Best wedding advice from top Italian stylist Annalisa Colonna

(A)Wedding dress by Annalisa Colonna for Bellantuono on cover magazine Lady Sposa

Being a personal stylist for a future bride is no easy work. That’s why we teamed up with Annalisa Colonna to see some of her tips about the future bride.

(A)Wedding dress Annalisa Colonna for Bellantuono on Vogue Sposa cover magazine

We’ll start with some cool ideas from two amazing bridal brands Bellantuono and Giovana Sbiroli that Anna has worked for.


We asked Annalisa to tell us some perfect gowns for different silhouettes and here is what her advice is.

“My illustrated tips for a perfect wedding dress that flatters every body shape: hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle and inverted triangle (D). 1. Mermaid for curvy and hourglass 2. Ball gown and detail on the bodice for pear 3. Empire waist for apple 4. Sheath dress for rectangle 5. Empire waist and mermaid dress for inverted triangle” 

(D)Illustrated guide for a perfect wedding dress  that flatters every body shape by Annalisa Colonna

And if you havem’t decided what hairstyle you’ll be sporting on your wedding day here are some cool tips to have the perfect hair for your wedding!

My illustrated tips for choosing a bridal hairstyles right for their wedding dresses, studied for type of neckline and gown style (E): 1. Hair down for neck strapless and shabby chic style 2. Horse Tail Hair for V-neck and sexy and young style 3. Short hair for necked dress and for clean and minimal silhouette  4. Low side chignon for one-shoulder dress of traditional and romantic style  5. Braid for shoulder wedding dress, for V-neck o asymmetric neckline of  cool and bohemién style 6. Smooth and gathered hair framing the face, for sweetheart neckline  and romantic and striking Queen Anne style. 7. High bun for ball gown and empire waist perfect with cover-ups and  for retro, traditional and sophisticated outfits  8. Perfect high bun for all types of wedding dress with a important bodice. For classic and elegant style.

(E)Illustration by Annalisa Colonna - Smooth and gathered hair framing the face, for sweetheart neckline and romantic and striking Queen Anne style


Working with Annalisa was such a pleasure and I advice you all to check her amazing blog and for my Italian brides – you know she’s the best! 😉


I am an Italian designer from Puglia, studied at Polimoda in Florence and had experience in a style and trends office. After a while, I have been permanent employee as Style & Product Responsible for Bellantuono’s bridal collections. Furthermore, for this brand, I have been Responsible for the licenses and relationships the Art Directors of Blumarine, Gai Mattiolo, Mariella Burani and Japanese Novarese for their bridal collections.
I currently work as freelance designer consultant in the Bridal industry, supporting some companies of which I quote the names of Valentini Spose or Giovanna Sbiroli, and for retails and magazine online too.
In addition, I design and follow the creation of tailored wedding dress (depending on the bride’s body side, style and personality) at specialized workshops or ateliers. This is an important responsibility: with a good dose of empathy, a fashion designer should follow the bride all the way through the wedding day and should give her confidence and the best advice.
On my blog (, I advice and help as many people as possible for their personal style, and dress with good taste and quality. Anyone can contact me at any time and I always reply.
I am grateful to have a creative nature. I am always looking for something new and modern. I am keen to actively contribute to the Made in Italy and satisfy any fashion need.

3 thoughts on “Best wedding advice from top Italian stylist Annalisa Colonna

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    Fashion Bride è un ottima guida alle migliori collezioni sposa di tutto il mondo. Io lo seguo da un pò, ma non sapevo che loro seguivano anche me!

    Mi hanno contattata, incuriosite soprattutto dai miei consigli illustrati per le future spose e, dopo uno scambio di email, è nato questo loro articolo 🙂

    Ringrazio perciò questo autorevole e professionale sito in fatto di abiti da sposa e in generale del mondo del wedding: per loro sono tra le migliori personal stylist per future spose!

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