The Glory of a Fall Wedding

While June is typically thought of as “the” wedding month, many brides opt for other times of the year for a number of reasons. Choosing to be married in the fall can allow for stronger, deeper colors in the bridesmaid dresses which are more universally flattering. It can also allow a themed wedding, including Halloween dress up or a pilgrim recreation. The fall months can also be stunning for outdoor weddings.

When Nature Plays a Role in the Setting

Fall weddings can be amazing money savers purely for the fact that your most stunning decorations are free. Imagine all of your photos set against the backdrop of amazing fall colors and you realize that you need little else to set the tone. If you are planning a late afternoon to evening wedding, a few orange and white colored twinkle lights can be very beautiful. Fall color and scented candles can also complete the scene.

Instead of expensive flowers, gather bowls of deep red apples, small pumpkins and other colorful gourds and then add a smattering of vibrant fall leaves. If nature is not complying with color changes fast enough for your wedding date, silk leaves can be the stand in and still be economical.

Fall Foods for Wedding Elegance

The foods for your fall themed wedding should follow the same pattern. Skip the round, tiered wedding cake and opt for a bundt cake in orange buttercream frosting. Use hollowed out pumpkins as bases for the centerpieces and mini pumpkins for tealights which can be placed at each setting. If you live near a farmer’s market, you can often get good prices on large numbers of pumpkins and gourds, especially if you say that they are for a wedding. A large pumpkin can also take center stage at the bride and groom’s table, especially if you know of someone who can carve the images of a loving couple into it’s side. If not, a simple design of hearts, kisses and hugs or even the couple’s name and wedding date can be a very cute idea.

Transportation Options

If you are going for a more casual fall wedding, you can skip the traditional limo ride to get you to and from the wedding. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can come in a horse drawn hay wagon, decorated with ribbons and bows in your wedding colors. There are a number of resources to allow you to do this for a reasonable price and it can be a very memorable part of your wedding ceremony. Cover the hay with a blanket, especially if you are wearing an expensive gown.

Wedding Favors and Other Tidbits

Instead of the traditional rice or bubbles tossed at the bride and groom, pretty leaves can be tossed up into the air to celebrate their nuptials. Instead of handing out Jordan almonds or party mints, you can wrap candy corn in small tufts of tulle to give out as wedding favors. Other candies, in the colors of your wedding, can also be used.

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