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    1. Hi Muller

      I visited the Wedding Shop on line and would like prices on the following 2010 Mother of the Bride dressed # 18 # 21 and # 44



      p.s. Can your dressed be purchased in Canada

      1. Hello, I would LOVE to buy online the following dress: Jasmine 2011 Spring Bridal Collection » B_F_F403[1].
        How can this be done? Is there shipping to Israel?
        Thank you so much in advance!

  1. hello! my name is Caroline, i live in Cairo, Egypt and my wedding is in May 2009….i fell in love with the Vaiven dress and i am asking how can i get it….please help!

  2. Hi Serena,

    I’m addicted to your blog. I go on when work is slow, when I feel like procrastinating, or to check if you’ve posted something new to inspire me since I’m planning my wedding. Sure, it’s crazy but I’m totally addicted.

    Best regards,
    Lisa Bloom

  3. looking for a dress for my 75 year old mother . My daughter is getting married 10/10/2009 outside in Maine. any poss. thank you

  4. To Whom It May Concern:

    We are a small buttonhole & button covering company in Soho London.
    We work for some of the top bridal houses in the UK as well as Savile Row tailors

    We can cover all your bridal buttons make your buttonholes & put eyelets in all you garments for you.

    We all so stock Rigilene in 12 & 8 mm white & Black.

    If we can be any help to you please do not hastate to contact us.

    Sincerely yours,

    David Miller

    11B Wardour Mews
    D’arblay Street
    Soho, London
    W1F 8AN
    Tel/Fax: 020 7437-8897

  5. Hi I live in Australia and am getting married soon i keep coming back to a dress by Rivini #25 can you tell me where I am able to get this Please………..
    Thanks Nikki

  6. Hi,

    Go to their website, see the retailers in your town, call them, get an appointment and that’s it :).

    Best wishes,

  7. Hi!! How do I find a dress I saw on your website?? Is this site just to look at different designers or could you help me figure out how to actually find the dress I saw on here?? Thanks so much!!

  8. Hi Beth,

    FashionBride is just a see-the-designers-work type of site. I do not sell or help selling any of the gowns featured.

    But I hope my blog helps you to find the gown you’ve always dreamed of.

  9. I feel in love with a dress from the collection two by rosa clara i live in california. Where can i find this dress? Please help!!

    1. hi there, im not sure if you can help me i live in sydney, Australia i am in love with one of the rosa clara gowns do you know where i can found a stockist.


  10. Dear Kally!

    I understood now you do not help selling dresses. BUT: I need your knowledge concerning this.
    I think that I found a picture of a gown on your side here with which i fell in love. Unfotunately i can´t find the picture anymore, so that i could know the label of it.

    Here is a link to the picture of the dress. I would be very very thankful if you could have an eye on it, mayby you know the designer or other infos!
    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your knowledge!
    the colours of the collection are great!
    your site is great as well!

  12. Hi,

    I worked with Judd at Carolina Herrera. I was the company’s Trim Buyer. I recently found out about Judd’s collection and was not at all surprised. I always knew that he would be a huge success. Judd is the best Bridal Designer that I have run across in the past 20 years. His designs have always been amazing.
    I was him continued success
    Anita Wrenick

  13. Hi Kally,
    do you know when the rest of the Angelina Faccenda collection for 2009 will be available to view?
    I noticed you have a couple of the new dresses, I am looking for a picture of style 3803 in particular. do u happen to have it?


  14. Add me as a contact on Flickr and you can use any of the wedding pictures in your articles


    thx for the invitation; but i do have enough sources.

  15. Hi,I like the wedding gown at san patrik 2009 colliction i don’t know how to order it can you please tell me how i can order one ?????

  16. Hello my name is Chantel and I absolutly fell in love with Rosa Clara dress two I was wondering where I could get it and how much they are asking for it

  17. looking for website for christina helena coutour collection for flower girls dresses in white? please advise

  18. Message for Caroline Gargour. Hi Caroline. Hope it’s not too late but I’ve got the Vaiven dress by Manuel Mota and would like to sell it. Please let me know if you are interested.

  19. jade goody had the best day of her life at the worse time of her life and the dress that was created made that day for her, proud is what this designer should be

    1. Hi Gemma,

      I’m sure Manuel Mota wanted his gowns to bring happines and I’m sure Jade felt better after wearing his gown.

  20. Hi,

    I am looking for a Manuel Mota dress “Sian” size 8 but have only seen it on one website and they are not in stock.

    Can someone help. I’m getting married in Dec.

  21. Hi, what a great website. For all those brides out there this must be heaven! Don’t forget all those gifts for the members of your bridal party and have a look at thepinkzebra it has great gifts for weddings. I was really pleased to find it has something different from the usual engraved, monogrammed predictable stuff you always see and was able to give my wedding party really gorgeous, luxury, unique gifts at great prices – have a look.

