FashionBride Interview with Critsey Rowe

First of all I have to say a huge Thank You and love ya to Critsey. She’s wonderful which proves me that she’d make a perfect photographer for our weddings.

Second in line comes the wonderful way she answered my questions. You can find some interesting tricks to use for you wedding and some real pro advice.

First of all tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an International lifestyle photographer specializing in weddings. I have been shooting events for over eight years.  I am inspired by each clients own unique personalities.

When did you decide to do this? I assume it’s not as easy as it would seem at first sight.

Not unlike many photographers, I have always been a “photographer”…always the girl with a camera at parties, family affairs and weddings. I decided to become a professional photographer after realizing how much I really love being a part of such a special event and being able to give people something they may not get from someone else.

What is the first thing that you notice at a wedding?

When I arrive at an event the first person I look for is the bride. Brides are always so beautiful on their wedding day and I am so excited to see their dress. I also love decor` and always can’t wait to see what the bride has chosen for her event.

How do you choose you clients or do they choose you? As in, you tend to join more non-conformist couples or the traditional ones.

Because of the style of photography I offer I get a mix of clients. I want to capture their uniqueness and personalities so every event for me is different because every client is so different.

What do you like to see in a bridal outfit (dress and accessories)? Is it the simplicity of a bride, her personality, the luxury of her gown?

I love when a bride goes for something different…whether it is the dress that is unique, a pair of pink Jimmy Choo’s in place of the traditional white, a birdcage veil or a fun accessory, such as feathers in her bouquet!

 Do you like a certain thematic party or you go more for a easy approach, more of a friendly party then a sophisticated event?

I really love both. A few weeks ago I photographed a small event with only ten of closest family and friends, which made the event quaint and romantic…everyone was so emotional. This past weekend I photographed a Greek wedding with over 500+ guest that was filled with lots of traditions and it was so much fun! The Greek dancing is amazing!

Can you give us some tips, like how should a bride prepare for the photo session.

I would recommend allowing enough time in the schedule of events to have portraits of the bride and groom. Sometimes the schedule gives very little time just for the romantic photos, and these are very important shots from the day.

If you would give as an insight approach on the chromatic of a weeding what would the colors be ?

Wow! There are so many great ones! My favorites are the spring colors, pinks, yellows and green. Really every combination is fun to photograph. I love details and love when the coordinator or bride incorporates the color scheme with the details.

You’ve made pictures all over the world, what spot was “the perfect one”?

Anguilla, It is the most beautiful island! I think what made it my favorite destination location was the clients I photographed there…they were amazing…I felt like family by the end of the week. One place I would love to photograph a wedding would be in China.  I love when weddings have and Asian fusion and know I would love a traditional Chinese wedding.  I have photographed many ethnic and cultural weddings and always love seeing the different traditions.

Actually, could you tell us some details that surprised you, pleasantly over the years?

One of my brides had guests write quotes on quilting squares that she later made into a spread for her guest room. Much cooler than the traditional sign in book! I recently had a bride and groom that printed the all 300+ guest names on their cake! Yes, it was a pretty big cake.

Who made your photo album and how was it ?

I just got married on 3.19.08 and I am working on our album now. I love Kambara Albums and we will have a storybook style with a brushed metal cover.

If you should point out three elements for a perfect wedding photo album what would those be?

Look at all the different designs to be able to choose a style that fits your personality. Put all the photos you wish to have in it because you can’t add them later. Choose the photos you love to go in the album not just the ones that tell a story.

 Brides are in general scared of the camera; let’s face it .. we all are, what are your advises for all we scared FashionBrides.

A lot of people have not been photographed professionally and they are always pleasantly surprised how beautiful they look when their image is captured the right way! If you choose the right photographer you will not be afraid to see the outcome!

 Last but not least, why should we choose you for our wedding photo session ?

My clients generally choose me because they love my style and personality and that I accommodate to their needs. I am not a cookie cutter photographer and I don’t appeal to cookie cutter brides.

And where can my readers find you ?

They can find me online be sure to check out my blog! Via email:  or by phone: 800.883.8036

9 thoughts on “FashionBride Interview with Critsey Rowe

  1. WOW! I couldn’t imagine, why ANY bride wouldn’t her wedding photographed by Critsey. Among all the talk that I have read from other photographers, she seem so amiable. No wonder her pictures are so awesome!

  2. Yeah 😀 I think the same, she’s so communicative and open and sincere, not to mention she was a real darling when I interviewed her .

    Critsey is one hell of a photographer and brides should really count on her.


  3. Critsey – you are such a dear! Your photos are awesome and yet you aren’t pretentious! hehe. I can’t wait to work with you again!

  4. I couldn’t imagine a better photographer…The real thing doesn’t do your pictures justice…..Kudos Critsey!

  5. Critsey is great! As a fellow photographer and friend of Critsey’s, I have always known her to be cutting edge and inspiring to me and other peers! (She also makes a beautiful bride herself!)

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