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    TheFashionBrides Interviews: A Conversation with Rebecca Schoneveld

    Love, hope, sincerity, exuberance, sensuality, future nostalgia. These are just a few words that can be used when describing Rebecca Schoneveld‘s work.  Your bridal gown will be the special outfit that will create a whole new life for you and your loved one. That’s why choosing it can be far from logical or practical. Rebecca Schoneveld creates magical gowns that will make all your dreams come true.

    Over the years, the RS team has evolved, grown, contracted, and now What started out as a one-woman operation grew over 10 years into a team of 15 amazing people, a multi brand boutique in Brooklyn, a sample sale outlet, and more.

    I had the opportunity to learn more about the brand from Rebbeca herself. Don’t forget to check her website and learn more about her stunning new bridal collection.

    How did the brand come to be? When was it launched and what is the driving force behind it?

    I have always loved beautiful things. I learned to sew as a small kid and eventually got a degree from FIT in Fashion Design. By the fall of 2010, I had been a designer in the NY garment industry for some years and was feeling very burned out. The industry’s relentless focus on turning over a profit while seeming to forget the emotional value of truly good design had just taken its toll on my heart.

    While deeply re-evaluating my career path, I found out that I was pregnant with my first son. Knowing I was to be a mom gave me a new determination to build a life on my own terms. I pushed aside my tired cynicism and aimed to focus on my original joy and love of design. I figured, quite simply, that if I could build an independent life making beautiful things that made me happy and could make a few other women happy, that would be meaningful enough for me.

    Though much has changed over the last 12 years, that part is still what drives me! I get to make beautiful things, with a team of beautiful people, things that make a lot of women really really happy! That is so deeply rewarding to me.

    Talk us through the first years of your work. Maybe you could tell us what changed in time? Are your designs different from the very beginning?

    In many ways, I have grown SO MUCH since I started. I can hardly believe how much I’ve learned from a decade in business for myself. I experimented with a lot of ideas over the years. However, I also dig through photos of my work from the very beginning, and I still love a lot of those designs! The biggest thing that has evolved for me is an increased confidence in who I am as a person and as a designer. With that has also come a better ability to edit. I now spend more time trying to make each design as perfect as possible and make sure there is a cohesive story, rather than churn out every idea that pops into my head.

    Since way before I founded my company, I had this idea, which still is a core of what I do. That is: I want to invite women into an old-world experience of dressmaking, but in a modern way. My designs are beautifully thought through, however, there are always a lot of custom design changes a bride can choose with each one. We are not about just making as many trendy dresses for as many people as possible. Each dress is really made with an individual in mind. That slow fashion approach is something I believe the world needs more of.

    Why should a bride-to-be choose one of your designs?

    The fun thing is that she doesn’t have to choose one of my designs; she can choose a version of her own! Within my library of designs, there are hundreds of thousands of possibilities for a bride to get a gown that is completely her own. I have developed so many beautiful bodice shapes, skirt shapes, sleeves, embroideries, and more- All of which can be custom combined for a one-of-a-kind look.

    I am passionate about celebrating people of all stripes. Being an inclusive designer to me means creating the *perfect* gown for a person no matter their size, age, gender identity, willingness to experiment, or modesty preferences.

    All that said, I do have a style that is especially great for individuals who appreciate a somewhat pared-back (yet not at all boring) and vintage-inspired aesthetic. I work with a sense of restraint around my designs, as I feel clothes should celebrate their wearer, rather than turning the wearer into a walking advertisement for a designer (or worse- looking completely forgettable).

    Do tell us a bit more about your inspiration sources.

    I really love vintage fashion, and I love textiles. Whenever I’m feeling a little stuck, I just spend a few hours on the Met Museum’s Costume Institute archives. I work with a lot of European textile design houses, and a visit to one of their showrooms in New York City always leaves me feeling a little drunk on inspiration!

    Have you got any piece you’ve created and that has a very special meaning for you? Can you describe it or can you show us a picture?

    My own wedding dress that I designed and made for my 2019 wedding of course, is very meaningful to me. My husband is from Colorado and we fell in love (in that “how-soon-can-I-marry-you??” kind of way) on a summer road trip to Steamboat Springs. So we decided to elope with my boys and his daughter in Steamboat Springs over New Years, getting married by our friend who is an Episcopal priest in a tiny little chapel.

