Steal that style: Lily Cole in White Dreams

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Lily Cole is featured in top fashion magazines such as Vogue (American, Italian, British, Japanese and Korean), Citizen K, and V. She has also appeared on the cover of Numéro and three for British Vogue. In November 2004, the British Fashion Awards named her ‘Model of the Year’.Additionally, Cole has appeared in advertising campaigns for designers such as Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Hermès, Longchamp, Cacharel, Topshop, and Anna Sui Cosmetics, as well as being the face for Moschino’s perfume ‘I Love Love.’

She is a common sight on the catwalks of the international runway circuit and has walked many top shows — Chanel, DKNY, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. In addition to modeling for top fashion designers, her friend-list includes Philip Colbert and fellow models Gemma Ward and Erin O’Connor.

Cole was announced as the follow-up model for Accessorize, taking the place of model Claudia Schiffer. Cole also designed a line of handbags for the collection. Cole will be an additional face for cosmetics Rimmel, along with Kate Moss, as well as Tiffany & Co. She is now one of the models in the Marks and Spencer clothes advertising campaign, becoming the youngest model to ever do a campaign for the line. As part of the deal Cole will be the exclusive face of the M&S Limited Collection.

Steal that style: David and Victoria Beckham

david-beckham-victoria david-beckham-victoria (1) david-beckham-victoria (2)david-beckham-victoria (3) david-beckham-victoria (4) david-beckham-victoria (5)david-beckham-victoria (6) david-beckham-victoria (7) david-beckham-victoria (8)

Wearing a crown and a tightly fitting ivory wedding dress designed by Vera Weng, Victoria’s attire was matched by David’s ivory and cream suit. He later changed into a purple suit because Brooklyn threw up on him. Their party outfits were designed by Antonio Berardi. Brooklyn was wearing a purple cowboy hat.

David and Victoria had an elaborate and expensive wedding reception with 437 staff serving. All guests at the reception were asked to dress in black or white.

The menu included Laurent Perrier rose champagne and sticky toffee pudding. Their wedding cake was topped with a nude (except for a few ivy leaves) sculpture of the newlyweds.

Steal that style: Liv Tyler

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Though it is hard to live in the shadow of her rockstar father, Liv Tyler has acutally been able to achieve and prove a lot on just being her own self. Starting off as a model, she later pursued a career in acting, as she was seen in movies like Armageddon and That Thing You Do. Her fashion has always been eclectic.

1057392liv liv-tyler 1952552

Raised in the realm of rock and roll, it was not surprising that the bride chose an Alexander McQueen creation in which to celebrate her marriage. Known for darkly romantic dresses with a theatrical edge, the bride commissioned an ethereal white gown with an empire waist, a band of gold brocade below the bustline, and sheer, elbow-length sleeves. For a splash of color, the actress wore open-toed pink shoes, the hue matching the groom’s tie.

FashionBride Interview with Teresa Raich, Novia D’Art


There are two types of wedding gowns: the ones you love and you would wear on your wedding day and the ones you adore and you would wear every moment for the rest of your life.

Novia D’art gowns fit perfectly into the second class. And making an interview with Teresa Raich, designer of Novia D’Art, is one of the reasons why I love so much my job.

Read it fast and do go get yourself a magic dress signed Novia D’art!

How different is a bridal designer from a “usual” designer? What is so special about designing bridal gowns? 
A wedding designer is a person that gets their inspiration from the most wonderful and exciting day in a woman’s life.
When did you decide this is what to be (a bridal designer)?
It wasn’t by chance that I took the decision, it was the fact of living and working with my auntie, Carmen Raich, that made me realise how beautiful and how much creativity was involved in this job.

noviadart (1) noviadart (7) noviadart (2)

Did you follow the standards imposed by tradition or you tried to go more for the avant-garde trends?
I don’t like to be very traditional, I rather be creative
How long does it take you to design a wedding dress?
Usually about a week is the average time
Can you tell us a bit more about where do you get your inspiration from?
In general, inspiration comes in the hand of the fashion although a type of material o embroidery can have a big input 


