Wedding Dress Bustle – What Type Is the Best for You

Every brides dream is to have an amazing princess wedding gown with a long impressive train or an incredible mermaid wedding gown with a complex lace or tulle train. This is the perfect look for the ceremony and your exceptional wedding photos will prove it.

Every guest will be in awe of your beautiful gown and you will adore the look -it’s your moment to shine and be the real star you deserve to be. But what will you do after that moment? How will you deal with that impressive train that fascinated everybody? That’s where the bustle comes in.

The wedding dress bustle will save you! But (please) make sure you are choosing the right type for your gown – you will avoid it ripping (if it’s unsuitable to support the weight of your train) or look out of place ( for instance the 5 point American bustle can look bulky on certain gowns).

There are various types of bustle, we will talk about the most common ones, but you should choose the one that fits your wedding gown to a tee. The bustle must keep track of the weight of the train, the hooking system, of how visible it is when not bustled and the various materials that compose the train ( taffeta, silk, lace etc)

The bustle consists of ribbons, loops, buttons, eyes and hooks that are sewn in the train in specific places and ways to support the train.  You should try to hide as much as possible the details, but keep in mind that they might be visible when the train is not bustled.

Is my dress suitable for a bustle?

Yes, most wedding gowns can be bustled but some are better at hiding the bustle. For instance when it comes to wedding gowns with ruffles or tulle they can hide extremely well the bustle hooks – in such a manner you won’t even realise a bustle exists.

How many types of bustle there are?

Every sartorial school has it’s own way of dealing with bustling a wedding gown, but every bustle is in the end determined by the bridal style.

Basically the train can be bustled over the skirt, under a pleat of the skirt or under the skirt itself.

Let’s get into details


1. The American Bustle

The buttons or hooks are attached to the exterior of the gown. Choosing the right placement is key, you can also choose to have multiple buttons or hooks to make sure the weight is supported well.

This style is suitable for mermaid trains as well.

2. The Austrian Bustle

Ribbons are used to create a ruched design all over the train – think of the cinching of curtains). This style was extremely popular with Austrian nobility so if it suited Empress Sissi we’re all in.


3. The French Bustle

This technique is the reverse of the American bustle, as hooks pick up the train of the gown as they tuck under the silhouette itself.

4. The Ballgown Bustle

This type of bustle completely hides the train giving the illusion the gown was always floor length. Multiple bustle points are sewn inside making it possible for the train to fold inside.


5. The Waterfall Bustle

Similar to the French Bustle this type of bustle chooses various points ( depending on the length of your train) and with ribbons locks the train in place.


6. The Overlaping Bustle

This bustle places the train on top of your floor length skirt. Multiple points are made around the bodice or at the base of your fishtail making it possible to pin the train on top.


No mater what type of bustle you choose make sure it is resistant and you will feel at ease with it. Keep in mind that some type can be expensive so maybe you will be better suited with a second wedding dress for the part ( here are some great short wedding gowns to choose from).



25 Fabrics You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Wedding Gown

The shape of your gown, its texture and draping along with your wedding season are key factors that will determine the best fabric to be used when creating or purchasing “THE ONE”. For example: a column gown needs a fine texture that give your a sense of flow while a ballroom gown needs stiffer fabrics that help maintain the desired silhouette.

Almost every wedding gown has a mix of fabrics ensuring that you have the best quality and shape you can obtain. The bridal dress is a complex composition of rigid and lightweight fabrics, rougher and more delicate– all in a perfect play of elegance and refinement.

As you can see from the above image a wedding gown has a more rigid structure underneath the layers of lace and embroidery and skirts that can be created by layering different types of tulle, organza etc. Every gown is special and the one you desire will be a mix of all the components you desire- one thing is for sure, make sure that the fabrics you opt for give you the structure necessary for a long day.

Today we’ll talk exclusively about fabrics that can create structure and details to your wedding dress. We’ll analyse all types of laces in a future post.


One of the most common, durable and versatile fabrics, satin is heavy and shiny, made out of several types of fibres such as silk, nylon and rayon. Satin is a type of weave that gives its characteristic shine from the way the fibres are woven together.

It’s a supportive fabric that can create a perfect base for a wedding gown but can be worn on its own as well. Perfect fabric for autumn and winter weddings as well as jackets, sleeves and boleros.


Chiffon ( most fabrics retain their original french name) is a soft and sheer material without any shine, often used in layers to create skirts and in single shear sheats as overskirt, sleeves or sheer silhouettes.

It’s a very popular fabric for skirts because it gives that feel of movement and a very special elegance when worn. Chiffon is the reference fabric for empire gowns and boho silhouettes.


