Hisako Takayama 2011 Bridal Collection


From the moment you enter their stores, you’ll find a dream world quite unlike that outside. Within the space, brought to you by Hisako Takayama, they’ll work to help you fulfill all your desires and to make the impossible possible. 


You’ll choose the dress of your dreams together and turn that dress, once a mere part of your imagination, into reality, so you can thoroughly enjoy experiencing your dream wedding come true.

Elio Berhanyer 2011 Bridal Collection


A master of the art of couture, Berhanyer retains a consistent style in his work, with a preference for closely-tailored suits and spectacular faille evening gowns in gauze, velvet and brocade rose.

Akay Maison de Couture 2011 Bridal Collection

Akay Maison de Couture is a Turkish fashion company that caries bridal gowns – couture and pret-a-porter. Akay Bridal is Turkey’s largest and oldest made in Turkey Bridal Gown and Accessory manufacturing and design company.

Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture and Zankyou Press Event

Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture and Zankyou, the UK Wedding Gift List, held an exclusive bridal press event to mark the launch of Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture at the beautiful wedding venue Chandos House, near London’s Oxford Street.

The event saw both press and brides welcomed with a champagne reception and canapés on arrival with music to set the ambience by harpist Lisa Evans and models displaying Kate’s beautiful dresses. Visitors were treated to displays from Jo Barnes Vintage, Olivia Soleto Wedding Planning Services, Rachel Simpson shoes and floral displays by Jasmine Florist, as well the House of Fraser Wedding List.

Perfect Wedding Magazine Editor Helen Webster attended the event, and prizes were awarded to brides Cecilia Hermida, who has won a Jo Barnes Vintage tiara and Melissa Smallshaw, who has won a full wedding planning service from Olivia Soleto Weddings.

The event was a beautiful evening for all brides, press and suppliers involved and goody bags sponsored by Bellapierre mineral make‐up and favour chocolates from Green and Blacks online, made it just that little bit more special.

Wedding Jewelry – It’s more than just the ring!

The most basic piece of jewelry in a wedding is the ring, mostly because of the importance it holds in the actually ceremony. In fact, some people put more focus on the ring than on the actual marriage itself. But in regards to wedding jewelry, there are actually are more important pieces of jewelry than the wedding ring itself since they can be worn both before and after the actual ceremony. Wedding Jewelry has the ability to add a little sparkle to even the simplest wedding dress. Some of those pieces include earrings and necklaces, as well as beautifully crafted diamond or pearl tiaras.

It is a natural choice to coordinate each piece of a bride’s jewelry for her wedding. For this reason, it makes sense for the bride to wear a single type of gemstone on her jewelry. One of the most popular types of stones used in wedding jewelry is pearls, mainly because of its association with the symbolic idea of love. Pearls are naturally occurring, but their rarity make them precious to every owner. Just like finding a bride’s perfect groom, one perfect pearl is found after searching through many duds.

Diamonds are also popular for their beauty, rarity, and symbolism. Diamonds are an indestructible stone and when polished and cut well- their beauty is undeniable. Diamonds are associated with a certain unique feeling for the wearer, and they look beautiful next to any bride’s skin tone.

Another important thing to consider about wedding jewelry is the right amount to wear. Wedding jewelry can be quite expensive, so if you are looking to adorn yourself with gemstones, diamonds, and pearls, it may be wise to wear a few jewelry pieces rather than an entire set. If your dress is already intricate and detailed you may not even need any jewelry at all! In that case, you may want to consider a simple and classic set of earrings but there is no need to wear jewelry just for the sake of it. If you are looking to do something a bit special, you may want to consider a tiara! Some brides also wear a tiara, which was common in the middle ages, but has now resurged in popularity, simply because it has changed and looks fantastic on any bride.

One of the really popular trends in wedding jewelry is that of Celtic jewelry. This is most likely linked to a degree to marketing that stems from a new found popularity of Irish and Celtic culture that may be because of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and its popularity all over the globe. This is why there are now Celtic-style tiaras, wedding rings and necklaces. However, it is also linked to the supposed meaning behind many of these pieces of jewelry. Regardless, Celtic wedding jewelry makes the bride look like a fairy princess, which sometimes is exactly what the bride wants to look like.