  22. Dear Kally,
    Do know if there is a difference between the Cadiz (2009) and the Beaute (2008) model by Cymbeline? Please let me know, thanks!

  23. Hi,
    Congratulations for your web site, I became addicted, thanks to the newsletters you are sending to remind me not to miss anything!
    I am french, living in Russia and opening soon (saturday?) a website in russian about wedding, speaking about beauty of the bride and groom, giving ideas about the D day, and containing a catalogue of brands, products and services. It will be the most beautiful website on thsi topic in russian, and we plan of course to keep developping it…It is combined with a wedding planner agency in between, or in both Russia and France. I would be very interested to discuss with you how to collaborate together. Best regards, Marie de La Ville Baugé

      1. Hi Marie, It looks very nice website but the English part still inactive, so I was not really able to explore all your website!! :-(( It’s all in Russian!

  24. I’m searching to purchase a bridal gown by Jade Daniels #2097, in Ivory size 12. It’s a discontinued gown, which I can not get anymore from my supplier.

  25. Hi,
    I have fallen in love with one of your dresses but I dont know how to tell the price or the name of it. Who would I need to contact to find out a price?

  26. Hi , Kally! I just love your blog , i come here every day too see what’s new , you do a really great job! Congratulations!
    I have a curiosity so please help me. I adore Franc Sarabia wedding dresses and i’m interested in the prices. Do you have any idea what are is the price range for these beautiful dresses ? I searched everywhere on the internet and didn`t find such information and in my country they don`t have a boutique so I wanna know if it`s worthed to fly over to Spain to get my dream dress. I hope you can give me an answer. Kisses and keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Hi Alexandra,

      I’ll try to send them an e-mail (you can do as well) and ask them for general prices. They often give you the price for the gown you’re interested in :).

      Thx for the kind words.

  27. Thank you so much for the October 15 post!! My mom had a dream about my sister’s wedding dress train and one of the photos posted is the EXACT dress. She gasped and was silent when she saw the picture! Thank you thank you!
    I love this blog and come here every week!
    You are amazing!

    Klea 🙂

  28. Hi! I need HELP!!!!
    Where in Germany or Norway can I find weddingdresses fom Joaquim Verdu Collection 2009?
    Thanks !!!

  29. I love hannibal laguna wedding collection 2010. I live in milan italy, where can I find these faboulous gowns? Do you have an adress of hannibal laguna even in Spain? THANKS

    1. Ciao, sono fabiola di verona…ho trovato per caso la tua inserzione di ricerca disperata per gli abiti hannibal laguna…e sono nella tua stessa condizione!!!
      Ho visto che ti hanno dato dei riferimenti, per caso hai provato quella strada? sei riuscita a ottenere qualcosa? l’italia e’ proprio fuori mercato per quanto riguarda questi abiti? scusami le 100 domande, ma proprio non riesco a trovare informazioni recenti.
      grazie a presto….

  30. Hello:im from Denmark and my wedding is on frebruary 2010.Id like to know the price of the model 5064 camila elbaz and where to buy it.If is possible to write as soon as you can.Thank you.

  31. Hello,

    I am interested in buying Pronovias Galon dress and I wonder how much it costs. Could you also please let me know how long I would wait for a delivery.

    Thank you
    Dominika G

  32. I VISITED the Keinfeld bridal .com and I like a design by Lazaro number 31482953 -31503733 do you have it?

  33. I am having trouble finding beading on a band for my brides maids dresses.Wanting something neutral.
    Can you suggest any where I may be able to find it?
    I live in Adelaide but don’t mind where I may be able to get it from.

  34. hi do no of any Stephanie Allin stockists in australia thanks michelle

  35. hello
    i’m looking or searching for this weddingdress: PRONOVIAS HADA 2009
    has everyone some ideas to find this dress?

    thanks for helping me:-)


  36. HELLO!


    Atelier Aimée 2010 Bridal Collection » eme (11)


  37. I was watching katie price documentary last night where she went into the shop in paris , i really liked the dress that was on the manique that her mum looked at. It was quite simple with some diamante pattern on the front corset aroung the stomach area. I was wondering where to purchase this and the average cost. I live in england

  38. do you know how much is a rosa clara dress in new york..i loved two dresses named cairo and renee

  39. Hi I love Atelier Aimee wedding gowns but don’t know how to buy one or if anyone stocks the gowns in Sydney. Would love to know where I could buy one from. Many thanks.


