FashionBride Icon – Elizabeth Taylor

liz&conrad hilton jr
liz&conrad hilton jr
liz&richard burton
liz&richard burton

Elizabeth Taylor sure was a FashionBride. Actually she loved so much beeing one that she married eight time with seven different men (she married Richard Burton twice.. now who could blame her :P).

The lucky winners were Conrad Hilton Jr. (1950–1951), Michael Wilding (1952–1957), Mike Todd (1957–1958), Eddie Fisher (1959–1964), Richard Burton (1964–1974 and 1975–1976), John Warner (1976–1982) and Larry Fortensky (1991–1996).

Here are some of the dresses she wore.

with conrad hilton jr
with conrad hilton jr

On her wedding day with Conrad Hilton she wore a creation by MGM studio designer Helen Rose– a white satin confection embellished with seed pearls and beading which had taken a number of workers two months to complete.

A sweetheart neckline was covered with a chiffon overlay to reveal just a hint of decolletage. A three-quarter length veil was attached to a cap garnished with pearls combined with a pearl tiara. To complete the all-white motif, the bride carried a bouquet of white orchids.

in father of the bride
in father of the bride

Admirers of the movie star who were not on hand to view the wedding ensemble were able to see their idol garbed in an almost identical Helen Rose concoction on the big screen in Father of The Bride, which was released shortly after the nuptials.

The bride had also “Something old”– Along with her bouquet, the bride held on to a white lace handerchief, an heirloom from her mother,  “Something new”– At her bridal shower, friends had presented Elizabeth with a new penny, which she tucked inside her satin shoe before her walk down the aisle, “Something borrowed”– Fastened inside her pearl seed cap was a lucky amulet from the bride’s sibling and “Something blue”– Not wishing to spoil the all-white effect, the bride hid a tiny nosegay of blue, artificial forget-me-nots in her wedding gown.
When she married Richared Burton for the first time, Elizabeth wore a yellow short gown and flowers in her hair.
wedding to michael wilding
wedding to michael wilding

Her story seems to be sad, because she never seems to have found love. But she sure found the way to become a FashionBride.

to Larry Fortensky
to Larry Fortensky

FashionBride Interview with Stephanie Staub at Little Eglantine

The wedding day is a very special event in our lives. So we try our best to fit every single detail in a perfect story. The story of a new beginning … And what can be more suitable for a new beginning then children laughing.

That’s also what Stephanie Staub thought when she started developing Little Eglantine … a new start with innocence, candour and love. And these are the exact feelings you receive talking to Stephanie, cause with every word you understand how much her work means to her.

Well, get a cup of coffee, keep your post it’s close (you”ll need it for the tips 😉 ), and read the latest FashionBride interview…

  When did you decide to be a designer?

  At a very young age, I would watch my Mum design and sew little dresses for me and when I was 10, I decided to make my own shirt. I took my bust measurements, cut the fabric, sew the pieces by hand and… it was big enough for a doll! I did not know I had to include ease allowance! However, within a short time I was designing my own party dresses and when I got married, I designed and made dresses for my flower girls. I then realized how much I loved imagining different shapes, playing with fabrics and colors… I had so many ideas… I wanted to do more for other people …

Why the wedding area?

I guess my first inspiration came from my own wedding. And it is such an important and unique day… The bride and the groom want everything to look perfect and beautiful… I am so impassionate with beauty… I like to think I can add a little touch of beauty and refinement in weddings… It is a kind of gift I wish to offer to the brides…

How important are the outfits of the flower girls and page boys in a wedding?

They are the sweet little touch that adds to the beauty of the couple … You can see tender smiles on people’s faces when they look at flower girls and page boys… It is the spontaneous touch added to the wedding… So making them look gorgeous makes a big difference, especially when they walk along the aisle with the bride… I want children to be beautiful for special occasions. That’s why my creations source their essence in French refinement and good taste, while retaining children’s mischievousness and innocence.

How long does it take to create a collection?

Each dress is unique. For example, I had the idea of my Alexandra dress for winter weddings for more than a year in mind. I have an idea, I let it grow, change, then I play with the fabrics and colors to make them harmonise. Fabric is very important to me. My favorite ones are the exquisite plain and embroidered taffetas I source in Asia. You won’t find these fabrics anywhere in the UK. Then I draw a more technical design and I cut the pattern… So you see, a design can take more than a year to be created! 


How long does it take to finish a requested outfit? 


 We need three months between the time I discuss with the bride to see what design and fabrics would be the best for her wedding, until the time the garments are delivered.

What are the trends this year ?


I would say that this year, a lot of my clients are attracted by pale blue. They love to match it with different embroidered taffetas, so each dress for each wedding is different, but yes, definitely, brides are attracted by pale blue this year. The French often choose the A-line dresses but the British have a preference for more romantic dresses.

Tell us a little bit about your plans.

After having created my own label in France, I exported it in the UK a year ago and it is already a great success… British brides love my designs… So I would like now to see my dresses sold in wedding shops, so that brides, when finding the perfect gown, would also be able to choose their flower girls and page boys outfits.

Last but not least do you have some advices for FashionBride readers?

I always ask my clients if they have a theme in mind for their wedding, or a preferred colour… I find it very important that all the different parts of the wedding (flowers, table decoration, flower girls’ dresses, etc…) are all in harmony. Do not be afraid to put a touch of fantasy in your children’s outfits… Keep children as children, it is what keeps all the charm!