Stones, the more the better

c18bf6e1133a465e01af330bece82f9d_5And I am not talking about Rolling Stones. Stones on our rings, earrings or necklaces are the best thing that can happen to us and if i would be the one “forced” to choose I would definitely go for more than less.

Sure there is a thing called budget but lets face it who can resist to adding another stone to a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings? Ok, maybe you girls have a better self restriction and for you Harpers Love has created this awesome system that allows you to create your own jewelries.

First you must decide on the stone/stones you choose – pay attention to the length of the stone (set in millimeters) and the total number of carats or cts. Next make sure you get your correct proce, keep in mind that more stones translate into more support material and more hours of work that is put into creating your jewelry. With Harpers Love you can select from a wide range of stones, metals and types of backing to create a product that matches your taste and budget.

If you want special stones or maybe a more intricate design you can always send them your request and most certainly they will make your wish come true. This a great way to stand out of the crowd and wear amazing jewelries that are made for you only.

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