TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.11: Kisui Berlin


Kisui’s designer, Kerstin Karges, draws her drafts from the inspirations. With these, the appropriate materials are chosen, cuttings created and prototypes sewn. During the whole design process the blueprints are constantly altered and improved, until a dream dress has been made. We wanted to see Kisui’s approach to our Q&A so today we bring you top bridal tricks straight from Germany.


1. What is your favourite bridal trend for 2016?

We definitely see a trend in two-pieces-wedding gowns. A combination between a pullover or a top combined with a skirt. Modern brides are looking for a relaxed and fun wedding day and these combinations meet this in perfection. Because these combinations are very comfortable to wear and have a distinct elegance.


2. What is your favourite piece from your collection that you advice my readers to try?

To stay in the trend mentioned. My favourite pieces are the edisa skirt worn with the nuria top. It is always worth to try something beside the mainstream to gain the biggest wow- effect and to have a gown that represent you as an individual person.

3. Do you advice brides to use colours for there wedding gown?

I do like the gowns to be more or less white/ivory but I do very much like colourful details like a big necklace or earrings, belts or shoes. But please do not use the exact same colour for your various coloured accessories because this is than going to look boring.

Buy Kisui @ Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique  Studio 104, Netil House 1A Westgate Street  London E8 3RL  E-mail:

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