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Did you say YES? Congratulations! You’ve already been Googling and scouring Pinterest for weeks since and while you like to think you have a good handle on how your wedding gown looks likes, you’re starting to feel super overwhelmed. 

Girl, we’ve got you! 

Picking your Bridal Gown is a piece of cake with TheFashionBrides .  We know what matters most and you can count on us every step of the way. Follow us here or on social media and let’s build this journey that will lead you to THE ONE. 



What TheFashionBrides offers?


  1. Each day you get 2 brand new collections that will add to your knowledge of bridal designers.
  2.  All featured designers have full collection featured – in various posts – just click on their category name and see the full collection.
  3.  Check our Bridal directory – you will see our curated list of designers that will literally blow your mind with their amazing gowns
  4.  We feature daily post to our Wedding Gown Guide – a complete guide to styles and trends – look for your wedding gown by trend right here.
  5. We’ve got our posts catalogued by season – so now have your eyes on spring 2020 and fall 2020 – but if you want to see past trends … we go to spring 2008 * we’re that old
  6. You’ve already wore the bridal gown but you want an evening gown? Here is our evening category!


We are here to make your bridal vision come to life and allow you to actually find your bridal gown easy, fast and love it as much as you love your fiance.


Finding the one can be tough but with the right tools and knowledge you will be able to find the gown you are dreaming of. But first some details!

  1.  What is a bridal dress made of? What fabric should I choose for a summer wedding/ winter wedding? Will my bridal dress wrinkle?  Here are 25 Fabrics You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Wedding Gown
  2. Make sure to embellish your wedding gown with some amazing lace! Here is the ultimate guide to lace –  Lace 101 – All the Lace Types You Need to Know
  3. Will I need a bustle? Can my wedding dress be bustled? Long train or not, american bustle or french bustle anything you need to know is HERE – Wedding Dress Bustle – What Type Is the Best for You
  4. Thinking of buying a shorter gown for the reception or your civil ceremony? Here are 15 Of The Most Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses 

Got questions?

We love hearing from you – we can help you find the designer of your dream even if you have just a tiny picture as reference or just a wild idea. Send us  an email, message, DM… anything you like 😛