TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.10: Siri


After five years of managing a production division for Esprit de Corp, Beverley Siri pursued her long-time goal of living in Italy and taking part in Milan’s fashion center as well as a desire to better know her cousins in northern Italy. She became acquainted with the Italian fashion industry while working for two manufacturing companies and ultimately working with a premiere fabric designer, Luisa Cevese, who specialized in very modern hand-woven fabrics.

These special fabrics along with her own sense of color and texture inspired Beverley to move back to her native San Francisco to start her own apparel company. We talked to Beverley Siri, Siri’s designer, and she was kind enough to share with you the answers to our Q&A.


1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016?

My favorite Bridal trend for 2016 is soft with subtle embellishment such as embroidery. It can instantly change the personality of the dress without being over the top.

2. What is your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try?

The Grotto Gown is a beautiful, whimsical piece that has an amazing train that feels as if you’re gliding on a bed of flower petals.
3. Do you advise brides to use colors for their wedding gown?

I prefer all Off-white; nothing like a traditional look to last a lifetime.

Siri gowns can be found in theri boutique in San Francisco, however, you can also find their dresses and gowns in boutiques and premier bridal salons all over the US and Canada.

Siri Boutique: 434 N Canal St., #15  South San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone: 650 872 1100  Email:

Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media

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Top retailers are listed below:

  • Siri Boutique – San Francisco, CA
  • Something Bleu – Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Carrie Karibo – Cincinnati, OH
  • Soliloquy – Herndon, VA
  • Miss Ruby – Milwaukee, WI
  • Dina Alonzi – Toronto, Canada


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