Krikor Jabotian 2014 Spring Bridal Collection


A fresh graduate of l’Ecole Superieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode in Beirut, Krikor Jabotian began working at Elie Saab’s creative department, an all-encompassing and enriching introduction to the industry.After Krikor stepped out and began developing his own independent designs, he was selected by Starch foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Maison Rabih Kayrouz, to showcase his work. It was the first collection he designed under his own name, marking the beginning of his independent career.

Elie Saab 2013 Fall Haute Couture Collection


“Royally opulent silhouettes appear from between the columns of the Palais Brongniart,” Elie Saab’s program announced. But that’s only half right. It wasn’t the silhouettes that were opulent; by couture standards the construction of the gowns was quite simple. Corseted bodices were far outnumbered by softer, draped styles, and the designer opened with what was essentially a floor-length T-shirt dress, albeit in tulle embellished all over with crystals.

Just For You 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

just for you kauradia wedding gowns (11)

Cadette of The Sposa Group’s collections, Just For You is shown this year in a “lollipop” highlighting atmosphere of the immaculate styles on a flashy pink background matching the current trend. Distinguished by clean lines, slim cuts, sleek frills, these small modern satin dresses attract all the girls.

Kate Halfpenny 2014 Bridal Collection

halfpenny 2014 wedding gown (22)

Kate Halfpenny, celebrity fashion stylist has an enviable collection of stunning gowns to suit any brides dream wedding or for the ultimate party. Working from her studio, you can always find Kate surrounded by mannequins adorned with the most beautiful dresses that she has designed and vintage wedding gowns from the late 1800s.

Eddy by Eddy K 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (I)


Designed in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and manufactured with the highest quality fabrics, Eddy K has the perfect wedding gown for every bride. From sophisticated couture gowns to elegant destination dresses, Eddy K’s attention to detail flatters all figures and offers styles for any taste or special occasion.

Miss Kelly 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (VI)

miss kelly 2014 bridal gowns (83)

In the same range, the Miss Kelly collection play on tradition and classicism with timeless dresses. These A-line dresses are perfect for brides who are looking for a style that will never go out of fashion.

Casablanca 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (III)

casablanca wedding gowns (48)

Casablanca Bridal is committed to designing and manufacturing bridal gowns that reflect superb quality, original design, and attention to detail. Casablanca Bridal understands the importance of finding the “perfect” bridal gown for your wedding day.

Miss Paris 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (I)

miss paris 2014 wedding dress (20)

Lilac, Pink, Burgundy, Chocolate, Emerald … it’s a whole range of brilliant colors that we offer the 2014 collection of Miss Paris.  Enjoying honeymoon in New York, Miss Paris loses none of its fantasy, its Parisian identity. As many different colorful patterns, as many as different women. The entire collection is also available in White and Ivory providing unbeatable value for money! A line under the sign of originality for brides like no other!

Ysa Makino 2014 Bridal Collection

ysa-makino-wedding-dresses-couture-bridal (9)

Ysa Makino gowns are statement pieces for brides who want to steal the show! This is an over the top, super stylized collection that unabashedly uses color, texture, beadwork and draping, sometimes all in the same dress! The Ysa Makino collection gives a nod to tradition, but then twists convention around itʼs little finger resulting in gowns that are bold, trend setting, high impact centerpieces the entire wedding can be styled around.

Justin Alexander Fall 2014 Signature Bridal Collection (I)

signature 2014 wedding gowns (25)

Justin Alexander had a vision of affordable, couture bridal gowns that had an accent of glamour, drama and luxury. From this vision the Justin Alexander Wedding Dress Collection was created. Justin Alexander’s international design team pay close attention to detail, designing sophisticated bridal gowns for brides across Europe and North America.