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    Shopping Online for Authentic Fashion Pieces

    pearlMany women consider pearls to be an essential part of their wardrobes. Because it can be easy for some retailers to pass off fake pearls as the real thing, wise women know the importance of shopping with a reputable jeweler. Rather than take the risk of being scammed by local stores, many women prefer to shop online. They can find a wide assortment of genuine pearl accessories when they shop online at sites like

    When they shop at this kind of website, ladies can find what they need without having to search extensively. They can use several different filters to help them find exactly what they want for their wardrobes. Many shoppers, for example, prefer to wear pearls that are harvested from a specific location. They can use the site to locate these gems that come from such places as Tahiti, Japan, and the South Sea, as well as other locations.

    Shoppers can also find pearls in an array of different colors. While many women consider white pearls to be classic and elegant, they also may want gems in different colors as well. For example, they can find necklaces, pendants, and more that are created with pink, black, gray, and other hues, along with the classic white varieties that are a mainstay in many women’s jewelry boxes. They can use the filter to search for pearl varieties that will suit their fashion needs.

    Along with colors, ladies can also find accessories for a variety of occasions. For example, a woman who is getting married may want stylish, yet reserved pearl necklaces and more to complement her bridal gown. She can browse the available bridal collection online and find accessories that will suit your bridal outfit, as well as the outfits of her attendants if necessary.

    However, if she is wanting to accessorize a business suit, she could look at the Tin Cup collection or even the pearl jewelry sets to find something to complement her outfits. Because women may be on a budget while they shop, they can also use the filter to find pearls in their price range. This option lets them find fashion accessories that will avoid breaking their budget, but also let them wear pieces that are stylish and beautiful. They will know as well that they are wearing accessories that are real rather than fake. Websites like this help women who want the highest pearl fashion possible.

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    Onecklace 2014 Name Necklace Jewelry Collection


    Onecklace (Cutting Edge Jewellery LTD) is an international jewelry manufacturer, that deals exclusively with customized name necklaces. Inspired by the concept of personalized nameplate pendants, we opened our doors to the world in 2001 and have been creating beautiful and fashionable customized jewelry. Choose between plated or pure sterling silver and pure gold or gold plated chain necklaces to adorn the name of your choice. All the wonderful creations crafted in our confines could not have been possible if it were not for our state of the art factory.

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    Onecklace 2014 Crop Circle Jewelry Collection


    Onecklace (Cutting Edge Jewellery LTD) is an international jewelry manufacturer, that deals exclusively with customized name necklaces. Inspired by the concept of personalized nameplate pendants, we opened our doors to the world in 2001 and have been creating beautiful and fashionable customized jewelry. . Choose between plated or pure sterling silver and pure gold or gold plated chain necklaces to adorn the name of your choice. All the wonderful creations crafted in our confines could not have been possible if it were not for our state of the art factory.

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    Jewelry Guide: Pearl earrings

    AWN-6570-3A_3Pearl earrings are a timeless and classical choice in jewelry, and whether given as a gift or purchased for individual enjoyment, they are sure to be treasured and worn with pride. Earrings have the ability to completely transform a woman’s appearance and as a result, her confidence as well, and pearls in particular are a rather versatile choice, as they can be worn either casually or formally. And on a practical note, pearls do not necessarily cost a small fortune, so even the most frugal shopper can find a pair of pearl-based earrings that won’t exceed a budget.

    When shopping for earrings, you can start your search for the right pair by window shopping online. Pick a reputable jeweler such as National Pearl, and be sure to browse their entire selection. You’ll want to view all available options so you know what types of earrings are available, what to look for when choosing the right pair for yourself, and how much you can expect to spend on a desired pair.

    Consider size of earrings first and foremost. Women with smaller facial features and bone structures should consider smaller sizes of earrings, while women with average or above average facial features would find a larger style of earring, such as dangling or tear drop, to be more complementing. If you’re purchasing a pair of pearl-based earrings as a gift for a woman, and you’re not certain as to what her personal style is, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of stud earrings.

    One of the best parts of choosing jewelry with stones in them is deciding on the color or colors you’d like to be included. Some earrings may have just one shade of pearls, while others may have multiple shades. Pearls are generally available in light or neutral shades, but black pearls are also a very fashion-forward choice, and can look striking when paired with certain types of metals.

    Ultimately, choosing a pair of beautiful earrings can take a bit of time, but the research involved can be fun, since it gives you an opportunity to explore jewelry options that you may not have otherwise considered.

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    Wedding Traditions Viewed Historically


    In the United States and many European countries, little girls who pretend to have a wedding often follow the same pattern.  There must be someone to play the part of bride and groom, there must be someone standing up front who will marry the couple and order them to kiss. There is typically some type of long aisle to walk, whether it is made of chairs, pillows or a garden pathway. If enough children are involved in the imaginative playtime, there may even be children who are assigned to follow along behind the happy coupe and throw rice or flower petals after the exchanging of the wedding rings. The fact that so much of modern day America and Europe practice the same type of wedding rituals makes it easy for children to mimic what they understand to be the normal marriage ceremony. Other children of the world, however, may play act wedding rituals very differently. 


