FashionBride Interview with Rami Al Ali

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most talented bridal designer that I have ever posted on FashionBride, the amazing Rami Al Ali. His designs need no introduction and I’m sure you have been as eager as myself to find out a bit more about him and his work.

Here is what I discovered for you, hope you like it and that you will consider having a Rami Al Ali wedding gown on your special day.

When did you decide to become a designer and why did you find this domain interesting?

I have always been fascinated with fashion. From very early on I knew I wanted to be creative as I had a good eye when it came to art and fashion. I was constantly experimenting with all sorts of art materials, creating pieces, sketching and just exploring my talents.

Although I was not totally converted to fashion that happened only after I graduated – I realized then that fashion was the career choice. I suppose by designing dresses for my close friends, I realized my own creativity and decided to enhance that.

Even though, I was not committed to pursuing a career in fashion at this stage. The whole experience was very light-hearted and fun as my friends kept throwing new challenges at me, I had to keep it going and take each challenge head on. I guess indirectly they were trying to show me where my heart really was when it came to career choices and that really became the catalyst for me.

Talk us trough the first years of you work. Maybe you could tell us what did change in time? Are your designs different from the very beginning?

I certainly have developed new techniques through out my experience, my designs become more mature which is very clear in my recent couture collection for SS2010.

However, my style is almost the same; still I managed to keep a certain line to follow in each collection, although I try to present it in different ways, see it from different angle each time.

Why should a bride-to-be choose one of your gowns?

Because of their timeless elegance, classic cut and perfect fit. Each dress is perfectly designed to ensure the bride wears it with confidence and utter comfort.

How long does it take to design a single wedding dress?

It depends on so many things, like the mood, feeling the theme, being inspired, and with time and experience you try to keep your creative mind “alerted”, by seeing a lot and storing so many ideas, moreover updating your knowledge of trends and styles. Usually, it takes almost a week to come up with the basic design with the right fabric swatches, colour shades and the embroidery samples matching it.

Do tell us a bit more about your inspiration sources for your collection.

For this particular collection, I was looking for something more inspired from the fairy tales royalty, the glamour, the richness, yet applying modern silhouettes, more details on the structure. Building the design from mixing different elements and material, ranging from the full fluffy voluminous multi layered skirt, to the fitted descending fish flakes look-a-like embroidered organza pieces.

Do you also work with brides or you just try to give them the best of your designs in your collections?

Apart from my annual bridal collection, I also work with individual brides to create gowns that reflect their personality as well as one that will make their wedding day special. The process usually starts with the bride’s expectations and her vision.

From then on I get on my drawing board and start sketching. I work closely with the bride to finalize the design, select the fabrics and decide of the embroidery patterns and present her with the dress. Of course brides can also choose from my collection.

Have you got any gown you’ve created and that has a very special meaning for you? Can you describe it or can show us a picture?

Each wedding gown has a significant place in my memory, as each one has been created with several inspirations. For my Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection, I designed a 24 carat gold dress and that certainly tested my creativity as I had to get a gold tulle fabric created especially for this dress.

From your point of view, how should a perfect bride look like?

I think all brides look beautiful; they are radiant and full of love that shows as they walk down the aisle. When it come to dressing up the bride, it’s important that elegance and grace take lead. The bride needs to be comfortable and confidence is her gown as that will reflect in her composure

And tell us what would you give her and, maybe, other brands can’t.

Rami Al Ali gowns will give the bride an eternally classical and elegant look. My gowns are not there to overshadow the bride but rather emphasize her beauty and womanly curves

Can you give us an insight on your new Collection? What where your inspiration sources, what did you opt for as materials, shapes etc.

The new bridal collection for 2010 is dreamy, romantic and rich with details, in a meticulously balanced manner, offering the bride a range of options from classical elegance to modern cuts of western touch. Cuts came multiple, ranging from firm, hips wrapping, focusing on the thin carved waist line, to big voluminous gowns, yet light and easy to move around with; adding an exclusive Victorian influence on the bride.

Embroidery and crystal work is focused on the upper part of the dresses, where the borders are accessorized with details of tulle and crystals to enhance the refinement of the dresses. Some of the gowns were immensely embroidered with beadwork and crystals, and covered then with layers of transparent tulle to emphasize depth, dimension, and intangibility on the design.

Colours are gradient form off-white to pearly shades, mixing embroidery with silver and beige revealing the royal look on the final design. Veils vary from classical flowing fully on the dress to multi layered ones with silk edges or lace studded and embroidered.

Do you like a more traditional approach or do you try to create a different image of the traditional bride?

My approach is complimentary – it fuses the elegance of modern designs and the intricacy of traditional patterns. I don’t limit my creativity with set design rules therefore a gown can easily fit the style preference of either a traditional as well as a non-traditional bride. The wedding dresses I design are conservative for a traditional bride as well as modern enough for a modern bride.

Last but not least, do you have advice for Fashion Bride readers?

Inspiration comes from many sources. Don’t limit yourself to a set of rules; creativity can be inspired by simplicity as well as complexity. Look at what works for you and start from there.

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