    My maternal ancestors were pioneers in California during the 1800’s and I love that era as a historical reference. I decided to use French lace from my very first bridal collection and crafted a gown with luxurious, delicate details unlike anything my brides had been asking for. I wanted to show a more modest silhouette and super fabulous sleeves, in part to encourage brides to experiment with sleeves! Which seems to have worked because sleeves are hugely popular now.

    From your point of view, what should a bride focus on when choosing her wedding dress for 2023/2024?

    Brides everywhere, always, should focus on what makes THEM FEEL their best. Not what makes them “look” the best, or what anyone else says is the best. I feel it is so important to be present and intentional around a wedding. Choose details for your gown that just feel nice against your skin, or remind you of something you’ve always loved, a shape that you feel comfortable and confident in, or just makes you feel like “YOU” for some intangible reason. There is absolutely no reason to push yourself into a mold prescribed by anyone else, ever. And especially not so on this day.

    Choosing a dress (or suit or outfit!) is a completely personal, emotional process. Listen to your heart and try to just let go of all those distractions.

     And tell us what you would offer her and, maybe, other brands can’t.

    We are size inclusive, meaning we will make ANY size, and we do not charge different prices for different sizes. A size 0 is the same price as a size 28, for example. We’re also more than willing to adjust the details of any design from our Signature collection to suit a brides’ needs, and for those we don’t jack up the price unreasonably. Besides these practical points, we offer a design style that will not make you cringe 10-20 years from now, but will remind you of the joy you were feeling that day.

    8. Last but not least, do you have any advice for FashionBride readers?

    My advice is that when it comes to shopping for your gown, to trust your gut along the way. If you get bad vibes from a shop- maybe they don’t seem trustworthy or organized or maybe they make uncomfortable comments about your body- go somewhere else!

    You want to work with a shop or designer who makes the experience as positive, smooth, and reassuring as possible. And when you’re choosing which gown (or outfit!) will be “the one”, just go with your deepest gut instinct. I always say, whichever option floats in front of your mind’s eye when you’re falling asleep is the one for you.

    Find out more on Rebecca Schoneveld social media

    Instagram  and Facebook 

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    Interview with Ilona Shramko, the founder of WONA Concept Group (WONA Concept & Eva Lendel)

    Sometimes wedding gowns seem a lot more that just simple items of clothing, they tell a story about new beginning, love and a fairytale life. That is surely the feeling every time I see a new WONA and Eva Lendel Collection. Their founder, Ilona Shramko, manages to imbue each and every single collection with ethereal timelessness and beauty.

    It was an absolute joy to work with Ilona and her team for this interview. I hope you will all enjoy it and don’t forget to check their new collection on  and

    How did the brand come to be? When was it launched and what is the driving force behind it?
    Since high school, I have always been intrigued by fashion and realised then that I had to pursue this passion by getting involved in the fashion industry. Starting with my husband, WONA is a family business that commenced as a small private atelier located directly at home in Lviv, Ukraine. In 2009, the company became the brand known today. In 2015 we launched Eva Lendel, which formed the WONA Concept Group. Eva Lendel introduces a new vision, up-to-date and independent from established principles of wedding fashion, implying its own rules and tendencies. The desire to develop and create extraordinary gowns and the faith in Ukrainian business help our team move forward, evolve and present our work to the world.

    Talk us through the first years of your work. Maybe you could tell us what changed in time? Are your designs different from the very beginning?
    We have evolved with our brands, our team has grown, and our designs have also changed over time. When we found our audience worldwide, we realised that we wanted to satisfy every bride and offer a variety of our designs. At the same time, we see our significant identity in various details and detachable elements created to make each look unique.

    Why should a bride-to-be choose one of your designs?
    Finding the right gown allows women to reveal their unique beauty. Our company strives to satisfy and exceed the expectations of brides and fashionistas. As a result, we continuously capture hearts with extraordinary designs, helping women highlight their unique styles and personalities on their special days. At the same time, we are very attentive to details, fabrics and accessories, ensuring our products’ high quality. Some of our dresses require more than 50 hours of our seamstress handwork.

    Do tell us a bit more about your inspiration sources.
    WONÁ means “she” in Ukrainian. This name emphasises the brand’s commitment to its clients – women – who are also the main inspiration for the dresses. WONÁ believes women are true muses and aims to create gowns that embody their most intimate and extravagant desires.