    During the 18th century, most of Africa was ruled by the Asante. It was very important to them that the roads were kept very clean using locally made brooms. These brooms were not only used to keep roadways clean, but also to help sweep away past wrongs and evil spirits. One important time to make sure there were no evil spirits was when a young couple was getting married. Brooms were often waved over the couple’s heads during the wedding ceremony. At the end of the wedding ceremony, some couples also jumped over the broom. For the new wife, this signified a willingness to keep her new home and courtyard clean.  Whoever was able to jump higher over the broom was said to be the leader or decision maker of the home. This was most often the man. Some African-American ceremonies today still end their wedding ceremony by jumping over the broom.


    In Finland, it is possible to have a marriage ceremony that takes only two minutes. During this ceremony, the purpose of marriage is explained and the bride and groom are asked if they accept the other person. The word “Tahdon” is used in place of the American “I do.”   A religion based Finnish ceremony, may take much longer. Some are filled with scripture, prayer, speeches and music. Those Finnish couples that choose to have a full wedding ceremony may still walk the aisle; however, the bride and groom make the entrance and the slow procession together. Traditionally, a Finnish ceremony had one bridesmaid, or kasso, and one groomsman, or puhemies.


    Mimicking pre-wedding activities in Scotland could end up getting young children in trouble. It is traditional for Scottish brides to learn the hard way just how difficult marriage could be. This teaching is provided by friends of the bride. A bride is often surprised by her friends before the wedding. Their intent is to throw trash and rotten food at the bride. Well meaning friends even resort to using tar and feathers to help prepare the future bride for any difficulties that might occur during her marriage.

    Each culture has its own wedding rituals that are patterned for the following generation. American children seem to enjoy practicing western wedding ceremonies; however, they may find rituals of other cultures difficult to understand. Though access to worldwide media may be bringing different cultures closer together with reference to wedding similarities, there are some traditions that will always set countries apart from each other. 

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    Help me with gift selection for mom

    Last year it was the same time when I was searching for a suitable gift for my mother. She has an iconic personality and a very busy lifestyle. Therefore, I had to look up for something that would best match these two features. However, it was difficult to get something really impressive because she already has so much. Being a trendy mother, she knows how to maintain a chic lifestyle.

    Ok. So last year I finally presented her Gucci by Gucci. This perfume with Tahitian tiare flower blended with pear and rounded out with honeyed patchouli has a rich smell. She loved it.

    Now that it’s the same time of the year and Mother’s Day is May 11, I am again going errands for a nice and practical gift that would also have some meaning. While searching for some ideas, I’ve come to a conclusion that birthstone jewelry is a perfect gift when you want something emotional as well as practical.

    I mean, who doesn’t love jewelry? At least my mom loves them. She has a lovely collection of jewelry that includes few rubies and emeralds, and even a tanzanite.

    Of course my gift will be special for here still I wanted something that would be distinctive and make a special place into her vault (everything I gift always remains close to her heart). So I’ve decided to get her a pair of three-stone diamond journey earrings. Here are two fancy diamond earrings from


    Black – or Blue

    The style is same. First one has princess cut enhanced blue diamonds and the second one has enhanced black diamonds. I love the blue ones but black ones are also gorgeous. I can take only one so now I need your opinion of which one to finalize.

    The store is offering the earrings in various sizes and qualities. I will prefer best quality. The blue ones in this quality are really amazing.

    Like the jewelry, the payment options of Angara are also awesome. The store offers 0% Interest Financing and easy installments. That means I can break the amount of my purchase in 2 or 3 installments and I won’t be charged with any interest on installments. Isn’t that great? I will opt for two installments. This will really simplify my budget equation.

    You can also find interesting Mother’s Day gift options and other fine jewelry at this store. They have a nice collection. Meanwhile, please help with these diamond earrings for my mother.

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    Exotic Pearl Jewelry Pieces

    AWN-7075-3A_3Jewelry pieces are often graded based on various factors. Every precious metal and gemstone is carefully inspected in order to provide an accurate evaluation of the quality of a jewelry piece. Gold is rated on a very simple scale that uses Karat weights. For example, a 24K piece implies that there is 100 percent pure gold composition. All other karat ratings are therefore based as a fraction of 24K. Similarly, gemstones are rated based on their cut, carat weight, color and clarity. Diamond stones are thoroughly inspected under the microscope in order to precisely evaluate the pieces. Pearls are also considered high quality materials for premium jewelry. However, pearls are rated on a very different scale compared to other gemstones and precious metals.
    First of all, pearls are derived from the shells of mussels and not rock quarries that are mined. Therefore, the original body of water of a mussel shell dictates the properties of pearls. These precious materials are taken from lakes, rivers, seas and oceans worldwide. Some of the most exotic pearls come from both Freshwater and salt water locations. Akoya pearls are examples of exotic pearls that originate from the seas of Japan.

