Best 2020 Colours for Women Wool Crepe Dresses


The trends are in and 2020 seems like the perfect year to wear elegant and extremely chic evening gowns. More so if you have many wonderful weddings to attend to . If we’ve mixed and matched trends form years now when it comes to materials we always go for the best – Tissura.

Our absolute favourite is wool crepe fabric that features a dense texture. Made with closely woven threads, it is thin, crisp and highly durable. This Italian wool crepe has a slight stretch in the weft. With a matt face and an easy drape, it is ideal for classy dresses.

Made to evoke glam and elegance this material will make your gowns dreamy and you will be the best dressed at each and every wedding your attend. The difficult part? Choosing the perfect shade! At Tissura you will find the best shades and matches for your wool crepe gown Take a look at their samples and let us know what’s your absolute fav!