Which Hand Does the Wedding Band Go On?

You never thought there’d be so many questions when it came to your wedding band. However, now that you’ve proposed to your sweetheart and are approaching the date of the ceremony, you find yourself wondering which hand does the wedding band go on. Add to the fact it seems like everyone you ask has a different opinion of where you should put your wedding band, and it’s no wonder you’re so confused.

If you’re tired of wondering which hand the wedding band goes on – or you’d like to try something different – here are the many different ways you can wear your wedding band, including what they mean:

The Traditional Way to Wear a Wedding Band

Traditionally speaking, the most popular way to wear a wedding band is on the left ring finger. It’s believed that this custom originated from the belief that the left ring finger was comprised of a love vein that was connected to the heart. This tradition was brought into the public conscious in the 16th century, thanks to King Edward VI. Now the custom is practiced by several cultures all around the world.

Wedding Bands on the Right Hand

Perhaps what is most confusing is that some people opt to wear their wedding bands on their right hands. This can have several meanings in society today. For example, widows who aren’t ready to stop wearing their wedding rings often transfer the band to the right hand. Gay and lesbian couples often wear their wedding bands on the right hand as a unique twist on a traditional custom. Finally, many people choose to wear their wedding bands on their right hands simply because they favor the left hand, and don’t want the ring to undergo the strain and stress associated with the dominant hand.

Other Ways of Wearing the Wedding Band

If you don’t want to wear the wedding band on the right hand, and you’re not keen on the tradition of wearing it on your left ring finger, why not place it on a necklace? As made popular by the TV series Sex and the City, this sentimental gesture puts the wedding band closer to your heart than placing it on your ring finger.

No matter wear you choose to wear your wedding band, the point is that you should choose a place that has sentimental value to you. After all, your wedding band signifies the uniqueness of your relationship – so don’t be afraid to celebrate it!


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