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Zavana 2016 Spring Bridal Collection

Zavana Wedding collections are designed to compliment and enhance the female silhouette. Each gown is hand constructed from the finest materials, then embellished with exquisite lace and intricate beading. Immaculate attention is given to every detail ensuring the finest fit and comfort.

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.



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Shoes to kill and die for – ep. 456

Very Richie  (1)

Glitter your way on your wedding day with these fabulous picks from Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. You can’t go wrong wearing these amazing pair of shoes that will give you style and elegance and a drop of luck. We all know that glitter and sparkle enlight our lifes, so make them special on your wedding day.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – Very Richie 120 Swarovski crystal suede pumps

JIMMY CHOO – Vikki glitter-finished leather pumps

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – Daffodile 160 crystal-embellished suede pumps

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FahionBride Icon: Ingrid Bergman

ingrid bergman (7)

Actresses like Sofia Loren or Marilyn Monroe had this amazing aura surrounding them, that je ne says qua, that sex appeal that not many women had but they tried hard to reach. Ingrid Bergman is exactly the opposite  the poise and elegance of this Swedish actress have shined brighter than anything.

Ingrid was born in Stockholm on 29 August 1915 and she became famous for the remake of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1941. But I’m sure you all remember her for her role in Cassablanca. She is an ultimate FashionBride Icon as you can borrow from her the classy look and that tiny bit of mystery. Don’t you find that she had always a magical aura and a charm like no other?

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Grace loves Lace Bridal Spring 2013 Collection (details)


Grace loves lace is a refreshing, unique bridal collection drawing inspiration from the free-spirited natural beauty of the bohemian era. The collection combines effortless, ethereal beauty with nostalgic charm & a demure, vintage elegance. Using the finest French laces, silks & embellishments in the softest hues of ivory, cream & white; each dress is handmade together with gorgeous veils, lace boleros, jackets, accessories & lingerie.

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Will your bachelorette party be Hpnotiq?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hpnotiq for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Untitled-6A perfect bachelorette party is one in which you really respect that saying: let your hair down music up!!, and you can’t do that if you don’t get some real party tips from Primp & Prep. You haven’t learn about it? Well let me be the one that tells you.  Hpnotiq made us a perfect guide for a girl's nightt out – you know that type of website that offers you the best ideas in town.

Primp & Prep! is an exclusive online site on, one stop shop, where girls can go to get all of their beauty, fashion, style tips, gossip, music etc. before they hit the town for their girls night out.


It’s the perfect stop for some great at home cocktails and drink recipes but also for style tips. The icing on the cake is their fabulous photo editor that will help you have those monogrammed pictures you’ve always wanted.
As you know a bachelorette party must have it’s secrets but I'm sure you can share some snaps with your friends via Hpnotiq. You must really check it for yourself and don’t forget to taste those amazing cocktails that Hpnotiq so kindly recommends.
Remember one thing do:  You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.

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FashionBride Icon: Grace Kelly

grace kelly (2)

Every time I think of making an article about old glamour beauty I end up looking for images with Grace Kelly. Yes, I know I’m guilty! But who can blame me, I fell hopelessly in love with her and her style from the first time I laid my eyes on her – I can still see that old magazine my grandmother had and that lovely article about the Hollywood star that became princess of Monaco.

In part my love for wedding gowns and brides is due to her, who can truthfully say her wedding gown wasn’t picture perfect? Grace Patricia Kelly was born on the 12th of November 1929 and became a Hollywood house hold name in 1953 with Mogambo, where she played alongside Ava Gardner.

Grace remains a style icon to this very day, her poise and elegance have been admired and aimed for years and I can admit there’s no style icon I look up to with more fascination than Grace.

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FashionBride Icon: Sofia Loren

sophia loren (7)

Italy for me is synonymous to Sofia Loren – this amazing woman captures the whole essence of this amazing Mediterranean country. Full of savory, energy and sensuality, Sofia Villani Scicolone was born in Rome on 20 September 1934. She rose to fame with Aida in 1953 and started using her famous name, Sofia Loren, during this period and in my opinion she’s one of the few actresses that managed to become better with the passing of the years.

To me Sofia is a proof that women are exactly as wine, becoming better and better with age. She took all that sensuality to new levels each year until she became the elegant and classy woman she is today. Every bride could take a drop of her optimism and positive energy and surround herself with it on her own magical day – by all means Sofia is a perfect FashionBride Icon.

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FashionBride Icons: Ava Gardner

ava gardner (3)

Ava Lavinia Gardner  was born on December 24 1922 , she was signed to a contract by MGM Studios in 1941.  She became one of Hollywood’s leading actresses, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day. I remember Ava Gardner from Mogambo (1953) where she played along side Clark Gable and my beloved Grace Kelly. As all Hollywood icons Ava is an astonishing beauty that shocks with her sharp style and incredible grace.

Why a FashionBride Icon? Because she exudes glamour and she can be a great inspiration source to any bride; opt for her poise and elegance and don’t forget to add a drop of simplicity to your outfit.

The gowns I picked for this article are a great example of how Ava Gardner managed to impose her style no matter the gown she wore. Notice also her wedding gown ( she married Frank Sinatra in 1951 – her third and final marriage) – simple, quirky yet elegant and fun.

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Tony Ward 2013 Haute Couture Winter Collection

Tony Ward’s collections are a tribute to women and their femininity, with the taste and distinctive charm of a timeless style. His finest fabrics, enriched with seductive transparencies and precious original embroideries, are sumptuously worked following to the rules of the purest workmanship.

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Hadi Katra Spring 2012 Evening Collection

Hadi Katra Couture – “Daynight” was the theme of this collection representing how a woman  transforms herself from a trendy colorful woman in the day  into a classy and elegant woman at night. With creations of chiffon, satin, taffeta, muslin, tulle and lace, Hadi Katra was inspired by the art form over the ages.

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Alena Goretskaya 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

Alena Goretskaya’ s ideal cut, expensive fabrics made of natural refined threads cast sensation of harmony and comfort, holiday and happiness. These fabrics are not flashy, not loud, they are elegant and luxurious. The new collection shows a brilliant combination of fashion and style.

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La Sposa 2013 Spring Collection (II)

LaSposa Bridal has been making wedding dresses for over thirty years, first starting in 1974. The Group Pronovias first created them with their number one concern being in their customer service and expert advice.

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