    We see an Eva Lendel bride as a modern woman who follows the latest fashion trends, likes to try new things and goes beyond boundaries. Eva Lendel’s bride may be characterised as Charming, mysterious, sensual, and romantic. She is looking for a dress that is a perfect mix of contemporary details and her individual preferences and desires.

    Have you got any piece you’ve created and that has a very special meaning for you? Can you describe it or can you show us a picture?
    During my travels to New York, I had an exceptional opportunity to visit The
    Metropolitan Opera. As I watched Otello, I was amazed by the power of voice and how
    deeply it touched my heart. The very moment I realised it resembled the feeling when
    the bride does first look, and the groom sees her for the first time in her perfect wedding
    Dress. That is how we created the “Notte d’Opera” сollection. Here is the picture of the Franchesca dress, the highlight of this collection.

    From your point of view, what should a bride focus on when choosing her wedding dress in 2022/2023?
    Wedding trends for 2022 show favour in simple and classic designs; however, encourage brides to go full-in with colours, shapes, and styles. For 2023 we expect to see more eccentric and chic ideas and renowned vintage come-backs too. Fashion is changing, but wedding photos will remain for life. I suggest to keep this is mind as well.

    And tell us what you would offer her and, maybe, other brands can’t.
    As I mentioned before, various detachable elements make our significant identity. With sleeves, capes, overskirts and bows, the bride can transform her wedding look as much as her imagination allows.

    Last but not least, do you have any advice for FashionBride readers?
    Don’t change yourself just because it’s your wedding day. At the end of the day, it is your wedding and looking and feeling like your most natural comfortable self is the best thing to do.

    Ilona Shramko

    WONA Concept

    Eva Lendel

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    TheFashionBrides Interviews: A Conversation with Jess Kaye ( The OWN Studio)


    The modern bride loves sleek, minimalist pieces designed to be worn long after her wedding day. She is slowly walking away from fast fashion and regards the items in her wardrobe with great care and respect.


    Founded by friends Jess Kaye and Rosie Williams, The OWN Studio follows directly into this new approach on life, fashion and well-being. The 12 piece collection has been designed for the modern, fashion conscious woman who happens to be a bride.


    To learn more about this new ways of looking at the bridal industry, I had a very interesting chat with Jess and discovered how the modern bride can be her best self in her wedding gown.


    First let me congratulate you in this new venture. What made you decide to become  a new player in the bridal industry ? 


    Thank-you! We founded The OWN Studio because we saw a real gap in the market for fashion-led, contemporary bridal wear. I found it impossible to find anything that I felt myself in for my wedding, and my business partner Rosie had a similar experience when she was asked to be a bridesmaid. If you weren’t a ‘boho bride’ or a ‘princess bride,’  there was nothing for you. We both love sleek, minimal, effortless fashion and it felt like that aesthetic was really missing from bridal wear. We also wanted to really shake up the retail experience – we visited lots of boutiques when looking for my dress and found the experience to be a complete anti-climax, so we wanted to change this up. Hence our mission to redefine bridal wear – from design aesthetic to retail experience.



    I know you want to limit wastage, can you explain to my readers how the bridal gown “standard” process affects our environment?


    According to the charity Wrap, which promotes sustainable waste management, the average lifetime for a garment in the UK is just 2.2 years. For bridal wear, the average lifetime is just 1 day!  By definition, a bridal garment is one of the most unsustainable items of clothing you will ever purchase. This is a major issue and something we are passionate about addressing – we call it our commitment to being ‘sartorially sustainable’.  We create designs with versatility – every single piece across both the bridal and bridesmaid ranges has been designed to become a much-loved wardrobe staple after the wedding, and each OWN bridal piece is delivered to brides along with tips on how to re-wear and re-style their wedding outfit after the big day, whether that’s hemming a train to create a versatile midi dress or teaming bridal separates with jeans or polo-necks.



    Everything is either made-to-order or made-to-measure which means there is minimal wastage. From the fabric offcuts we create matching scrunchies for bridesmaids as well as other accessories such as sashes, belts, pocket squares and hair ribbons. All garments are made in London (where we are based) to keep the supply chain and transportation emissions as small as possible. Fabric is sourced from Europe, and all orders are beautifully wrapped and delivered to customers in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.


    Does this new conscious bridal shopping experience means the bride won’t be as pampered as she is now?