  40. i would like to see more evening dresses i would like to where it in my son wedding day i don’t mined about the price send me more dresses design and prices

  41. Hi,

    i wanted to find out where I can get the head piece in the alberto rodriquez dress ?? please help..


  42. Hi

    Mabye you can help me with my BIG problem- atleast i hope so
    The thing is that i’ve looked EVERYWERE for this forever yours 2008 collection dress
    i dont know the style number on. Can’t find it I only have a pic of it in my computer
    I realy realy want it on my wedding this summer

    Do you know any place on the internet that i can se the intire weddingdress collection of 2008 ?
    Can you email me with reply ?

    Thank you so so much

    Yvonne from sweden

  43. Hi Yvonne,

    Go to their web foreverbridals com and send them an email with the dress attached. I’m sure they are the best resource when it comes to finding name and availability. :).


  44. hi,

    i liked this website too much, bt i wanted to ask is it all containing only bridal dresses?
    there is no couture or ready to wear collections?


  45. Hello everyone.
    i need some help.
    I love Jillian Sposa’s red and white ballgown turtleneck gown. I need to know the price since my familly is struggling i had to push the wedding to halloween 2013. i need to know the price so i could continue saving and make my dream wedding come true..
    please help.
    thank you

  46. Hello there…I’ve reviewed all the posts here and understand you are NOT a retailer. 🙂 I was wondering, though, if you happened to know the name/season year/etc (really any info) about the Elie Saab dress that is in your post that is strapless, black-to-purple graduated dyed fade, lace skirt, banded waist…I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. I’ve searched the designer’s site, searched the web, and keep coming up with your blog as the only place with even the picture posted. Please help if you can. I’d really appreciate it. I think I’m completely in love with that dress. It could be *gasp* The One. 😉 Thanks again for any help you can give.

  47. Hi Rachel 🙂 leave the link to the dress 🙂 I really don’t remember all the 10.000 gowns in the site 😛

    If it’s a Elie wedding gown you can also search it on 🙂 Let’s see the gown and I’ll tell you the year – do (i don’t want to let you down) they rarely do re-runs – so if you don’t find it worn you probably will have to ask a designer to make you one exactly like that one.

    Anyway, let’s see the dress, identify it and see what we can do. You sure won’t be left without your dream gowns 😉

    1. well, as you noticed the gown is a haute couture fall 2008 one. unfortunately, these gowns don’t have a special name (like the wedding gowns) so they just came with a number – but elis’s staff already took them off their website since it’s such an old collection. what I advice you to do is to save the image and email them a question, they will tell you if they can still produce it. don’t worry if you get a negative or no answer at all – in such case get a list of retailers that gave elie’s gowns near you and question them as well.

      the worst scenario is they will not be able to get you the gown or you’ll find it’ s way to expensive – but then you can have it made with different accents by a smaller designer 🙂 i look forward to hearing from you. kisses

  48. You are so sweet! 🙂 In discussing this dress with a friend of mine that happens to be a professional seamstress (is that even the modern term? *haha*), she said she can construct this dress for me and can allow for little tweaks here and there that I would like to make to have it flatter my figure a bit more. I think this will be the wedding dress to end all wedding dresses…paired with a velvet bolero with a Queen Anne collar (in black or eggplant), black birdcage veil…I’m thinking that’s a recipe for a DELICIOUS wedding day. 🙂 Thank you again so much for your help and feedback, and keep up the great website. Fun to look at and to dream of wearing gorgeous things… 😉

    1. thank you so much. i’m sure your friend will make a great gown 🙂 don’t forget to give us a glimpse when it’s done. best :X

  49. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can purchase an Eme de Eme Spring/Summer 2012 Wedding Dress in the United States OR online?!?

  50. i love your dressses and i’m planning to my 16 and i want to know if we can purchase dresses from you can you let me know ?
    as soon as possilble . thanks

  51. Hello! I absolutely LOVE your blog. Lately, I cannot view the large photos on your website. Are any of your other readers having the same problem. The photos fail to load when I click on them. Thanks again for all your hard work on this wonderful blog!

    1. Thank you Liz. From what I’ve tested it works – on my laptop, on my friends- but i also want to know if this is an issue with other readers as well. And don’t worry if you don’t see the first big picture, it is included into the photo slide as well.:)

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  52. Hello, I’m looking for the head piece (matha patti) from Kyle’s 2010 lookbook. It’s the white pearls one and even the whole set. Can you tell me where I can get that. I need it for my wedding. Thank you, Rina

  53. I’am getting married June 14,2013 It is my second time around and would like to wear a very chic off white pant’s suit can you help? been searching high and low

  54. Hi! I fell in love with ballerina’ costumes from your post “Perfect ballerina” and I would like to ask you for more photos. So, if you have more of them, please send me. I will be grateful.