Do you think brides should opt for a designer gown (a given pattern) or talk their way in and explain what they want, in order to get a unique dress?
I don’t believe that a bride should have a unique dress, I think the ideal dress is the one in which a bride will find herself comfortable and happy
Actually , do you also work with brides? Can someone come to your store and try to create a special gown only for her?
 We can make personalized dresses but always within the Novia D’Art designs.
Have you got any particular dress you designed and has a very special meaning for you?
I still remember with great illusion the first dress I designed, it was made of tulle, see-through at the waist and with plenty of beads (little stones).

noviadart (3) noviadart (4) noviadart (8)

Do you think a bride should stick to the tradition white? Or should we start thinking in colors?
Our 2010 collection is mainly in natural white.  Some of them have a touch of colour given by a velvet ribbon in either green, burgundy, blue or a flower just to give a touch of colour and achieve a fresh and pure image.
From your point of view how should a perfect bride be? What would you give her and, maybe, other brands can’t.
All brides are perfect because the emotion involved in living that special day is wonderful.  Novia D, Art  has a wide range of different designs in order that each and every bride can find the perfect garment for the special day.
What makes your gowns different?
Each of our dresses have been designed by the team at Novia D, Art with the best robes and taking exhaustive care of the quality of the gowns. 
Can you give us an insight on your next Collection? What where your inspiration sources, what did you opt for as materials, shapes etc.
Gowns inspired by the sweetness and femininity of the 1960s are transported towards the sensuality and spectacular nature of the 1980s. A transition in which this collection defines itself and evolves freely, inspired by these two beautiful periods.

noviadart (5) noviadart (6) noviadart (9)

Sobriety and distinction define elegant gowns with tailored cuts; waists and empire lines typical of the 1960s.  Short and long skirts with volumes created with pleats. Rich in hand created embroidery, expressed on belts and beautiful accessories and a marked 1960s look with veils and short gloves, camellias and bows as distinguished accessories, an aura of sweetness and elegance highlighting the purest femininity of a woman.  The dresses are all in white silk with touches of Swarovski crystals and velvet ribbons in burgundy, emerald green and midnight blue velvet, a display full of sobriety and sweetness, the perfect mixture to define the beauty of a woman on such a special day.

A collection that transcends, evolving from the 60s to the 80s. The 80s which bring to mind the movement of this period and a very sensual, highly spectacular, sexy woman.   The dresses of the 80s are full of sensual movements worked on gauze, silk and muslin with great dynamics.  Asymmetric styles at the shoulders creating volumes full of expression and a touch of guipure lace is a point to be highlighted.
Last but not least, do you have an advice for FashionBride readers?
Be yourself when you chose your gown so it shows how you really are and make sure you feel unique, special and happy with your decision.

FashionBride Interview with Katerina Bocci

katerina bocci (9)I know my readers what to know everything about the wedding gowns! And since I want to help you know all about them I decided to have a short interview  with Katerina Bocci.  Her designs are absolutely fabulous and I’m sure you wanna know all about her work.

I must say I’ve kept this interview for myself :P, for quite a while. Katerina has been so kind and answered me to all my questions and I almost wanted to keep all the knowledge for myself.

Well, you know I couldn’t be so mean,  so here it goes:


First of all tell us a little bit about yourself, when did you decide to do this, was it a childhood dream or rather a wish to change things in the bridal department?

My father used to be a man tailor in my home country Albania and it was always my dream to be a fashion designer. So when I was 18 I started designing just for friends but very fast started to become like a request for so many people.

I decided to continue my education and I went to Italy where I studied At the SITAM school of design in Padova . I graduated in 1999 and in 2001 I came in the States. I located in Mi where I started working with a lot of private clientele as well as I worked for couple of years in a bridal salon I hated every time when a bride would come in and the dress would never fit right.