Sarantina by Sara Jassir- The Artistry of Couture‏

Since its debut last April, SARANTINA by Sarah Jassir has garnered praise from press and retailers alike. The collection offers a unique perspective on bridal that is both fresh and bold. Deeply rooted in couture traditions, the SARANTINA BRIDAL COLLECTION offers strong architectural silhouettes combined with subtle feminine detailing like hand-sewn flowers, exquisite beaded trims, and much more. With more than 20 years working for the likes of Amsale, Vera Wang, and Valentino, the designer Sarah Jassir clearly understands the modern bride and has created a collection that is truly innovative and inspiring.

The SARANTINA BRIDAL COLLECTION is currently carried in New York by the immensely popular Gabriella New York Salon located in the ultra-chic meatpacking district as well as the designer’s studio atelier. For this market, we are pleased to announce the expansion and introduction of the SARANTINA BRIDAL COLLECTION into the wholesale arena. The gowns range from $2950- $8,000 retail.

SARANTINA by Sarah Jassir is scheduled to hit the runway during New York Bridal Week on October 16th at 10am. In addition, the collection will be also be available for market appointments October 18-23.

Diamond Heiress Debuts $70,000 RTW Bridge to Somewhere Diamond Jewelry Line


Diamond Heiress launched a new ready-to-wear collection of European-crafted diamond jewelry called Bridge to Somewhere today. With a collective price of $70,000, the Diamond Heiress Bridge to Somewhere collection retails exclusively at www.diamondheiress.com.

The economy may be stuck on a bridge to nowhere, but that’s not an excuse for anyone’s diamond jewelry to party like it’s 1999. The Diamond Heiress Bridge to Somewhere collection comprises modern, minimalist diamond jewelry pieces oozing with sophistication and long term investment appeal. The collection is named to remind everyone that there’s always a silver lining and that dedication and commitment will eventually bring us to the Bridge to Somewhere (Over the Rainbow). Every piece is designed with the modern woman in mind, easily transitioning from daytime to party time in no time.

Constructed with over 50 individual diamonds that have been carefully selected for uniformity and brilliance, Halo by Diamond Heiress is an eye-catching necklace with a feminine and streamlined silhouette. Retailing at $10,000, Halo complements today’s fashion trends and works perfectly when matched with bold and daring dresses or blouses that emphasize the décolleté.


Retailing at $25,000, Whirlwind by Diamond Heiress comprises over 100 individual Diamond Heiress diamonds totaling 2.5 carats. A spiral of sparkling diamonds brought together by a structured and elegant architecture makes Whirlwind equally suitable for formal galas, dinner parties, and daytime wear.


The O by Diamond Heiress showcases the amazing art of European microscope pavé setting to full effect. Hand-crafted from over 600 uniform Diamond Heiress diamonds totaling 3.5 carats, the O by Diamond Heiress is paired with a genuine leather choker necklace that gives it a very fashionable appeal. The O by Diamond Heiress retails at $35,000.

Jennifer Gifford 2011 Bridal Collection


Jennifer Gifford is one of Brisbane’s most well regarded Dressmakers. With over 10 years experience in the Bridal industry Jennifer has worked for some of  Queensland’s best Bridal companies including Kym Scott Couture, BiBowden Bridal Designs and Wendy Makin.


Jennifer Gifford Designs offers a full range of services from basic alterations to a complete Design and Dressmaking package. She offers an Obligation Free Consultation to all her new clients which includes a free sketch of their Wedding/Formal/Bridesmaid Gown Design, Fabric Samples and a quote for all services.

Novissima 2011 Vintage Bridal Collection


Since it was founded more than four decades ago, Novissima has established itself as one of the most important companies in Spain with regard to design, manufacture and marketing of bridal gowns and ball gowns. Novissima is present in almost very city in Spain as well as in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.


A year ago, the company began to expand throughout Mexico by opening six outlets there. Charo Peres heads the design team at Novissima’s Madrid headquarters.

Ana Torres 2011 Bridal Collection


Anna brings all her creative genius and expertise to bear in order to enhance the beauteous traits of woman, which she achieves with her painstaking design and patterns and particular eye for detail, such as bows, drapes, lace applications, feathers or embroidery work that afford the garment a special touch.