Help me with gift selection for mom

Last year it was the same time when I was searching for a suitable gift for my mother. She has an iconic personality and a very busy lifestyle. Therefore, I had to look up for something that would best match these two features. However, it was difficult to get something really impressive because she already has so much. Being a trendy mother, she knows how to maintain a chic lifestyle.

Ok. So last year I finally presented her Gucci by Gucci. This perfume with Tahitian tiare flower blended with pear and rounded out with honeyed patchouli has a rich smell. She loved it.

Now that it’s the same time of the year and Mother’s Day is May 11, I am again going errands for a nice and practical gift that would also have some meaning. While searching for some ideas, I’ve come to a conclusion that birthstone jewelry is a perfect gift when you want something emotional as well as practical.

I mean, who doesn’t love jewelry? At least my mom loves them. She has a lovely collection of jewelry that includes few rubies and emeralds, and even a tanzanite.

Of course my gift will be special for here still I wanted something that would be distinctive and make a special place into her vault (everything I gift always remains close to her heart). So I’ve decided to get her a pair of three-stone diamond journey earrings. Here are two fancy diamond earrings from


Black – or Blue

The style is same. First one has princess cut enhanced blue diamonds and the second one has enhanced black diamonds. I love the blue ones but black ones are also gorgeous. I can take only one so now I need your opinion of which one to finalize.

The store is offering the earrings in various sizes and qualities. I will prefer best quality. The blue ones in this quality are really amazing.

Like the jewelry, the payment options of Angara are also awesome. The store offers 0% Interest Financing and easy installments. That means I can break the amount of my purchase in 2 or 3 installments and I won’t be charged with any interest on installments. Isn’t that great? I will opt for two installments. This will really simplify my budget equation.

You can also find interesting Mother’s Day gift options and other fine jewelry at this store. They have a nice collection. Meanwhile, please help with these diamond earrings for my mother.

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