I hated when they made them order bigger sizes so they could fit them and make more money on alteration. It was not fair to the people.
How did your first wedding gown looked like? Do you remember, can you describe it a bit?

So I always put it in my mind as soon as I make some money I would have my own Bridal line which would be worked upon exact size of measurement not in size charts, so privately started doing custom bridal gowns and all that money went into savings for my own line , as well as I was staying so close to the needs of the bride I would learn sooo much about them.
At the end it is all about having the bride happy , having the right dress for them , the right design, the right fit, the right fabrics.

So that has been very helpful for me. My first custom bridal I did the first year I came to the States.
An Albanian singer(very known in Albanian community) was getting married and she could not find her
dream dress so she approached me and I made it happen. It was a mermaid  sweetheart, dress  with a long busseled train and the bottom of the dress was hand sown feathers with Swarovski stones.
The dress was a dream and for sure did bring me a lot of business.

katerina bocci (10) katerina bocci (11) katerina bocci (12)

Tell us a bit more about your inspiration and your sources.

I am a very spiritual person , and I always say my inspiration comes to me from the Holy Spirit that opens my mind and eyes to see beautiful things.

I think that woman is the most beautiful thing that God has created  and I would find the inspiration in this beauty, it can be the body, it can be the face, it can be the personality. And by putting these together , that’s how I come out with the design
katerina bocci (14)Talk us through the process of making a gown. What’s the most difficult part and how can we (as future clients) can help you (I think our continue change of mind isn’t helpful 😛 ).

Because I design and produce my own pattern I do not have a lot of difficulties. What is sometime hard when I work on one and one costumer is when they can not  vision, or they like smth that would not work for their body, in this case they have to learn to trust the designer. That is harder because I have to explain over and over
I love working with silk , I love textured fabrics, and I love to mix as well , lace and stones , tuling and silk and handmade rosettes, it is the same as cooking and you use different spices and garlic and it comes into an amazing taste
Are you more fond of the traditional bridal look or do you tend to be more avant-gardism?

I like my designs to be bold and avant guard , women have to dare and wear, be unique, not always in tradition , the bride is so special does not have to look the same as every other bride.
They have to be their selves and please do not see the tag who made the dress , see how much you love the dress , how it fits you , how it makes you feel.

Do you also work with brides? Or you just offer them a given pattern that can be latter modified?

Here where I live in MI, I do work with the brides privately, by designing custom for them, but even when we sell to stores the dress is customized to the brides measurements, and in a lot of cases we meet the brides as well through the trunk shows and offer them custom changes of our designs.
Have you got any particular dress you designed that has a very special meaning for you? A dress that you remember and care about?

My very special dress is called “SPERANZA”, it is very special to me because it is the first dress of my own collection , and the meaning of the word is hope, and in this case the hope never ends for nobody like me as a designer and for the bride who is going to wear it as well.

Why do you think your gowns stay apart from the crowd?

My gowns stay apart from the rest because they are made with love, having three daughters and being the only child I know how important it is to the mothers and the brides this day. Secondly designing my own patterns myself , knowing the differences on women’s bodies, our fit is exquisite, producing the gowns in our own katerina bocci (13)studio we stand for our quality, everything is MADE IN USA. We try to use as much as possible ECHO-friendly materials as well as the designs are just divine.
Can you give us an insight on your 2010 Collection; what where your inspiration sources, what did you opt for as materials, shapes etc.

In my new collection I like to give different shapes so any bride can like them and I am using a lot of duchess satin , lace and Swarovski stones. You can find princess dresses but you can find sexy mermaids as well.
Last but not least, do you have an advice for Fashion Bride readers?

My advice to all the brides is: Be true to yourself, I am sure you all have a dream in your mind and hart how your wedding dress will look like , please go for it.
And when you go shopping for the dress do not  go with tons of people , the best would be your mother or sister. Best of luck to all of you.

