Manuel Mota Preview 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

The designer presents a truly glamorous collection, outstanding for its use of unique fabrics, a love of romantic tradition and, above all, majestic silhouettes with body and shine. Apt for even the grandest celebrations, the most important part of the bridal gown, this year, is undoubtedly the back. It is, of course, the part most visible to guests during the ceremony. Long, flowing veils are back, as are classic button fastenings, back bows and original backs, whether open or covered with sheer, embroidered fabric. Not to mention the trains, which flow out spectacularly from the waist of the gown, cathedral or chapel style, and which are one of the most attractive features of the ensemble.

Jasmine Bridal 2012 Fall Collection (final)

Since their inception in 1985, innovation and design has been at the heart of Jasmine’s success. Their team of designers spans the world in their experience and brings their skills exclusively to you through Jasmine. Their designs are then painstakingly assembled in their  own manufacturing plants.

Liz Fields Spring Summer 2012 Bridal Collection

Liz Fields strives to create wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, destination bridal gowns and special occasion dresses with a modern vision of sophistication. Elegance, luxury, and affordability is always our goal. Let us create your perfect wedding dress and make your dreams come true!

Lilly Pulitzer 2012 Spring Bridal Collection

It all started with a juice stand in Palm Beach 50 years ago. Lilly, a young New York Socialite, had just eloped with Peter Pulitzer and settled in Palm Beach. Looking for a fun hobby, Lilly decided to open a juice stand featuring local citrus. Her business was a hit, but all the squeezing made a mess of her clothes, so Lilly designed a dress to camouflage the stains. The result: A comfortable sleeveless shift made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange-the Classic Shift.

Justyna Juda and Marta Pietkiewicz Spring 2012 Collection

Justyna Juda & Marta Pietkiewicz are  fashion designers, graduates of the Academy of Arts in Lodz, an academy with a high reputation for fashion design in Europe.  Since 2002,  they have fulfilled their passion for designing outstanding wedding dresses and dresses for that special occasion. Their goal is to emphasize the uniqueness of our beauty while keeping in mind their preferred style.

Demetrios 2012 Fall Bridal Couture Collection

Demetrios James Elias was born near the port of Athens in Piraeus, Greece. As a young boy, he immigrated to the United States with his family. While still in school, he assisted his parents in their family-owned bridal store in Warren, Ohio. In 1980, Demetrios’ dream of owning his own company became a reality

Carol Hannah 2012 Bridal Collection

For Carol Hannah, design is all about how the fabric speaks to her, how her environment inspires her, and how the ever-changing pieces take shape. Each piece has a personality, and even its own name. It speaks to her in a quiet way that you hear the moment you see it, and you simply must have it.

Jorge Manuel Bridal 2012 Spring Collection

Jorge Manuel has long been exposed to the rich, multi-culturally layered soul of his city, and it has found its way into his collection. His creations juxtapose Caribbean flair with Asian minimalism, and cubist designs with Art Deco flourishes, making for a unique signature touch that is his alone. Jorge Manuel’s first wedding gown was designed and produced at the age of 17, and he continued designing for private clients and boutiques. His couture gowns, exquisitely handcrafted and designed, have been worn by discriminating clients who wanted something unique, and who recognized the beauty of Jorge Manuel’s signature style.

Impression Couture 2012 Spring Bridal Collection

The Impression Couture collection caters to brides with an impeccable sense of style that transcends trends, instead favoring the refined elegance of high-quality design. Each dress is made with the most luxurious material to ensure your wedding dress feels as sensational as it looks. Styles are available in satin, chiffon, georgette, silk, taffeta, crepe, charmeuse and other premium fabrics.

Sophia Tolli Spring 2012 Bridal Collection

Sophia developed a strong foundation in made-to-measure design by crafting custom prom, bridesmaid’s dresses and bridal gowns in her teens. During college, Sophia challenged traditional sewing techniques and explored alternative methods of dressmaking.