Tulle is a gauzy, netted material most commonly used in skirts and details ( such as sleeves). It’s a light material made of silk, nylon or rayon. Most commonly used in many layers to create the ballroom gown. There are a multitude of tulle types – most commonly used for the base of a skirt are the rigid, coarser textures , while for the overlay layers softer tulle is used. For more sparkle you can choose a type of tulle that is weaved with lurex.

Organza / Organdy

Even do it is sheer and lightweight fabric, organza maintains the structure of a wedding gown and confers a stiffer texture. A very delicate fabric it is used for volumizing skirts but it can be used as well for sleeves and corsetry.

For its lightweight structure organza is a perfect fabric for summer weddings. Not to be confused with organdy, which is made out of cotton, organza is made using silk.


A fabric with a specific shine created by using the oldest type of natural fibres – the one made by the silkworm, making it the most expensive on the market. Even do it has a delicate look silk is extremely durable and versatile.

Silk can be used in all seasons and it suits well more traditional silhouettes, but it has been used in contemporary styles as well. This fabric has an incredible timelessness.


Made of wool or silk this fabric is created by double weaving and twisting the fibres. Has a very fine texture and keeps its shape for a long time, making it extremely durable. Perfect for princess cuts and creative styles.


One of the most luxurious types of silk, Mikado is used for structural wedding gowns. It’s heavier that regular silk and hence it gives more volume and creates a more haute couture feel.


The most popular mix of silk, most times synonymous to Shantung because the two fabrics share similar textures. But Dupioni is a bit heavier and rougher because the fibres are still exposed and become a bit coarser.


This fabric is made from silk or synthetic fibres, the better the quality the more rigid the taffeta. It has a delicate shine to it, but it’s more toned that satin, and it fits most silhouettes. It is an ideal fabric for A-line gowns and bridal gowns with draping details.


A light, semi-shine and soft fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers. Similar to silk when touched but it lacks the shine. Given its shape it drapes phenomenal and it’s ideal for lightweight wedding gowns, such as empire or column.

When it comes to haute couture gowns they are lined with charmeuse. Keep in mind that this fabric is quite unforgiving, you can’t wear much underneath.


This fabric is traditionally made from silk and has a wrinkled texture that can be a bit rougher. But this gives georgette an amazing capacity to retain its original shape and offer a true flow.

The weaved fibres are extremely tight because they are very thin, giving georgette a true resistance and versatility. This fabric can be used many times, it can also be draped – it is similar to chiffon but it is heavier and more opaque.


A light, soft, sheer fabric with shine and durability. It is woven from cotton or linen and gives a true option to any eco-conscious bride. Batiste is a common fabric with vintage wedding gowns.


This fabric is woven using a french technique invented by Marie Jacquard, sometimes even borrowing its name. Brocarde is a highly ornate fabric with a heavy and rigid structure. This is a traditional fabric perfect for autumn and winter brides but also traditional brides that want that cathedral look.


Crepe is a light, soft and thin fabric with a shine surface obtained through fiber spinning and chemical treatment. Perfect for draping and column gown, it can cling to the body, showing everything.


A perfect alternative to brocarde if you are getting married in the summertime. It is a woven fabric but a little bit lighter that brocarde. Perfect for vintage wedding gowns and ball gowns.

Satin duchesse

A light hybrid between silk or rayon/polyester woven with a satin finish. It’s stiffer and lighter than satin but less prone to wrinkle, a perfect choice for brides that love to dance all night.


One of the most structured types of silk it’s easier to tailor that normal silk or satin while keeping its shape. Can be made from silk, cotton or synthetic fibres.


Illusion fabric is finely woven in net material. It’s often used as a decorative support for sleeves, necklines or backless gowns. This is the fabric you never see.


This is a type of taffeta with a heavier and crispier feel. A perfect fabric for wedding gowns with volume and structure.

Peau de soie

A fabric similar to satin with a mat and slightly granular look. Has great draping abilities but it can be used as well in rigid mermaid silhouettes. Perfect for early spring brides.


Shantung has a rubbed texture that resembles raw silk. It’s softer that dupioni being one of the most popular fabrics used for bridal gowns.

Dotted Swiss

Originally from Switzerland this fabric is handspun on looms. A lightweight, breathable fabric with a sprinkled elegant dotted motif perfect for tulle skirts and even veils. Ideal for vintage brides.

Point D’esprit

Recognisable by name, this french fabric is extremely elegant and feminine. Has a structure similar to tulle perfect for skirts and sleeves.


Known as synthetic silk or viscose, rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from cellulose. A cheaper alternative to silk, it is smooth, light breathable. Keep in mind that it can wrinkle easily.