Steal that style: Evangeline Lilly

US-GOLDEN GLOBES-LILLY evangeline_lilly (6) evangeline_lilly (8)evangeline_lilly evangeline_lilly (5) evangeline_lilly (1)evangeline_lilly (4) evangeline_lilly (3) evangeline_lilly (2)

Evangeline Lilly about her style: “A lot of people always say to me: ‘You must love this – all the glam and the red carpets,’ but it is so far from my comfort zone. Though having said that, during the hiatus, it was nice to cut my hair and dress up after wearing dirty castaway clothes for weeks. The producers don’t like to let us off the island very much so we have to wait until we get on the mainland to get nice dresses, and that can make award shows and those kind of things a little hectic.”

“.My mom is the classiest, most beautiful lady you’ll ever meet so I’ve had a good teacher. She was a cosmetician who worked for Estee Lauder and I got my first makeover when I was in grade five. When I was in high school, I used to go through our Halloween dress-ups and pull out a gypsy costume and pair it with a T-shirt to wear to school”, said the star according to ivillage.

Steal that style: Joe Cole and Carly Zucker

1962-aJoe Cole and Carly Zucker exchanged wedding vows in a reported 3-million pound wedding.

The football ace, 27, was said to have shelled out the staggering amount for the wedding at London’s Chelsea Royal Hospital. “Joe was calm and composed throughout,” the News of the World quoted Rev Dick Whittington, who married the lovers, as saying.

The couple had allegedly inked a deal with a magazine for 2 million pounds but pledged to donate the cash to charity.

The newly pronounced Mrs., who recently said so long to the single life with a bachelorette party at London nightclub Mahiki, has kept the style of her “I do” dress (which the Mirror indicates was purchased at bespoke wedding supplier Ana Cristache) a secret which will only be revealed to the public upon the publication of the magazine chosen to present the details of the couple’s special day.  (photo via HelloMagazine)

The Dailly Mail says the bride arrived 20 minutes late for the £3m ceremony in a figure hugging floor-length dress by Oscar de la Renta.  I’m confused :P.

FashionBride Interview with Barbara Fabree

IMG_0386I must say I fell in love with Barbara Fabree’s designs! You know I’m a very picky person and that I don’t say that too often, but I am really, really loving the simple and elegant line that Barbara’s gowns have.

Since I wanted to know a bit more about her gowns, I did a quick interview with Barbara which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do!

And don’t forget to check her collection and choose your perfect gown :D!


First of all tell us a little bit about yourself, when did you decide to do this, was it a childhood dream or rather a wish to change things in the bridal department?

As long as I can remember I was busy drawing and creating outfits for my Barbies, I always wanted to become a fashion designer. I went to the Amsterdam fashion Academy and graduated cum laude when I was 23. I left for London for an apprentice by the bridal wear designer Catherine Rayner, I immediately fell in love with the métier; the beautiful silk fabrics and the workmanship , the time and effort spend on one dress, that is only possible for a wedding dress.

How did your first wedding gown looked like? Do you remember, can you describe it a bit?

I must say that my first wedding gown was my own; aged 24, married the love of my life, my French husband Bruno (for almost 13 years). It was made of ivory silk duchess, heart shaped bodice with long sleeves of French lace, draped straight skirt and a four meters long train.
The success was enormous and there were a lot of girls asking me to make their dress from that day on.

Tell us a bit more about your inspiration and your sources.

My style is classic, sophisticated and pure, it has to enhance the beauty of the bride before all. A beautiful design doesn’t need a lot of decorations, pure lines and an perfect coupe from the best silks is all you need.

I’m inspired from beautiful fabrics, but there are a lot of things that inspire me; art books, museums (fashion history), movies. The greatest inspiration of all is the bride; her wishes and desires are what inspires me to create a dress even more beautiful than she can imagine.

_MG_8679-2 _MG_8704 _MG_8860

Talk us through the process of making a gown. What’s the most difficult part and how can we (as future clients) can help you (I think our continue change of mind isn’t helpful 😛 )

The most important aspect for me is to really listen and hear the brides wishes and than to advise her in what way she will look and feel at her best on her wedding day .I’m always honest and because I’m a woman myself i know we all are conscious about some part of our bodies(no matter how thin or beautiful you are)The great thing about haute couture is that I can make those “imperfections” disappear.

