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A perfect wedding is complete only with photographers to match. That’s why we had a quick interview with  Bernardo Martínez, a 29 year old Mexican cinematographer with film studies in México, Cuba & Spain to get the best tricks from him. He has over 100 weddings in México, United States & Europe and we guarantee he’ll make your wedding a real dream

How would you describe your general style?

I guess my style would be defined as cinematographic/documentary. I’ve always thought that a wedding film should aspire to reflect the couple’s escence throughout the whole celebration.


Would you say you follow the stories around more so than the light?

As a former cinematographer, you use the light as part of your tools to tell a story. It’s a 50-50 situation where you need to focus on action but never forget light a a medium to create pace, movement and intention. You also need to shoot thinking about edition. Wedding films are like a puzzle you slowly unveil and carefully fit in each piece into the right spot.

Preparing for a wedding, do you see it as a blank canvas, where settings will work best. How do you start to paint your canvas when preparing for a wedding?

Good question. First I want to take a look around my location(s), see where light strikes and how much time I will spend there. You need to look up at the sun or the source of light and calculate where will it be in 20-30 minutes and how shadows will change in that precise time. You want to focus first on your set & lightning, then turn onto your main characters (bride & groom). I want to be comfortable with my visual settings then focus on action & emotion.

How do you manage your clients’ expectations and/or encourage them to think outside the box to work with you?

It’s perhaps the most important part, to have the bride & groom on the same page is priceless. I admire those couples who dare to change the norm. More so, those who challenge me to create something new out of the bloom. You want to have creative freedom above all and keep true to your ideals and your own style.

What is in your photography kit?

2 Canon DSLR’s
CineLenses 14mm, 18-35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 85mm all f1.8 or lower
2 Monopods
15 Memory Cards 32GB
4 External Audio Recorders
3 Lavalieres

You have a team of other photographers or do you prefer working alone?

Yes, I do work aside photographers who share the same perspective, it’s great to work around people you admire. On the video side, I do have other videographers who share my passion as well.


Further advice or ideas for brides?

Choose a photographer and videographer wisely. Take a good look at different types of work. Find someone who fits what you’re looking for. Make a meeting in person and get to know them.

What’s your advice for The FashionBrides readers?

Take some time and watch closely the work of others, ask for suggestions, ask for referrals from other clients. Feel free to express what you are looking for, that will give us more room to provide ideas that will fit your needs. And above all, take a good rest the day before your wedding. Trust us while we do our thing, you both concentrate on having fun on one of the best days of your life & everything will be great.

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