Semi-transparent and sheer, made from cotton, wool, worsted silk or synthetic fibers like polyester. It’s a perfect material for summer weddings and can create lovely princes looks or sexy mermaid or A-line gowns.

15 Of The Most Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Rosa Clara 2020 Collection

Princess gowns and mermaid style wedding dresses are perfect for the formal ceremony ( be it vows or church) and the incredible party you will have for you wedding. But I must admit I have a soft spot for short wedding dresses more suited for a civil ceremony ( if you live in Europe) and a less formal party.

Novia D’art 2020 Collection

I always admire the vintage inspired brides that opt for a tea-length wedding gown and birdcage veil. But short wedding dresses are far from being just a vintage affair – you can not get more modern and with an elegant avant-garde short number.

And you don’t have to imagine a mini dress when considering a short wedding dress, as all bridal looks they come in various shapes and sizes and you will surely find the one suitable to your style.


I fully recommend a fabulous short wedding gown for your after party dancing and evening your honeymoon getaway car. Here are a few trends that you’ll love from the some of the top bridal designers across the web.


1. The Short A-line Wedding Dress

Following the perfect lines of an A-line wedding gown these petite robe blanche versions are just adorable. Versions like these are found in Berta Bridal, Pronovias and many other bridal designers.

2. Tea Length Wedding Dress

Elegant and classy but without the full vintage vibe these gowns are perfectly suitable for the modern bride. Loving the BHLDN soft floral details and we can’t get over how beautiful the  Birenzwaig gowns are.

3. High low Short Wedding Dress

You can’t decide upon the final length? Try a high and low short wedding dress that will surprise everyone.

4. Avangarde Short Wedding Gown
You can even go full haute couture with designs such as the ones from Ashi Studio or Yoav Rish.

5. Mini Wedding Dress

Get the 60’s and 70’s vibe with these short wedding gowns that will surprise and delight everyone.

Not to mention you could add a detachable tulle skirt to create a ceremony look for a 2 in 1 bridal look.


Beauty and fun, what is your favourite? Don’t forget to share it with your bridal party!

Best 2020 Colours for Women Wool Crepe Dresses


The trends are in and 2020 seems like the perfect year to wear elegant and extremely chic evening gowns. More so if you have many wonderful weddings to attend to . If we’ve mixed and matched trends form years now when it comes to materials we always go for the best – Tissura.

Our absolute favourite is wool crepe fabric that features a dense texture. Made with closely woven threads, it is thin, crisp and highly durable. This Italian wool crepe has a slight stretch in the weft. With a matt face and an easy drape, it is ideal for classy dresses.

Made to evoke glam and elegance this material will make your gowns dreamy and you will be the best dressed at each and every wedding your attend. The difficult part? Choosing the perfect shade! At Tissura you will find the best shades and matches for your wool crepe gown Take a look at their samples and let us know what’s your absolute fav!

Chic Nostalgia 2020 Spring Bridal Collection

Chic Nostalgia is a unique designer bridal collection that was  established in 2009 under  chief designer, Amber He.  Amber embodies the character and spirit of  Chic Nostalgia with her free and creative spirit, making her wedding dresses refreshing  and one-of-a-kind.

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.

Dovita Manon 2020 Spring Bridal Collection

Dovita Bridal is a new leader in bridal fashion. With a superb fit and couture finishing,  their attention to detail sets their gowns apart from many other designers. The signature of Dovita Bridal gown is definitely in the luxurious fabrics and exquisite beading. The gown range offers you a diverse selection of styles from glamorous draped Angel Satin to alluring Laces and Satin Chiffon.

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.

Fara Sposa 2020 Spring Bridal Collection

Fara Sposa was launched by Spanish bridalwear company Novia D,Art to offer brides something different, but affordable. Novia D,Art is a family run company and has been manufacturing bridal gowns in Spain for over 40 years

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.

Antonio Riva 2020 Spring Bridal Collection

Antonio Riva, from the historic lake town of Lecco in Italy, creates masterpieces from pure Italian silk. Lecco has always been being a crossing point between Central Europe and the Mediterranean providing master artists like Antonio Riva with creative inspiration.

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.

Aria Bride 2020 Spring Bridal Collection

Aria Bride is  constantly working on new exclusive outfits for brides. Therefore, all models in the catalogs are unique. The company designers are constantly working on new exclusive outfits for brides.   They impress with their cut, luxurious trimming. All the outfits are tailored using only high quality fabrics and expensive decorative elements.

Please contact the designer for authorized retailers and pricing information.  Check our Bridal Designers Directory for similar gowns. Don’t forget to share the gowns you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it means the world to us.