TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.5 : Berta Bridal


Each designer has his special way of designing and that is what I love most about the bridal industry. Designing wedding gowns is an art form and Berta Bridal is the perfect example – elegant cuts, sexy silhouettes and an amazing sense of uniqueness. We talked to the team behind the brand and asked them our 2016 Q&A, curious to learn their secrets? Read along 🙂

1. What is your favorite bridal trend for 2016

My favorite trend is the use of extra elements that accompanies the dress – detachable trains, over skirts, boleros and capes. Adding one of those elements creates two completely different looks – one can be more modest/stylish and the other is usually more modern and sexy.

A good example for that you can see in the dress I designed for Miss USA – Olivia Jordan for the final of the Miss Universe competition (in which she won runner up). For Olivia I designed a sexy beaded lace dress with a matching dramatic cape. This created 2 different looks for Olivia, when most viewers actually thought she had two different dresses for the final stage.

2. What is your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try

This is like asking which one of your kids you like most. Each and every dress in my collection is a creation I sketched, designed, crafted and played with for a long time before I reached the final outcome. They are all very dear to me, and in the same way.

So I can choose a favorite, but I can say that there is a dress that might mislead you, a design that once you put on yourself will give you a magical feel that you wouldn’t expect by watching it in the picture or on the hanger. I’m talking about BERTA model 16-07 (see above). It’s a magical combination of both modern/sexy and classy/vintage.

3. Do you advice brides to use colors for their wedding gown?

Yes I would, but I would stick to blush tones, and won’t go beyond that. I like to use a lot of blush and Champaign tones in my designs, many times combined with ivory fabrics as well – this can create a very unique look, vintage-like, and still be seen as a wedding dress.

Buy Berta Bridal gowns here and learn all about their trunk shows here

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