Tips on How to Make You Wedding Look More than Its Actual Cost

Screen_Shot_2014-04-02_at_5_04_02_PMThere is a reason why couples usually seek the help of wedding organizers. The reason behind this is because organizing a wedding is not an easy thing to do. There are hundreds of small details that need to be decided on and executed for you to be able to come with a great wedding celebration. We all want a wedding that we and our family and friends will remember for the rest of your lives.


Wedding is said to be the most important day for a bride. This is why some brides are known to transform into “bridezillas” weeks or days before their wedding day. This is when a bride seems to be at the end of her string of patience and is about to lose it for the fear that some things will go wrong on her wedding day.


It is no secret that we all want a perfect wedding to remember. While this can be easy for those who have thousands to spend for all the wedding arrangements, food, church, party place, and organizers, some just does not have the money to throw on a single-day celebration like that.


With the tough time that we still are facing today, it is best for soon-to-be-wed couples to be practical and limit the budget for their wedding. It sure would be nicer to have your own place after the wedding than spend every cent you have got on the wedding party and still live in with your parents after the wedding.


The sound of being practical might scare some “bridezillas” away but you should know that we have got you covered on great tips to organize your wedding on a budget and even make it look more costly than it actually is.


The main secret here is actually in the details and of course, you have to be your most creative self and give everything you can in order to pull this through. Here are some of the organizing tips you must know:


  1. The Guest List

The most common scenario here is that the parents go overboard and would want to invite everyone they possibly can. Make your parents understand your budget and your plan to have a small and intimate celebration instead.


Keep your guest list to your immediate family and your friends that have always been there for both of you. There is no need to search up numbers of old friends whom you have not seen since elementary days. Through this way, you get to celebrate only with those who really know you and wish you both well.


  1. The Wedding Dress

Brides must understand that it is not about who made your dress but how well it fits you. Do not push the envelope by picking out a well-known designer to make your dress. Our advice is to scan the department stores or your local wedding stores for a simple dress that fits you well. You can actually make add-ons like beading or embroidery from there. Through this way, you get to save and make your wedding gown as unique as it can possibly be. You can also extend this practice in choosing dresses for your entourage.


  1. The Reception

Is your parent’s backyard big enough to hold all your guests? If so, get their permission and decorate the place with lovely lights and Chinese lanterns in your chosen color motif. You can rent decorated tables and chairs or choose a catering service that gives that away for free. Most catering services handle the tables and chairs nowadays making you save more.


The easiest way to save on food would be to go for garden picnic. But if you would really love a dinner party, go for a simple menu that consists of pasta, chicken or beef, and fish and maybe one or two choices for desert. There is no need to have more than three viands for intimate celebrations.


  1. The Flowers

This is what surprises most couples. Most still do not know how expensive flowers today are. However, you cannot remove it because it transforms any place into a majestic one. Our tip here would be to know which flowers are in bloom at the month of your wedding and reserve a bunch of those in advance. You will definitely save more by doing so.


  1. The Music

Are you planning to rent a house DJ with an extravagant sound system? Or do any of you have a brother or a cousin who loves music and can choose the right kind of songs to play on your dinner party? Choose the latter. Borrow a sound system from your parents or your brother and have the songs to be played ready. This will truly save you hundreds of dollars.


Weddings only become expensiveif you would let it be. But if you know very well the need to be practical, you can put all the tips above into good use. It does not need to be costly to be a magical and memorable moment. The bond that married couples have is more than enough to make the place magical and happy.Moreover, plan ahead your honeymoon going on websites such as Giift where you can check all your miles. It would be good to have quality time together after this rush!


Also remember that your friends are willing to help out in any way they can. Give them tasks to do and they would gladly oblige therefore eliminating the need for costly wedding organizers.

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