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    Holiday Sales – deBebians Fine Jewelry


    Having an amazing collection of jewelries doesn’t mean you have to spend too much – it actually means you have to spend wisely. And it’s the same if you plan to choose an engagement ring (if you are a fiance) or if you want a new necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings.

    It is essential to follow the sales periods and see what are the best offers! One of the retailers I favor is deBebians and their first sale begins Wednesday, 11/28, and continues through Thursday, 12/5. They’re offering up to 25% off great gifts for Christmas.

    Choose wisely and keep in mind not only the trends but also the use of these items. If you invest in a timeless piece you will be able to use it over and over again, as is the case with diamonds by the yard and halo diamond jewelry – for each you have a considerable discount!


    17% off with coupon code holiday17 for Diamonds by the Yard 

    Diamonds by the yard necklaces are a great classic piece every woman should own, and deBebians offers it in 14kt gold, 18kt gold, and platinum, as well as a variety of carat weights, diamond qualities, number of diamonds (either 7 diamonds or 9 diamonds) and in 16 inches or 18 inches. I’d recommend a 7 diamond necklace with G-H/SI quality diamonds, as the 7 diamond necklaces have larger diamonds and the G-H/SI quality diamonds represent the best value.


    25% off with coupon code holiday25 for Halo Diamond Jewelry 

    The halo jewelry is a new line they introduced this year and a popular style of jewelry right now. The “halo” of diamonds really accentuates the center diamond or gemstone and makes it appear larger. I personally think the necklaces make better gifts and are more affordable than the earrings, which are beautiful but more expensive.

    Happy shopping! And don’t forget to let us know what fabulous pieces you’d like for the holidays!

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    Jewelry trends: Fake Diamonds for the Holidays


    Have you ever thought of the impact your engagement ring had or will have on the environment? Sure you’re not responsible for the global warming but you must keep in mind that diamonds aren’t usually conflict free and environmentally friendly. That’s why you should opt for Fake Diamonds.  

    They are an amazing substitute for real diamonds and are as clear and fine cut as the classic ones. Having a synthetic diamond makes no evident  difference, they are ideally cut and flawless shaped. And don’t believe you’re options will be limited – you will find all  the standard shapes and styles you are used to – and all of that at amazing prices!

    A real diamond ring will cost you a couple of thousands of dollars while a diamond replica only a couple of hundreds – and you will never spot the difference. All of that and if you choose to purchase the items from Diamonius you will also give 2,5% of sales to the orphans. It’s a real pleasure to share your love and fortune with the ones that are less fortunate as we are – that’s the reason I highly recommend opting for a fake diamond rather than a real one.

    Choose a jewelry that stands for what you believe in – ecology and  philanthropy.

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    Celebrate your love with a ring

    Anniversary 2 copy

    Rings have been a token of love for millenniums, they express the appreciation, lust and care of one partner to another. So much that they are used to this day as marks of love and commitments. That’s why anniversary rings for women play such an important role in ones life – an anniversary ring is meant to symbolize the eternal commitment and a renewal of vows.

    Surprise the woman you love with a magnificent ring that will encapsulate all your love for her or mark a period of your love with a piece that will stand the test of time. As with any other ring you must keep in mind that value is just a number, you can go for simple and cheaper options as well as going for unique remarkable piece. In the end its not about the net worth but the feelings that the ring stands for.

    Anniversary 3 copy

    Anniversary rings for women come in different shapes, styles and sizes, some are classic, glistening gold or platinum perfection, some feature diamonds, and others feature more edgy design elements. No matter which you choose it will sure make a huge impact on the person you love.

    Anniversary 4 copy

    If you are indecisive upon the exact model you’d like you can also design your own diamond ring, this will be an extra touch to an already special gift. A customised design means that you are less likely to get things wrong as you can follow a style that your lady usually favours.

    Love can never be truly measure but it sure can have its own way of being proved and by all means a diamond anniversary ring can speak volumes. It’s not about the price is about the love and the care you put into researching and finding the right piece. We’ve featured some great items in this post as well but we’re sure the one you select for your special lady will be the best for you and her. Have fun shopping!

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    Jewelry guide: Timeless Pieces

    297079_0000There’s no better place to find beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets than Moissanite gifts.

    Many of the earrings come in a stunning white gold setting. The available cuts are cushion cut, heart shape, oval shape and round and brilliant cut that will sparkle and flatter any outfit. Available colors include medium green and near colorless. Necklaces come in a variety of chain styles and lengths. The carat size of the stones starts at 0.99 ctw and goes as high as 2.99 ctw. The beautiful cuts include cushion cut, along with round and square brilliant cut. Like the earrings, available stone colors are medium green and near colorless.

    Rings at Moissanite are created to look as if they came out of a dream. Caret size starts at 0.99 ctw and goes over 5.00 ctw. The shape of the center stone can be a radiant cut or a round brilliant cut and the stones are all near colorless. There are dozens of settings to choose from that include simple modern styles and the glamour of art deco. Bracelets come in white gold settings with stones in a round brilliant cut. The bracelets come in six, seven, and eight inch lengths, and one is available in the popular fashion circle style.

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    Jewelry Guide: Get the best deal for your engagement ring


    One of the most rewarding aspects of your wedding are the ones when you manage to receive the best service for a the proper price. And that can be the case for your engagement and wedding  rings as well! You can advice your fiance to get Cheap Engagement Rings from great retailers, in such a manner that you will receive the best ring but keep under budget.

    Sometimes we mistake cheap with low quality – but that is the worst error that you can make when thinking of an engagement ring. A cheap version does not mean one that has a low worth or is poorly made – contrary to common belief you can receive a wonderful ring with a very low price! That is the case when a future groom watches carefully the market a chooses a retailer that has a sale out or it’s known for its affordable ranges.