    On the contrary – we want our brides to feel completely pampered! We are on a mission to redefine bridal wear and a big part of that is shaking up the (sometimes lacklustre) retail experience. We have worked hard to create a more comfortable and positive experience for both brides and bridesmaids. We offer at-home appointments to customers based in London & Greater London (these have proved really popular) as well as appointments at our pop-up studio in East London. Customers should expect the red carpet treatment – one to one consultations with Rosie & I and champagne on arrival. So far we’ve had amazing feedback from our brides about how much they enjoyed their appointment.


    What would you tell a bride that believes made-to-order means she won’t get to see her wedding dress until it’s “too late”?
    We’ve made it really easy for brides to visualise our styles online with lots of detail shots and descriptions, and by the fuss-free nature of our designs, it’s really easy to see each garment’s shape and silhouette. We are always available to answer any questions to make sure brides feel confident shopping online.
    We also have a really useful video guide on how to take your measurements – so there is help every step of the way! However, like most designers, we would always recommend that brides try on a sample before they buy, which they can do through an appointment at their home or in our studio.
    This will give them a really good idea of the overall look. If they want further reassurance they can choose to have a toile made, at a small additional cost. We make our toiles in a soft white fabric so it’s easy for them to visualise the final look. Once they’re happy with it, we’ll then make it up in the final fabric.
    The current collection is very sleek and modern. Who is your bride? And does she fine dine with James Bond? ( cause I sure see her )
    I bet she wishes she could! Our customer is the type of girl who buys Zara but wears it like Celine. She’s confident and discerning, and inspired by other women, but knows her own mind. She’s got a sense of humour and she doesn’t take life too seriously.


    Can your designs be embellished, if let’s say a bride wants a bit more glam on her big day?
    Of course, once brides receive the dress it’s theirs to customise!


    I know bridal gowns are like kids… but do you have a favourite??

    There are many favourites but if I had to choose, I am absolutely in love with the Tux – it looks and feels so fabulous. I wish I could get remarried in it! Rosie actually got married in our sequin column dress (STYLE 003) earlier this year, so I think it’s safe to say that’s her favourite piece. We are also completely obsessed with the transformative power of a simple, beautifully cut slip dress; it’s one of our favourite silhouettes.
    The stage is yours, please tell my brides anything you’d like and why they should keep OWN on their bridal must see! Also where can my brides find you and how can they purchase a OWN bridal gown.


    Ultimately, our bride doesn’t want to play ‘dress up’ when she gets married – she’s not looking to be a boho bride, or a princess bride. She is looking for a sleek, show-stopping outfit that will help her feel the best version of herself – strong, confident, empowered. We passionately believe that you can only look your best when you feel incredible, and at The OWN Studio you’ll find contemporary, fashion-led bridal wear that will help you do just that.


    Book an appointment to come and see us at our pop up studio on 23 November or contact us to book an at-home appointment (London and Greater London only.) Follow us at @theOWNstudio for information on further pop up dates or visit our website
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    Who Can Say NO to These Perfect Split Wedding Gowns

    Nurit Hen
    Nurit Hen

    Can’t decide between long or short? Crave a mini dress but still want that beautiful long train moment down the aisle? Than you’re in luck, the high-low wedding dress was all over the runways for spring and fall 2016 and the trend is on the rise.

    Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us. pinterest

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    TheFashionBrides Interviews: Bernardo Martínez


    A perfect wedding is complete only with photographers to match. That’s why we had a quick interview with  Bernardo Martínez, a 29 year old Mexican cinematographer with film studies in México, Cuba & Spain to get the best tricks from him. He has over 100 weddings in México, United States & Europe and we guarantee he’ll make your wedding a real dream

    How would you describe your general style?

    I guess my style would be defined as cinematographic/documentary. I’ve always thought that a wedding film should aspire to reflect the couple’s escence throughout the whole celebration.


    Would you say you follow the stories around more so than the light?

    As a former cinematographer, you use the light as part of your tools to tell a story. It’s a 50-50 situation where you need to focus on action but never forget light a a medium to create pace, movement and intention. You also need to shoot thinking about edition. Wedding films are like a puzzle you slowly unveil and carefully fit in each piece into the right spot.

    Preparing for a wedding, do you see it as a blank canvas, where settings will work best. How do you start to paint your canvas when preparing for a wedding?

