Paloma Blanca 2013 Spring Bridal Collection


Paloma Blanca has been servicing the Bridal Industry since 1937 from its own manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Canada, offering expert fit, high quality fabrications, attention to detail and styling, and “on time” service. If you are a bride looking for style, elegance, and simplicity along with value, you should find your dream dress within their collection.

Royal Bride: Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, and Marie-Chantal Miller

pavlos-marie-chantal-of-Greece (4)

Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, married American heiress Marie-Chantal Miller in 1995. They met on a blind date and it was love at first sight for both – the Prince proposed to Marie-Chantal on a ski lift during Christmas at Gstaad in Switzerland. Fashion star MC, as Marie-Chantal is known, wore Valentino for the wedding, with a diamond tiara lent by her mother-in-law Queen Anne Marie of Greece.

Novia D’Art Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

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Novia d’Art was established in Barcelona in 1967 as the result of the Raich Farré family’s longstanding tradition in the world of fashion. The innovative nature and quality of its designs were an immediate success with the high society of the time and marked the beginning of a business career that continues its succes story today.

FashionBride Icon:Jane Russel

jane russel (9)

Born in Bemidji, Minnesota, on June 21, 1921, actress Jane Russell was the daughter of an Army lieutenant and a former actress. In the 1920s, Russell’s family moved to California. When Russell’s father passed away in 1937, she took a job as a receptionist to help support the family. By 1940, Russell began to take acting classes and was discovered by producer Howard Hughes, who signed her to a seven-year contract. Her first film was the notorious western The Outlaw, which became known for its then-shocking display of Russell’s charms rather than as a quality western film.

Moonlight 2013 Fall Tango Bridal Collection


Since their inception in 1986, MOONLIGHT has been one of the most prestigious names in bridal. MOONLIGHT has created an image that is synonymous with romance.  They set out to create an experience that every bride dreams about, from the moment their gowns are put on. The gowns fulfill every bride’s fantasies from their  incredible fit, to the highest quality fabrics, and hand sewn Swarovski crystal details. With each dress their goal is to give every bride a luxurious high fashion look at an affordable price.

Stewart Parvin 2013 Spring Bridal Collection


Feted by National magazine and Newspaper press, royal couturier Stewart Parvins passion for contemporary chic design and couture quality has resulted in a bridal collection that is both sensuous and elegantly stylish. Stewart has a London studio from where he designs all his pieces and keeps a close eye on the creation of each garment.

Princess Style Diary: Queen Margrethe II

queen Margrethe (7)

Margrethe II, in full Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid (born April 16, 1940, Copenhagen, Den.), queen of Denmark since the death of her father, King Frederick IX, on Jan. 14, 1972.

Born a week after the Nazi invasion of Denmark, she spent the war years in Denmark and then attended school in Copenhagen. She continued her studies at the universities of Copenhagen, Århus in Jutland, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, and the Sorbonne. In 1953, following a change in the Danish constitution to permit female succession to the throne, Margrethe, the king’s eldest daughter, assumed the title of “throne heiress” (i.e., crown princess, although that title, in Denmark, had denoted the wife of a male heir to the throne).

As such, from her 18th birthday she regularly took part in meetings of the Council of State in preparation for her future regal duties. On June 10, 1967, she married Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, a French diplomat, who afterward took the title of Prince Henrik. Their first child, Crown Prince Frederik, was born on May 26, 1968, and a second son, Prince Joachim, on June 7, 1969.

BHLDN 2013 Bridal Fall Collection

bhldn (84)

An understated word with significant meaning charmed us. And so began, BHLDN.  Inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep,” as well as countless tales from family and friends of the extraordinary weddings they’d been part of, the team  began dreaming up something new.

Jewelry Guide: Bracelets

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When it comes to your wedding day, you as the bride are on display. It is your day and everyone’s eyes will be on you. For this reason, you must look your best, and your dress, accessories, and hair should be perfect. When the time comes to choose jewelry for your wedding day, you should follow some specific guidelines in order to select the right items.

Divina Sposa 2013 Spring Bridal Collection

divina sposa (44)

Divina Sposa has successfully established brand recognition and reputation for styling in the bridal gown industry. This firm is known for its signature style of contemporary femininity with a touch of sensuality. Divina Sposa provides modern styling fabricated with couture workmanship without the haute couture prices.