Domo Adami 2010 Bridal Couture

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The DOMO ADAMI Bridal Couture Made in Italy collection captures, enchants and makes someone dream. It breaks the concepts of tradition and proposes gowns that can fit in the Haute Couture world.

adami (12)

It’s an elaborate, sophisticated, elegant and rich line that speaks to a bride who wants to be the undisputed protagonist of the most beautiful day of her life. It’s a dream, a fairytale that becomes reality through shapes that widen, soften, get rounded and flow in rich draping and waves.

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Paula Varsalona 2010 Bridal Collection

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Paula Varsalona, internationally recognized as one of the leading couturier designers of bridal apparel, has been a leader in the fashion industry for over 30 years. Paula offers unique and personalized fashion statements for any bride — from first love to the in – love again bride.

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Attention to detail is Paula Varsalona’s signature, and it is evident in the quality and craftsmanship of a Paula Varsalona gown. Hand-rolled organdy flowers, the finest silk and imported alencon lace are just a few of the distinctive touches that are part of the gowns in her collection.

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Sarah Houston 2010 Bridal Collection

allessandra alice dawnemotif_4

eternity everlasting genevieve

Sarah Houston wedding gowns are a direct reflection of her design philosophy that combines timeless romanticism and enduring elegance while capturing the spirit of old world charm and the essence of today.

hillary honour kate

To ensure the ultimate in comfort all of Sarah’s dresses are made of the highest quality silks and are cut precisely to fit and flatter the body. Quality doesn’t stop on the outside as all of Sarah’s gowns are lined in luxurious silk as well. That’s why brides have so often described the feeling of wearing her dresses as being “immersed in liquid gold”.

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Behind the Dress – Issue 02: Love, Vera‏

BTD02_Joan_front_300pxwiHollywood. This week’s featured wedding dress, Joan, reflects the polish and sophistication of cinema’s most fashionable stars. Vera offers her insights on the design inspiration behind Joan.



A modified A-line wedding dress with bias cut bands, a strapless bodice and bows down the back, Joan is a classic Vera Wang. Over nearly twenty years in wedding fashion, my vision has naturally evolved. Yet even as I push the boundaries, I keep these classic design elements and signature fabrics in sight.

Joan is a tribute to Hollywood fashion of the 1930’s through the 1950’s, a period noteworthy for the siren dresses and slinky charmeuse slips of its starlets. BTD02_Joan_sketch_300pxwiWomen like Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe epitomized an important transition in the uniquely American woman. I am inspired by the tension between femininity and independence that these women embodied.

Like these cinema stars, Joan is classic in form yet seductive in personality.

On a wedding dress, the combination of silk organdy and duchess satin fabrics creates a polished sheen that is ultra-sophisticated. Satin adds glamour to any look.

BTD02_Joan_detail_300pxwiKeep in mind, create a consistent look with a hairstyle that draws from the same period as the wedding dress, but be careful not to choose one that overpowers the dress. The classic films featuring these glamorous stars are a great source of ideas and inspiration. A satin shawl or wrap is a perfect complement to Joan.



Satin is the long-established preference for formal wedding dresses because of its shimmer and weight. Plain or embellished, satin looks lavish and important. That said, the impact is not simply in the choice of fabric but also how that fabric is used in the design of the dress. Organza is one of my fabrics of preference for wedding dresses because of its lightness and ability to be folded and manipulated.



For the wedding day, choose foundation pieces that provide functional support for your chosen wedding dress. For example, a slip that skims the body, but does not ride up, reduces transparency and prevents the wedding dress from sticking. Save lacy lingerie for your honeymoon trousseau, an age-old tradition that remains an important wedding ritual even today.

Steal that style: Ivanka Trump

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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka customized her breathtaking wedding gown with the help of Vera Wang — “The Insider” talks with the sought-after designer to hear the inspiration behind the bride’s dream dress. Wang says the design of Ivanka’s dress was taken from Grace Kelly’s gown that she wore when she wed Prince Rainier III in 1956. The designer describes her rendition of the historic dress as “majestic” and “demure.”

“For Ivanka’s wedding, she very definitely wanted to be covered,” Wang tells “The Insider” of the bride’s dress request. “It hearkened back to another time which is incredibly romantic.” The dress was extremely intricate, with three different tiers of hand-appliquéd lace that were different shades of ivory. “Ivanka is very hands on in her life. … She was quite precise on what she wished to convey,” Wang tells “The Insider.