    Pearls are rated based on a simple letter scale that includes A, AA, AA+ and AAA. These ratings take into consideration several factors that determine the overall quality of a given pearl piece. For example, the surface of a pearl with AAA rating is considered flawless with more than 95 percent being clear of any imperfections. A pearl with an A rating has a surface that only contains more than 20 percent of some imperfections. The luster of a pearl is rated as poor, medium, high and very high. The nacre of pearls can be thin, medium, thick and extra thick. Additionally, the shape of a pearl is evaluated based on roundness. The best pearl pieces therefore have high luster, very thick nacre and perfectly round shapes. National Pearl is an example of a jewelry shop that sells pearl pieces of different grades and ratings.

    Tahitian pearls are very popular pieces that are considered exotic because they are derived from the Pacific Ocean near the Polynesian island nation of Tahiti. Similarly, China’s south sea yields some of the most beautiful pearl pieces that have golden and white finishes. Freshwater pearls are available in an array of colors and textures that include dark black finishes.

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    Jewelry Guide: Amethyst Jewelry

    P2620XW-02The amethyst is a gorgeous purple, naturally occurring gem that is found all over the world, thought it was first found in Siberia. It isn’t sensitive to heat, and in fact can be heated up in order to deepen its color. While typically purple, this particular gem can have gray or red undertones.

    Amethyst is February’s official birthstone, but even if your special woman’s birthday isn’t in February, there’s no reason why you can’t give her amethyst-jewelry anyway. When shopping jewelry selections, consider what she likes. Does she gravitate towards eye-catching earrings and statement necklaces, or does she like smaller, more subtle jewelry? The color of the precious metal used in conjunction with the amethyst can also have an impact – does she like silver, or does she prefer gold? Finally, it’s important to know what her jewelry sizes are. While earrings are usually one-size-fits-all, necklaces are available in 14″, 16″, and even 18″ and 20″ lengths; and bracelets and wrist cuffs come in 7″ and 8″ sizes – though of course both necklaces and bracelets can be resized to fit special requests.

    When giving a gift from the heart, you can’t go wrong in your selection. The gift of amethyst jewelry is sure to be a delightful and well-received gift that she will treasure forever.

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    Jewelry Guide: Promise Ring

    41058261_WR_MWhen you find that special someone and you want to affirm your love with jewelry, a promise ring is a great way to do so. Relationships often need time to develop. It may be that you have fallen in love at a time when goals such as completing your education or securing a sought-after job are circumstances that give you reason to pursue your relationship slowly. An exquisite promise ring is a wonderful way to show your love and dedication to someone special while keeping the relationship on a pace you are comfortable with.

    There are numerous advantages to selecting your promise ring from a company such as First of all, you know you are getting a quality made ring that a lady will be proud to wear. Secondly, the purchase of the promise ring can be the first of many purchases you will make form a company you trust. As time goes by, you can turn to that same company for an engagement ring and wedding rings. Thirdly, you will know that you have an immediate source for jewelry related gifts for all types of special occasions that occur during a lifelong relationship with someone.

    Having a source for unique gifts can ease a lot of the stress associated with selecting the perfect gift. The gift of a charm bracelet can simplify your gift giving for years to come. Charms can be added to celebrate a new house, new baby, new pet or numerous other milestone events.

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    Holiday Sales – deBebians Fine Jewelry


    Having an amazing collection of jewelries doesn’t mean you have to spend too much – it actually means you have to spend wisely. And it’s the same if you plan to choose an engagement ring (if you are a fiance) or if you want a new necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings.

    It is essential to follow the sales periods and see what are the best offers! One of the retailers I favor is deBebians and their first sale begins Wednesday, 11/28, and continues through Thursday, 12/5. They’re offering up to 25% off great gifts for Christmas.

    Choose wisely and keep in mind not only the trends but also the use of these items. If you invest in a timeless piece you will be able to use it over and over again, as is the case with diamonds by the yard and halo diamond jewelry – for each you have a considerable discount!


    17% off with coupon code holiday17 for Diamonds by the Yard 

    Diamonds by the yard necklaces are a great classic piece every woman should own, and deBebians offers it in 14kt gold, 18kt gold, and platinum, as well as a variety of carat weights, diamond qualities, number of diamonds (either 7 diamonds or 9 diamonds) and in 16 inches or 18 inches. I’d recommend a 7 diamond necklace with G-H/SI quality diamonds, as the 7 diamond necklaces have larger diamonds and the G-H/SI quality diamonds represent the best value.


    25% off with coupon code holiday25 for Halo Diamond Jewelry 

    The halo jewelry is a new line they introduced this year and a popular style of jewelry right now. The “halo” of diamonds really accentuates the center diamond or gemstone and makes it appear larger. I personally think the necklaces make better gifts and are more affordable than the earrings, which are beautiful but more expensive.

    Happy shopping! And don’t forget to let us know what fabulous pieces you’d like for the holidays!

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