  55. Dear Kally

    Could you, please, advise me – is it possible to ship somehow one of you beautiful dresses (ECLIPSE_B[1], Manuel Mota 2012) to Ukraine. If you can do this, please write me the conditions and approximate price.
    My email:
    tel: 00380509564575

    Looking forward to hear back from you soon

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Tatyana,

      You can find the gown at any Pronovias retailer, as far as I know they have many retailers in Ukraine – in kiev, lvov, odessa. I don’t sell any dress 🙂


  56. Hi..I saw some pictures of bridal dresses- Ravit designer..I like her dresses a lot so I wanna buy it but I need help, I can’t find any website or store where I can buy this dress.please let me know .thanks

  57. Im in love with the light blue wedding dress RS Couture Scarlet Bridal Collection (II) silver_g_10031 I cant find it anywhere, please help where can I find this dress???


  59. Hi ,

    I found the blue apple – blue liliana shoes on your page and would love to buy them for my wedding . Where are they for sale ?

    Thank you

  60. I’m in LOVE with the number 14 (on my search) of the slender wrap tulle type ice blue spose di gio dress; not the full skirt one but the one shown in a kind of profile pose.
    I am a size 2hips 4 top.
    Can this gorgeous dress be purchased here in the US? Dying for it for a vow renewal n party situation and i cannot get it off my mind. My mother in law is a well known professiinal tailor here (we live in the omaha NE area, kansas city not far) and i’ve seen the pricing of this company in general and not a problem.

    OMG 2 think this could happen.. please please let me know.

  61. i am looking for a particular Hussan Mazeh wedding gown that i fell in love with!! searched his website for the names or style numbers of his beautiful gowns and having a hard time looking for his collection in new york, United States.. do you happen to know if his collection is avaiable in the states.. so in love with one gown and would love to have it…please let me know if this is even possible thank you./

    1. I think they can ship it to the US, not sure if they have a store or a retailer there. You can send them an email, I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you.

  62. hi im interested in nurit hen 2013 collection 28 and 18 please send prices and where can i purchase in USA thanks

  63. I know this may be a shot in the dark, but here is hoping for a chance:
    Are these shoes still available?!! How can I purchase them?
    Do they come in size 5? (I have tiny feet. :/ )
    And are they available for delivery in the province of Quebec, Canada?
    These shoes would be such an asset for my brides maid’s attire for a wedding I am attending this comming August.
    Especially since the colour is this dark blue AND the theme is Dr. Who, the sparkles just like the starry Galaxy.
    Please let me know!!
    I am very greatful!
    Thank you!!

  64. Hi, I follow your lovely blog and I litterally fall in love for a dress I saw on your website.
    I’m writing from Italy and I would like to know if you can sell and deliver dressess to my country, or at least where I can find them (if you know) here in italy.
    The dress I love is one of Raimon Bundò bridal collection III (2011), it’s name is Oceania, and here I copy the url
    Could you help me giving some informations about it please??? I thank you so much and I’m really hope for an answer soon.
    All the best

    1. Hi Seerena, Raimon is a spanish bridal brand and I’m sure they can assist you – or you can even pay them a visit I’m sure they have shops in italy – where are you from?

  65. How on earth do you buy a Tatiana Kaplun wedding dress?! I have been researching for hours on how to buy one. I live in the United States. Can you help me please?

    1. Courtney, did you ever find where you can buy a Tatiana Kaplun wedding gown? I just found this sight and your question after also spending several hours looking for legitimate sellers of her gowns. I love her Jazz Sounds collection. It’s crazy how hard it is to locate a seller, but we can certainly find her dresses which are popular with a lot of people. I would greatly appreciate it you can share if you were successful in locating a seller. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alexis, yes it’s part of a steal that style – it’s a gown made for a shooting with Keira Knightley, but there’s no designer – it’s a tulle skirt with a cardigan 🙁

  66. hi
    i like your dresses , and i’m asking how can i get it ?? and how can i know the price of dresses of 2008 bridal collection ??!!

    my name is reem , and i’m from Jeddah , Saudi Arabia ..

  67. Hello we are a small wedding boutique in Newport Gwent south Wales and we would like to know if you could tell us where we could buy the 5in one dress recently advertised by yourselves many thanks Daren and val from the house of couture

  68. Hi
    I have an online boutique in London.
    Really loved your dresses. Could please let me know if you sell as a wholesaler, I really want to buy some dresses.


  69. Hello, I would like to buy a wedding dress. Can you help me? Many thanks for your efforts today. Sincerely from Turkey Ali Kalkan

  70. Hi im looking for this one blue and white dress. Its a royal blue bodice and white skirt. If u email me back i can send photo. Thanks!

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