    You can also help your fiance choose the perfect piece, if you don’t want to be surprised by his decision. Opt for well reviewed such as Jewelry World that off stylish engagement rings under £100. These engagement rings are beautifully made and feature a choice of high quality diamonds that will give you the glittering sparkle and classic style you need in an engagement ring. If you are more into gold and bold rings you can also try  keeper rings, they are a lovely alternative to the classic pieces.

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    Popular Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings


    Whether you shop at an online retailer, like , or in a store princess, round, cushion and pear are popular cuts of diamonds and gemstones, but what does each represent?

    A pear-shaped diamond closely resembles a teardrop, but has the attractiveness of a round jewel.  Adding a more modern look, the pear-shaped diamond can help make a wide finger appear slimmer.  This cut is thought to symbolize even-temperedness and adaptability.

    The oval cut is a classic style that has been popular since the early 1960’s.  Unique, but brilliant, the oval diamond is a round cut that lends to the timeless popularity of a gorgeous diamond.  The oval cut is thought to represent an individual who takes risks and is creative.

    Dating back to the late 1800’s, the Asscher is square with angled corners.  The facets of the diamond or gemstone are rectangular, making it appear as if they descend into the stone, which is also known as a step-cut.  The Asscher represents a feminine individual who possesses a meticulous nature.

    Reflecting more light that any other cut, the round cut is the most popular.  Also referred to as brilliant cut, the traditional round cut represents an individual who is trustworthy and easy going.

    Similar to the Asscher, the emerald is also a rectangle, step-cut shape.  Typically, an emerald-cut has fewer facets that most other shapes, which provides maximum brilliance in gems.  The emerald cut is said to represent someone who is efficient and straightforward.

    The cushion-cut because popular in the 18th century and is rectangular in shape and possesses curved sides.  Recently becoming a popular choice for engagement rings, the cushion-cut provides the perfect balance of vintage and modern aspects to create a beautiful stone.  The cushion-cut is said to symbolize organization and bravery.

    The princess cut is square shaped stone that provides optimal brilliance through extra faceting around the rim.  Relatively new, but gaining popularity, the princess cut provides a modern feel that represents a fun-loving, decisive individual.

    The radiant-cut was created to combine the most beautiful qualities of the round brilliant and emerald cut stones.  The shape shares the similar outer lines of the emerald cut, but also offers the faceting of the round cut.  Those who wear a radiant cut stone are thought to be trend setters and fashionable.

    The marquise is popular because its oval shape with pointed tips helps to make the hand seem longer and slimmer, as well as the diamond larger than it really is.  This particular cut represents individuals who are unique and adventurous.

    Finally, the heart shaped stone represents love and devotion, providing optimal brilliance.  A heart shaped stone symbolizes sentiment.


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    Jewelry Guide: Halo diamond studs


    Versatility is essential to every aspect of life. Whether you are transitioning from one season to another, or simply making the shift from work to play, changes make up a large portion of our experiences. Your wardrobe should be able to keep up with your ever-changing lifestyle and daily activities, making it essential to choose pieces that are versatile and stylish. Accessories are a great way to update your look, taking it from work day chic, to a night out. Diamond jewelry is the perfect accessory to compliment every look for every occasion.

    When purchasing diamond jewelry, women often think they have to choose between a formal or casual look, limiting the possible ways of wearing the piece. This is not always the case. offers a large variety of halo diamond studs that transition beautifully.  With so many customizable options, you no longer have to choose between glamour and practicality. You now have the option of looking fabulous on every occasion!

    Halo diamond studs come in two shapes, round and princess, empowering you to create your dream pair of earrings. Once you’ve selected the shape of your earrings, you can choose between a halo or diamond lever back halo. Both have unique qualities that result in different looks. The halo is great for everyday occasions and possesses the ability of evolving into an evening look, while the diamond lever back halo traditionally looks more formal. The final selection to make is the color of gold, white or yellow.


    Once you’ve customized your earrings, it’s easy to fit them into your current wardrobe. Pairing them with a casual look is a great way to finish off any ensemble, creating a put together feel that adds an element of sophistication to your style. When you need to evolve your look for a night out, they fit in just as flawlessly, sparkling in a brilliant fashion that will highlight your face and compliment a formal outfit.

    Halo diamond studs are sure to become a fast favorite in your jewelry collection, giving you a go to pair of earrings that look stunning for any event that life may throw at you.

    You can never be sure of the direction your day will take, which means you should be prepared for anything. Halo diamond studs are an amazing piece of jewelry that are fitting for any occasion, making them a necessary addition to your jewelry collection. You will enjoy wearing these earrings for years to come, as they prove their worth time and time again. Select a pair of halo diamond studs today and embrace the twists and turns of life, knowing you’re prepared for anything!

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    Stones, the more the better

    c18bf6e1133a465e01af330bece82f9d_5And I am not talking about Rolling Stones. Stones on our rings, earrings or necklaces are the best thing that can happen to us and if i would be the one “forced” to choose I would definitely go for more than less.

    Sure there is a thing called budget but lets face it who can resist to adding another stone to a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings? Ok, maybe you girls have a better self restriction and for you Harpers Love has created this awesome system that allows you to create your own jewelries.

    First you must decide on the stone/stones you choose – pay attention to the length of the stone (set in millimeters) and the total number of carats or cts. Next make sure you get your correct proce, keep in mind that more stones translate into more support material and more hours of work that is put into creating your jewelry. With Harpers Love you can select from a wide range of stones, metals and types of backing to create a product that matches your taste and budget.

    If you want special stones or maybe a more intricate design you can always send them your request and most certainly they will make your wish come true. This a great way to stand out of the crowd and wear amazing jewelries that are made for you only.

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