Berta Bridal 2014 Fall Collection

berta bridal 2014 wedding (28)

Berta studied fashion design in Shenkar college and been since designing wedding and evening dresses for 16 years. She is one of the most experienced and well known designers in Israel. Her designs had been soled to women in Israel and abroad for many years. Her designs are young and fresh, but at the same time keeps the elegance and pedantry Berta is so recognized for.

Lyn Ashworth 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

lyn ashworth (50)

“Your wedding dress is one of the most personal choices you’ll ever make – after your husband-to-be, that is! In fact, choosing it is not unlike falling in love. You know when you’ve found the right one. That’s why I tend to think of the wedding dresses I design and the gardens I create in much the same way. I want them to be something natural and beautiful and so romantic that they will take your breath away. ” – Lyn Ashworth

Romantica by Giovanna Sbiroli 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

giovanna sbirolli 2014 wedding gowns (33)

Giovanna Sbiroli is a distinguished italian based designer, whose designs are timeless and elegant with a cosmopolitan edge. Sbiroli’s design ethic stems from an urge to make women look and feel beautiful. Their secret? An unerring eye for beauty – in all shapes and sizes; a down-to-earth demeanour, that endures them to his many clients; and an irrepressibly creative eye.

Alma Novias 2014 Bridal Collection (final)

alma novias 2014 collection (202)

Created by the Rosa Clara group exclusively for specialized stores, Alma Novia, with its trendy and innovative range, offers gowns in simple and classic lines or full skirted gowns combined with formfitting and succinct bodices.

Hayley Paige Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

hayley-paige-bridal (45)

The Hayley Paige label is an opportunity to accentuate the sweeter and edgier arrays of femininity. Speaking of the first collection, “I wanted to debut with a fun and fresh look that could also be distinguished with just the right amount of refinement and keenness.”

Amsale Fall 2014 Bridal Collection (I)

amsale 2014 wedding gowns (23)

Amsale‘s elegant designs have made her the number one couture wedding gown designer in the United States, and won her the reputation as the creator of the modern wedding dress. Though most recognized for her exquisite bridal wear, Amsale has also gained a strong celebrity following for her eveningwear, as seen at the Academy Awards and other high profile events on stars such as Kim Basinger, Salma Hayek, Julianna Marguiles, and Vanessa Williams.

Veromia 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (III)

veromia (43)

Jason Jennings is 34 and has been designing bridal, bridesmaid and evening gowns for many years. After graduating from The London School of Fashion in 1995 he went on to gain his BA Honours at Central St Martins in 1997.

Linea Raffaelli 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

linea rafaelli (22)

The bridal collection from Belgian clothing designer Linea Raffaelli is carefully chosen to offer a selection of classic and timeless gowns. Each one creates its own distinct and unique impression intended to accentuate a brides’ elegance and beauty.

Alessandro Couture Fall 2014 Bridal Collection


Deeply rooted in tradition but reaching out towards the challenges of modernity, Alessandro Angelozzi, a young fashion designer who launched the “Alessandro Couture” brand in 2000, works, plays, and has fun with bridal haute couture, reinventing it season after season. The strength of this line stems from the designer’s understanding of what women really like.

Pronuptia 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

wedding-dresses-pronuptia (10)

Féerie, refined silhouettes with sophisticated, magical details. Lace, sequins and micro pearling embellish and magnify these sparkling dresses with large volumes and endless trains. Elegance and majesty are the bywords of this collection.