When the design is made and the measurements taken we make a toile, a cotton dress, at this stage the design can be altered and the bride can see for herself if she is comfortable in it. Now comes the difficult part and that is weight loss, I always tell my brides that to alter a silk dress isn’t the best thing to do, it s a pity when you see stick marks or when the fit isn’t perfect anymore because of weight loss. So until we make the toile the brides can loose weight…..most of them take that very seriously.

_MG_2300What do you like to see at a bride; is a certain fabric, maybe embroidery or other things like that.

I love to see the true beauty in a bride, she is still herself but at her most beautiful; clear, classic feminine lines, beautiful silk fabrics that enhances these simple lines.

I also love French lace that is my specialty; it is so sophisticated. I work it like a puzzle on the body of the bride, it is all done by hand and that shows; there are no seams it just embraces the skin. In my opinion it is more seductive to see skin under a beautiful lace bodice than a very décolleté strapless gown that shows it all.

And of course a bride is only a bride when she wears a veil, the silk and lace veils we make by hand from the same lace as the dress, the moment the bride puts on her veil is always breathtaking.

Does your upbringing (you are born in the Netherlands) change the way you perceive a bride? And does that reflect in your designs (are they more sober or more distinguished then the Latin ones)

I think it is a matter of taste, my clients appreciate this more sophisticated style, they are already used to quality clothes and materials, they look for the same quality in their wedding gown.
But it is true that Dutch design is well known for its pure and simple lines.

Are you more fond of the traditional bridal look or do you tend to be more avant-gardist?

Maybe a classical avantgardist, there are so many overwhelming bridal designs everywhere; feathers, paillettes and frills; my advice is keep it tasteful and elegant, choose quality before extravagance. Keep that for a night out.

Do you also work with brides? Or you just offer them a given pattern that can be latter modified?

Every dress is haute couture, one of a kind made especially for one bride.

Have you got any particular dress you designed that has a very special meaning for you? A dress that you remember and care about?

Of course my own dress and hopefully the dress for my daughter Sophie in the future ( she is only 9 at the moment)

Why do you think your gowns stay apart from the crowd?Creatie Fabree

Because they are so different from the rest, no strapless or frills.

Can you give us an insight on your 2010 Collection; what where your inspiration sources, what did you opt for as materials, shapes etc.

More sleeves and (strapless is really finished) Lots of beautiful French lace bodices even with high necklines, wide skirts and long trains. More constructed forms from mikado silk that really stands out.

Last but not least, do you have an advice for FashionBride readers?

Stay true to your own style, don’t be a completely different person on your wedding day, choose a dress that enhances your best features and camouflages the parts you don’t feel secure about. Follow your heart when you choose your dress, you will feel it when it is the right one for you.

You can also add anything else you want to tell my readers.

I wish them lots of memorable, precious moments in these special times of choosing the dress of their life!

Reem Acra 2010 Spring Bridal Collection (III)

reemacra (15) reemacra (16) reemacra (17)reemacra (18) reemacra (19) reemacra (20)reemacra (21) reemacra (22) reemacra (23)

Wedding gown designer, Reem Acra is recognized for her signature use of embroidery. The Reem Acra bridal signature line has influenced various wedding trends. Reem creates delicate beadwork of tiny swarovski crystals and seed pearls. Acra’s ability to create intricate gold bullion needlework and shadow embroidery sewn under rich fabrics allows for a classic, traditional bridal dress.

Reem Acra has become one of the leading names in the luxury bridal and eveningwear market. Celebrities as well as brides turn to her for that special moment, be it a walk down the aisle or the red carpet. Later, Acra expanded her repertoire by introducing daywear pieces into her collection. Known for her attention to detail, signature beaded embroideries, and unique fabric combinations.

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