TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.3 : Bo & Luca


Our 2016 Q&A series continues with the boho chic wonderland created by Sharon at Bo&Luca! Rewriting the rules of bridal design and not driven by either trends or tradition, these are the gowns that tell an epic story – the story of the wearer and her loves. I had the priviledge to have the creative director and founder of Bo&Luca answer our basic Q&A  and now I’m able to share it with you guys.  Do tell me what is your favorite gown from the Bo and Luca universe?

bo and luca

1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016
My favourite bridal trend is a non-trend. I am eternally attracted to the new, the different, the charismatic, something that catches the eye but never to trends. I always encourage our brides to be different and to dare to express their individuality through their gowns or through any piece they wear.

bo and luca 3

2. What is your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try
One of my absolute favourite pieces is our whimsical ISRA two piece wedding gown. Women are always pleasantly surprised when trying on this piece. Especially if they do not envision wearing a two piece gown. There is something about its simplicity that reflects nothing but understated elegance. It is a very figure flattering piece entirely hand beaded on the finest silk.

bo and luca 2

3. Do you advice brides to use colors for their wedding gown?
I advise brides to do what they please on their wedding day and to be themselves, regardless of what this may be. This day is about them and their partner and no one else!

Bo&Luca have two flagship studios : one in Brisbane, Australia and one in Cape Town, South Africa.  Their pieces are also currently available at Loho Bride in San Francisco as well as The Lovers Bride in London. Find all details about their locations here

Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media

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