Steal that style: Romy Schneider (II)

sissi_1955_diaporama_portraithhhh romy-schneider-as-sissi 15_romy_schneiderdd sissi 150509DOK713

Having played Sissi in two subsequent sequels, Romy became nauseated by the saccharine “nice girl” image she had fashioned for herself and was determined to make a fresh start. In 1957, Paramount Studios was ready to offer her a three year contract, but her family intervened, thwarting a promising career in America.


In the mid-1960s, Hollywood beckoned and Romy Schneider made a few notable appearances, in Good Neighbor Sam (1964) and What’s New, Pussycat? (1965). Having failed to make much of a mark in America, Romy returned to France.

hh LES-JEUNES-ANNEES-D-UNE-REINE-MADCHENJAHRE-EINER-KONIGIN-1954_diaporama_portraithhh sissi2Romy_Schneider_eyes 3844-1-2066 thumbDi_18MaxScheler-012ASissi_articlee et SISSI-IMPERATRICE-SISSI-DIE-JUNGE-KAISERIN-1956_diaporama_portrait

Amy Jo Tatum Bridal Collection

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Amy Jo Tatum’s design career started some twenty years back when she did a three-year stint as a bridal fabrics buyer. After that she opened Bridal Alternatives, a custom design studio and ever since has been working with brides who want that extraordinary one-of-a-kind dress on their wedding day.


Her best work has stemmed from translating the trends of fashion history into contemporary bridal fashion. Based on her esteem for Hollywood chic and fine-tuned dressmaking skills, a design philosophy evolved that has to do with seeing fabrics drape well and mold to the skin like sculpture. “A wedding gown should be comfortable and beautifully lined so the woman wears it like a second skin . . . the whole component moving with her as if it is part of her body.”

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WhiteDay 2010 Bridal Collection

WhiteDay_002 WhiteDay_013 WhiteDay_042WhiteDay_059 WhiteDay_079 WhiteDay_081cadaques-137118 calcuta-137100 caliz-137188

This season, White Day proposes diaphanous materials, natural silk tulle combined with linen and organdie with a rustic appearance.


Fitted volumes, youthful creations with a certain bucolic air to them; which are informal and elegant at the same time. An alternative, modern bride.

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Mori Lee 2010 Voyage Bridal Collection

mori lee 10 (5) mori lee 10 (1) mori lee 10mori lee 10 (4) mori lee 10 (3) mori lee 10 (2)mori lee 10 (7) mori lee 10 (6) mori lee 10 (8)

Whether you are looking for bridal gowns, prom dresses, or formal gowns for your bridesmaids, Mori Lee has the look that will fit your style, and your budget. Their dresses are affordable, and theynever sacrifice quality for price.

These special days in a woman’s life deserve to be celebrated. You deserve to be celebrated for the special woman you are and all that you have to offer. Mori Lee means confidence and you can focus on enjoying the day. Mori Lee understands how you want to feel on special days.

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Steal that style: Romy Schneider

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Romy Schneider’s first movie was Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (When the White Lilacs Bloom Again) in 1953, credited as Romy Schneider-Albach. In 1954, Schneider for the first time portrayed a royal, playing a young Queen Victoria in the Austrian film Mädchenjahre einer Königin (known in the U.S. as The Story of Vicky and in Britain as Victoria in Dover).

sissi (2)

Schneider’s breakthrough came with her portrayal of Elisabeth, Empress Consort of Austria, in the romantic biopic Sissi (1955) and its two sequels, Sissi – The Young Empress (1956) and Sissi – Fateful Years of an Empress (1957), all with Karlheinz Böhm, who became a close friend.

sissi (3) sissi (13) sissi (9)sissi (4) sissi (12) sissi (11)sissi (15) sissi (16) LES-JEUNES-ANNEES-D-UNE-REINE-MADCHENJAHRE-EINER-KONIGIN-1954_diaporama_portrait

Romy Schneider was only 17 when she played the title role in “Sissi”, a romantic movie about the young Bavarian princess that became the empress of Austria. The film was Schneider’s breakthrough — it turned the Austrian-born actress into an instant 1950s film diva.

She didn’t want to be a princess all her life. “Yes, I loved this role back then,” Schneider said. “I was the princess, not just in front of the camera. I was always a princess. But one day I simply did not want to be a princess anymore.”


Despite the success, Schneider was desperate to get away from the naive and innocent characters that she was made to play in post-war Germany. “Sissi sticks to me like oatmeal,” she said.  [via wikipedia and]

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