be, in February this year I started my own blog, chronicling my wedding preparations:) Although it is 3 months after our wedding, I still continue blogging. For my post today I was looking for an image of a Valentino Sposa dress from the 2009 collection and discovered your blog. I am adding you to my blogroll straight away. Although my blog is in Polish (which I decided to do on purpose as the internet is full of great bride blogs in English, there’s hardly any in my native language) I hope you enjoy looking through the images:)
    on wordpress I also have a street style blog, but it’s only being started so there’s not much I can invite to yet, I’ll be working on developing it: http://islandfashion.wordpress.com/

    I can’t wait to explore your blog more:)


  6. Hello!

    I am interested in purchasing a wedding dress from Pronovias ollection, HAWAI.

    In my desperation, I have already bought one dress of 1500 Euros (so a lot) and I think I did a mistake. If you can help me find the wrigt one (Pronovias – HAWAI) at a good price, I will be eternely grateful.

    Thank you so much.


  7. Hi! I am in love with the acQuachiara 2008 collection. Where can I find her dresses in the United States? Does she herself ship to the US? I really would love to wear one of her dresses when I get married. Any help you can provide me with would be great!! Thank you!


  8. Thanks Kally! I tried emailing them before and haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully I will hear something soon! I so wish I could take a trip to Italy just to get a dress!!! 🙂 Thanks for the information, though! If you hear anything please let me know!


  9. Hi Kally

    I have seen your write up on Pronovias wedding gowns here. Love it, absolutely gorgeous! Thanks……..

    I have a question here, I have a picture of a Pronovias (not sure whether it was a Manuel Mota?) wedding gown but I can’t seem to find the name of the dress anywhere on the net.

    Could you possibly help please?

    Ooppss… I can’t attach a file here……. can you let me know how to do so?

    Many thanks..


  10. Hi Kally,
    My name is Maria and I am from Greece.I found your blog accidentally and I would like to say Congratulations!I’m 24 years old, I’m not going to get married soon but I’m interested in marriages and wedding gowns and other wedding stuff since I was a child. Your blog is the most full, organized, stylish, elegant weblog I’ve ever visited!!You’ve made me visited almost every day!The only problem is that we don’t have here in Greece stores with the most of the ‘brands’ you publish and some times I feel dissapointed. But it’s ok…Keep the good work girl!


    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to know that people like my work :D. I’ll try to be better than before and give you more interesting collections.

      You shouldn’t be upset because you don’t have the brands in Greece, I’m sure you’ll get the chance to travel or order it online :D. Maybe we’ll figure it out together when the time comes :D.


  11. Hi,
    i like your design & your recommendations. i’m in iran. how can i have them? may you help me find & choose a nice dress for my wedding ceremony?
    thank you in advance……


  12. Hey dear Kally,

    I got married 6 months ago in a beautiful wedding by the beach.
    Your stylish blog inspired me a lot during the planning and design of the wedding – thank you so much for all the beautiful and inspiring ideas and images.

    You even inspired me to start blogging my self – http://www.weddelish.com/

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it – I hope you find it inspiring as well 🙂

    Thanks again!


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