15 Of The Most Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Rosa Clara 2020 Collection

Princess gowns and mermaid style wedding dresses are perfect for the formal ceremony ( be it vows or church) and the incredible party you will have for you wedding. But I must admit I have a soft spot for short wedding dresses more suited for a civil ceremony ( if you live in Europe) and a less formal party.

Novia D’art 2020 Collection

I always admire the vintage inspired brides that opt for a tea-length wedding gown and birdcage veil. But short wedding dresses are far from being just a vintage affair – you can not get more modern and with an elegant avant-garde short number.

And you don’t have to imagine a mini dress when considering a short wedding dress, as all bridal looks they come in various shapes and sizes and you will surely find the one suitable to your style.


I fully recommend a fabulous short wedding gown for your after party dancing and evening your honeymoon getaway car. Here are a few trends that you’ll love from the some of the top bridal designers across the web.


1. The Short A-line Wedding Dress

Following the perfect lines of an A-line wedding gown these petite robe blanche versions are just adorable. Versions like these are found in Berta Bridal, Pronovias and many other bridal designers.

2. Tea Length Wedding Dress

Elegant and classy but without the full vintage vibe these gowns are perfectly suitable for the modern bride. Loving the BHLDN soft floral details and we can’t get over how beautiful the  Birenzwaig gowns are.

3. High low Short Wedding Dress

You can’t decide upon the final length? Try a high and low short wedding dress that will surprise everyone.

4. Avangarde Short Wedding Gown
You can even go full haute couture with designs such as the ones from Ashi Studio or Yoav Rish.

5. Mini Wedding Dress

Get the 60’s and 70’s vibe with these short wedding gowns that will surprise and delight everyone.

Not to mention you could add a detachable tulle skirt to create a ceremony look for a 2 in 1 bridal look.


Beauty and fun, what is your favourite? Don’t forget to share it with your bridal party!

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