    Good question. First I want to take a look around my location(s), see where light strikes and how much time I will spend there. You need to look up at the sun or the source of light and calculate where will it be in 20-30 minutes and how shadows will change in that precise time. You want to focus first on your set & lightning, then turn onto your main characters (bride & groom). I want to be comfortable with my visual settings then focus on action & emotion.

    How do you manage your clients’ expectations and/or encourage them to think outside the box to work with you?

    It’s perhaps the most important part, to have the bride & groom on the same page is priceless. I admire those couples who dare to change the norm. More so, those who challenge me to create something new out of the bloom. You want to have creative freedom above all and keep true to your ideals and your own style.

    What is in your photography kit?

    2 Canon DSLR’s
    CineLenses 14mm, 18-35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 85mm all f1.8 or lower
    2 Monopods
    15 Memory Cards 32GB
    4 External Audio Recorders
    3 Lavalieres

    You have a team of other photographers or do you prefer working alone?

    Yes, I do work aside photographers who share the same perspective, it’s great to work around people you admire. On the video side, I do have other videographers who share my passion as well.


    Further advice or ideas for brides?

    Choose a photographer and videographer wisely. Take a good look at different types of work. Find someone who fits what you’re looking for. Make a meeting in person and get to know them.

    What’s your advice for The FashionBrides readers?

    Take some time and watch closely the work of others, ask for suggestions, ask for referrals from other clients. Feel free to express what you are looking for, that will give us more room to provide ideas that will fit your needs. And above all, take a good rest the day before your wedding. Trust us while we do our thing, you both concentrate on having fun on one of the best days of your life & everything will be great.

    Catch up with Bernardo on and or via email at

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    TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.12: Amato Couture

    amato couture (3)

    Amato textures its own fabrics, fashioning lavish materials, detained with rare embellishment techniques. Using signature cuts, Amato has a visual directory that goes from romantic Shakespearean tales of a different era to the sensual styling of Mata Hari meeting modern Hoochi Mama – their creative team seeks to push style’s envelope. “We want to create a visual and sensory experience for our clientele,” Rashid and Furne explain. Reflecting this aspect of the label, it consistently pushes parameters, evolving from being a Dubai label into a global one. To find our more about Amato Couture we did our Q&A with them.

    amato couture (2)

    1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016?

    I love how wedding dresses have evolved through the years and now they become more relaxed and casual.and relaxed bridal gowns. As much as I would love to shower a wedding gown with floral appliques and lace, I also find myself in love with this generation’s penchant for simple and relaxed bridal dresses. No corsets, no layers of tulle or any of that fuss. It’s the sheer beauty, romance and purity of it all that I find fascinating.

    2. What is your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try?

    My collections aren’t for the faint hearted woman, but one who is comfortable in her skin; her ensembles are but a foil to reflect her inner persona. Amato’s signature collections are seen as timeless modern classics that are collector’s items.

    amato couture (1)

    3. Do you advice brides to use colors for their wedding gown?

    I think every bride is different. I personally prefer the wedding gowns in shades of white. They’re classic and timeless – but I also admire those who dare to challenge the norm. As you might have seen in my collections, I tend to create dramatic, opulent, whimsical and out-of-this world designs that catches people’s attention at first glance. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the bride is happy and confident in the most important day of her life!


    Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media

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    TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.11: Kisui Berlin


    Kisui’s designer, Kerstin Karges, draws her drafts from the inspirations. With these, the appropriate materials are chosen, cuttings created and prototypes sewn. During the whole design process the blueprints are constantly altered and improved, until a dream dress has been made. We wanted to see Kisui’s approach to our Q&A so today we bring you top bridal tricks straight from Germany.


    1. What is your favourite bridal trend for 2016?

    We definitely see a trend in two-pieces-wedding gowns. A combination between a pullover or a top combined with a skirt. Modern brides are looking for a relaxed and fun wedding day and these combinations meet this in perfection. Because these combinations are very comfortable to wear and have a distinct elegance.


    2. What is your favourite piece from your collection that you advice my readers to try?

    To stay in the trend mentioned. My favourite pieces are the edisa skirt worn with the nuria top. It is always worth to try something beside the mainstream to gain the biggest wow- effect and to have a gown that represent you as an individual person.

    3. Do you advice brides to use colours for there wedding gown?

    I do like the gowns to be more or less white/ivory but I do very much like colourful details like a big necklace or earrings, belts or shoes. But please do not use the exact same colour for your various coloured accessories because this is than going to look boring.

