Jewelry Guide: Amethyst Jewelry

P2620XW-02The amethyst is a gorgeous purple, naturally occurring gem that is found all over the world, thought it was first found in Siberia. It isn’t sensitive to heat, and in fact can be heated up in order to deepen its color. While typically purple, this particular gem can have gray or red undertones.

Amethyst is February’s official birthstone, but even if your special woman’s birthday isn’t in February, there’s no reason why you can’t give her amethyst-jewelry anyway. When shopping jewelry selections, consider what she likes. Does she gravitate towards eye-catching earrings and statement necklaces, or does she like smaller, more subtle jewelry? The color of the precious metal used in conjunction with the amethyst can also have an impact – does she like silver, or does she prefer gold? Finally, it’s important to know what her jewelry sizes are. While earrings are usually one-size-fits-all, necklaces are available in 14″, 16″, and even 18″ and 20″ lengths; and bracelets and wrist cuffs come in 7″ and 8″ sizes – though of course both necklaces and bracelets can be resized to fit special requests.

When giving a gift from the heart, you can’t go wrong in your selection. The gift of amethyst jewelry is sure to be a delightful and well-received gift that she will treasure forever.

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