FashionBride Interview with Hamra Alam

Since the 1001 nights every girl dreams that one day she’ll meet the perfect man or at least a genie that makes it all worthwhile. But while waiting for the genie, we might as well have an inside opinion on what we should wear (in order to impress the genie or the Arabian prince 😉 ).

Because I care about you so much I thought I’d find out every detail from one of the best Middle Eastern designers of the moment, Hamra Alan. Not sure if my genie did the trick, but Hamra was kind enough to answer patiently to all my questions.

First of all let me thank you for accepting my proposition. It really means a lot to me and to my readers. Tell us more about the way you decided to start this line of business?

I have been a creative girl since I was 7 and knew I would be someone important, I began creating abayas and sheilas but also glamour gowns 2 years ago when I felt there was a missing gap for a niche collection for the modern women. 

When you decided to become a designer, when did Hamra Alam plan to conquer this market? And was it hard?

I have always possessed a creative, imaginative mind and have always thought outside the box,

Hamra Alam
Hamra Alam

 so being in a Middle Eastern country, it was a real challenge to be able to create clothes to suit the individual women by making the abays and sheilas one of a kind and allowing the women to feel freedom. So that they can feel like a woman and feel glamorous, giving them the feeling of majesty. 




I don’t believe anything is hard in life provided you never lose passion for what you do best, and for me it is design.

  Is a bit more difficult to blend in tradition from the middle east culture into usual design?

Although I lived all my life in the U.K I come from  a background also full of colour and the culture is rich, so intertwining the middle eastern culture into my creations was a great achievement and a wonderful experience, my clothes are very practical and yet very mystical, which I believe is  a  true part of every woman’s identity. 


How do you approach the designs for bridal gowns? Do you tend to opt for the usual and traditional forms or you go further and try to innovate.

For weddings, is essential that the bride to be to feel comfortable with the designer and that she has total confidence in her, when you begin to design. I love listening to my clients, getting into their minds and then I begin to create and always give the client beyond their expectation.

Sometimes the client wants something very simple; however I make the simplest dress look so glamorous with brocades and or embroidery of some sort.


Tell us about your latest collection. How was it received?

Well my last collection was part of the Dubai Fashion week in March 2007,

I had the royal family member of Kuwait interested in my creations. The press was quite excited with the creations having a twist and a modern outlook on an indigenous dress.

The white dress was in particular a favorite of the gulf news that featured it in there paper. I had a great audience and a lot if interests for my abayas and sheilas.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is from the people and cultures around me every day. Also I look in to the history of the Victorian era, I love those clothes.


Do you have a favorite wedding gown you’ve designed over the years?

My favorite wedding gown was for a friend in England, it was a 2 piece with crystals from the head piece and beautiful simple cuts. 


What’s the most important aspect that you fallow when creating a gown?

The most important aspect when creating is taking into consideration the clients dream and making it come true, for what she wears is my creation.


Why do brides should choose you to design their gowns?

Not only brides but a lot of clients that want glamorous clothes like my innovative creations and unique style.


Do you also work with your clients? Or they just have the option to buy your gowns as they are?

Clients are welcome for appointment only collections as well as selecting what already has been created to give them an idea of what they should expect.


Have you got any advices for my FashionBride readers?

My advice to all you beautiful women is , wear what looks and makes you feel best, than worrying about wearing what the next top celebrity is, because you are a true celebrity within yourself.

This is what my abayas and gowns portray: “you’ll feel Royal”.