    Buy Kisui @ Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique  Studio 104, Netil House 1A Westgate Street  London E8 3RL  E-mail:

    Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media
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    TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.10: Siri


    After five years of managing a production division for Esprit de Corp, Beverley Siri pursued her long-time goal of living in Italy and taking part in Milan’s fashion center as well as a desire to better know her cousins in northern Italy. She became acquainted with the Italian fashion industry while working for two manufacturing companies and ultimately working with a premiere fabric designer, Luisa Cevese, who specialized in very modern hand-woven fabrics.

    These special fabrics along with her own sense of color and texture inspired Beverley to move back to her native San Francisco to start her own apparel company. We talked to Beverley Siri, Siri’s designer, and she was kind enough to share with you the answers to our Q&A.


    1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016?

    My favorite Bridal trend for 2016 is soft with subtle embellishment such as embroidery. It can instantly change the personality of the dress without being over the top.

    2. What is your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try?

    The Grotto Gown is a beautiful, whimsical piece that has an amazing train that feels as if you’re gliding on a bed of flower petals.
    3. Do you advise brides to use colors for their wedding gown?

    I prefer all Off-white; nothing like a traditional look to last a lifetime.

    Siri gowns can be found in theri boutique in San Francisco, however, you can also find their dresses and gowns in boutiques and premier bridal salons all over the US and Canada.

    Siri Boutique: 434 N Canal St., #15  South San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone: 650 872 1100  Email:

    Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media

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    Top retailers are listed below:

    • Siri Boutique – San Francisco, CA
    • Something Bleu – Saratoga Springs, NY
    • Carrie Karibo – Cincinnati, OH
    • Soliloquy – Herndon, VA
    • Miss Ruby – Milwaukee, WI
    • Dina Alonzi – Toronto, Canada


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    TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.9: Anny Lin

    16106 Zinnia flying back-for blog

    Anny Lin is the go to girl for all discerning brides to be, she has built an industry following through her stylistic talent and directional design. We caught up with her to find out about the lady behind the style, get the inside scoop on how to find THE dress and see what she answers to our Q&A.

    16108 Felicia pose-for blog

    1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016
    Our favorite bridal trend for 2016 is Felicia 16108.  It is a blush ball gown withe colored bead work on handmade embroidery over silk organza from sweetheart neckline down to top of the skirt, shiny beading trace each seam and fitted corset shape show an unforgettable silhouette.
    16109 Kalika-for blog
    2. What is your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try
    Kalika 16109 is the favorite one which we recommend to try on. We have this one in luxury version (French Lace) and affordable version (delicate lace).  The whole gown is decorated by delicate French lace, pleats and fuchsia handmade flowers floating on the stain sheath gown.
    3. Do you advice brides to use colors for their wedding gown?
    Yes, we would like to advice the brides to try colored dresses.  We promote Blush / Progressive color from Ivory to blush in our 2016 collection. They look great.
    Find the collection at stockists in USA
    • New York/ KleinFeld Bridal 110 West 20th Street Between 6th & 7th Avenues New York 10011 646 633 4300
    • Isabelle’s Bridal & Eveningwear 14 Division street, Somerville, New Jersey 08876 908 864 4000
    • Forever Together 11 Northern Blvd, Great Neck NY 11021 516 773 0142
    • Sealed With A Kiss 201 Towne Center West Blvd. #713, Richmond  VA 23233 804 393 2041
    • Meg Guess Couture Bridal & Boutique 7941 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City OK 73120 405 418 8898


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    TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.8: Sassi Holford

    Sassi Holford - Aisha

    Today we share a q&A of one the industries top designers, Sassi Holford as she previews her Spring 2016 collection. In addition to an exclusive designer interview with Sassi, we brings you a close look at the new gowns featured in her new collection. Don’t forget to check her full collection at

    1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016

    For 2016 I am loving perfectly plain dresses, they provide beautiful silhouettes that fit and flatter the figure.


    2. What is your favorite piece from your collection that you advice my readers to try?
    My Oonagh gown is a soft fishtail gown made from a stunning satin crepe – it’s perfect as a plain gown but is also easily accessorised should you want to add some personality to it!

    2. Do you advice brides to use colors for their wedding gown?

    A cheeky splash of colour in a statement shoe is always a fab way to add a bit of colour to your wedding day look!

    Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media

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