TheFashionBrides Q&A ep.4 : Couture Hayez


Italian style has something special about it. I recently went to Milan and realized on my own how different the fashion is there, with a drop of maturity and refinement yet with excitement and chicness. Bridal fashion is no different as proven by Couture Hayez, the brand that brings us with every new collection amazing gowns. For our q&a we talked to the stylist and Brand Manager of Couture Hayez, Loriana Conte.

1. Your favorite bridal trend for 2016?
Boho Chic is the 2016 trend I love most and all gowns have been created inspired by the seventies and the Coachella Festival with its flowing lines, light fabrics and Boho details. It’s also a chic collection because I used noble fabrics such as silk chiffon, Georgette, tulle and french laces. I named it The Lightness because I was most inspired by the airy, fluffy lines of this trend.

2. Your favorite piece from you collection that you advice my readers to try?
I have to say I do not have a collection’s preferite piece because I really love every single model. I worked on it with passion and fine research,inspired by the brides requests and thinking about what are they’re looking for in a wedding gown; but I’d like to say to the future 2016 brides that a blouse on the gown instead of a shrug is the new fashion.

The finesse of the blouse completes the bridal outfit and it can be taken off later and substituted, for example, by a decorated, jeweled belt. Two options for one gown. The silk chiffon and lace Chiara gown it is specifically created in this way. Also it has the nude back, which is one of the 2016 trend that will last all through the season.

3. Your top tips for brides?
My advice to the brides is to enter the bridal store with an open mind, because is easy to be surprised by gowns you didn’t think that could fit, by model or line. Let be counseled by the store staff which is expert and knows which gown fits and can make your silhouette look at its best.

But in the end to understand if it’s the right dress just go with the feeling. Nobody than the bride knows when it the right one :).

It is possible to book Couture Hayez collection in their exclusive flag store in Milan, Via Francesco Hayez 14. Here you can find and try all the collections,that will be custom fit and personalized on you in their workplace by their expert seamstresses. (Tel.  +39220241665)

Don’t forget to get in touch with them via social media

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